Beisia Co., Ltd. The second collaboration between Beisia and Kaigo Media -Socks made with 1,000 caregivers-

Beisia Co., Ltd.
The 2nd collaboration between Beisia and Kaigo Media ~Socks made with 1,000 caregivers~

Beisia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, President: Takahito Aiki) is Kaigo Media Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mukasa), which operates videos and SNS media specializing in the nursing care field. We have jointly developed “Stretch Plus Socks” and “Compression Socks” for nursing care scenes, using the voices of caregivers in product development with Kaigo Media). Following the popular underwear line “Stretch Plus” as the first collaboration, this is the second collaboration product. It will be on sale at 86 clothing stores* from December 6, 2022 (Tuesday). * Details are described in the “Product Overview” below.
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A product that responds to various problems related to socks At nursing care sites, there are many worries about socks, such as “socks are difficult to wear due to swelling of the feet” and “I need to wear them in layers because I am sensitive to cold”, and there were parts that could not be compensated for by the current products. “Stretch Plus Socks” specialize in elasticity and temperature control to solve those problems, and are particular about making them easy to wear not only by yourself but also by caregivers. In addition, since the “compression socks” are based on maternity compression socks, we aimed to create a product that can be used not only by the elderly but also by pregnant women and people who work in daily life.
– Product Features –
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Easy to wear and fashionable “Stretch Plus Socks”
・Specialized in elasticity. The opening is 3.3 times more elastic than regular socks.
・Uses temperature control thread. The yarn is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can stay comfortable all year round. ・Abundant color variations. We have a variety of colors that can be worn not only by seniors but also by teenagers. In addition, we are developing two types, a plain type and a type with a name space.

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“Compression socks” that provide soft compression and eliminate swelling – The strength of the compression is adjusted, and it is designed so that it is not too tight while still feeling the compression. ・We use heat-generating yarn and temperature-regulating yarn separately. Heat-generating thread is used only around the acupuncture points called sanyin-ko on the ankle to warm the body and improve blood circulation to reduce swelling. Except for the area around Sanyinko, temperature-regulating threads are used to keep you cool in the summer and warm and comfortable in the winter.
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Product Summary
stretch plus socks
・Price: All items 480 yen (528 yen including tax)
・Size/color: 22-25 cm / ivory, gray, pink, yellow, light brown, khaki, navy blue, black
        24-27 cm / charcoal, navy blue, black, various switching colors          ※Comes with a name entry space will be available for some products compression socks
・Price: All items 580 yen (638 yen including tax)
・Size/color: 23-25 ​​cm / charcoal, black 25-27 cm / dark blue, black ◇Sales store
Clothing stores: 86 stores below
-Fukushima Prefecture-
 Shirakawa Mall store, Adachi store
-Ibaraki Prefecture-
 Tamatsukuri store, Furukawa Sowa store, Ushio store
-Tochigi Prefecture-
 Yaita Store, Beisia Fashion Imaichi Store, Karasuyama Store, Sakura Ujiie Store, Mashiko Store, Nasushiobara Store, Moka Store, Ohira Mall Store, Utsunomiya Yoto Store
-Gunma Prefecture-
IS Isesaki Store, Omama Store, Yoshii Store, Ojima Store, Haruna Store, Shibukawa Store, Seibu Mall Store, Beisia Fashion Akabori Mall, Maebashi Fujimi Mall, Beisia Fashion Numata, Shibukawa Komochi, Tomioka, Maebashi Mall Store, Annaka Store, Azuma Store, Tsukiyono Store, Ota Mall Store, Maebashi Minami Mall Store, Oizumi Store, Food Center Maebashi Yoshioka Store, Food Center Tomioka Kanra Store, everywear Maebashi Ogo Mall Store
 Yorii store, Yorii Kita store, Tsurugashima store, Kurihashi store, Hidaka Mall store, Namegawa Mall store, Honjo Waseda Gate store, Food Center Arashiyama store, Food Center Gyoda store, Food Center Kawashima Inter store
-Chiba Prefecture-
Kamogawa store, Mobara store, Tomisato store, Sakura store, Ichihara Hachiman store, Nagao store, Oami Shirasato store, Chiba old market store, Noda Sakura no Sato store, Togane store, Isumi Ohara store, Kisarazu Kaneda store, Chiba New Town store , Katsuura Store, Narita Shibayama Store, Food Center Yachimata Store, Food Center Asahiioka Store, Food Center Katori Omigawa Store
(Ome interchange store)
-Niigata Prefecture-
Niigata Toyosaka store, Ojiya store
-Yamanashi Prefecture-
 Yamanashi store, Food Center Tsuru store
-Nagano Prefecture-
 Koshoku, Iiyama, Azumino Horikin, and Higashigo
-Gifu Prefecture-
Seki branch
-Shizuoka Prefecture-
Kakegawa store, Food Center Yoshida store, Food Center Hamamatsu Miyakoda Techno store, Food Center Hamamatsu Yuto store, Food Center Iwata Toyooka store, Food Center Omaezaki store
-Aichi prefecture-
 Miyoshi store, Food Center Gamagori store, Food Center Nagoya Minato store, Food Center Tokoname store
-Shiga Prefecture-
 Hikone store, Food Center Koka store
-Future product development-
While listening to customer feedback, we are continuing to develop products that are necessary for nursing care.
We will develop products that are more in line with customers while envisioning usage scenes such as pajamas that are easy to put on and take off.
Care Today YouTube Channel: Beisia will continue to provide customers with a comfortable life through “better products”.

Details about this release:

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