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Belco Co., Ltd. Active Nippon-Ham Fighters “Christmas Dinner & Talk Show” players are coming to the Bell Classic Group in Hokkaido! !

Bellco Co., Ltd.
Nippon-Ham Fighters “Christmas Dinner & Talk Show” Active Players Come to Hokkaido’s Bell Classic Group! !
Would you like to spend a happy Christmas time with the Nippon-Ham Fighters players?

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Nippon-Ham Fighters official sponsor Bellco Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture; President: Saito Saito; hereinafter referred to as “Belco”) will host active and former Nippon-Ham Fighters players at a group wedding hall in Hokkaido. according to “Christmas Dinner Talk Show” will be held.
At the talk show, there are plenty of stories that can only be heard here, and we also have a lottery where you can win wonderful gifts. ★ “Christmas dinner talk show” details
[Table 5: ]
Please contact each ceremony hall for details.
Another great Christmas gift idea!
[Table 6: ]
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Bellco Mutual Aid Association, Midori Life Insurance, Bell Classic Group Bridal, etc., will be selected by lottery from those who requested Bellco materials, and the three opening games will be held at the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters’ new home “Escon Field HOKKAIDO”, March 2023. Tickets for Thursday, April 30th, Saturday, April 1st, and Sunday, April 2nd will be given to 50 people each day (total of 150 people)!
This is your chance to experience the beginning of a new era with Fighters players!!
For application and details, please see below.
◆ Bellco company profile
[Table 7: ]
◆Outline of the Bellco Group
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