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Better Place Announces Appointment of Director and Auditor

Better Place Co., Ltd.
Better Place Announces Appointment of Director and Auditor

Better Place Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Shinji Morimoto,, hereinafter referred to as Better Place) announces that Hajime Nozaki, Executive Officer and CFO, will be appointed as Director and CFO, and Advisor Takaharu Yasumoto will be appointed as Audit & Supervisory Board Member on January 1, 2023. I will. Through this, we will accelerate the further strengthening of our management structure and corporate governance.
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Better Place has a vision of “Towards a world where kind people can remain kind”, and is developing a service to introduce the corporate pension “Hagukumi Fund” for welfare and medical workers. In just four years after its establishment, the Hagukumi Fund has received over 30,000 members and has been highly evaluated by various organizations as a recommended fund. We will push forward with a new system in order to realize a society where people can work in their own way without worrying about money.
New Director and CFO Hajime Nozaki
After graduating from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, joined Marubeni Corporation and engaged in pulp and paper related business. Analyst and fund manager at Sawakami Asset Management Co., Ltd. At Mitsubishi UFJ Kokusai Asset Management Co., Ltd., he is in charge of executive fund manager, domestic equity value management team head, and domestic equity ESG investment manager. Received the Morningstar Award Fund of the Year four times (2 times the highest award) as a high-quality Japanese equity fund.
My personal purpose is to help ordinary people build their assets through wisdom and effort.
Empathizing with Better Place’s philosophy of realizing “a world where kind people can remain kind” by eliminating the financial worries of essential workers, Better Place Executive Officer and CFO from February 2022.
New Corporate Auditor Takaharu Yasumoto
Certified public accountant, management consultant
1976 Graduated from Waseda University School of Commerce. After working at Asahi Audit Corporation (currently KPMG AZSA Audit Corporation), established Yasumoto CPA Office. In 1990, he met Tadashi Yanai, president of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Ogori Shoji), and since then has supported the company’s rapid growth as a stock listing preparation consultant and corporate auditor. In addition, he has served as an outside corporate auditor for ASKUL Corporation and several other listed companies, and until March 2013 served as a specially appointed professor at the Chuo University Graduate School of International Accounting for six years.
Publications include “Accounting textbook written by a UNIQLO corporate auditor to create a strong company” (Diamond Publishing), “Let’s start financial statements guidebook” (Okura Finance
Association), etc.
[current position]
Outside Corporate Auditor of FRONTEO Co., Ltd. (formerly UBIC) / Outside Corporate Auditor of GROOVE X Co., Ltd. / Outside Corporate Auditor of First Accounting Co., Ltd. / Member of the Investment Committee of Shizuoka SME Support Fund Investment Business Limited Liability Association
About the Hagukumi Fund
Currently in Japan, the “decrease in the working population” is progressing due to population decline and super-aging, and there is a chronic labor shortage in the childcare, nursing care, and medical industries in particular. In addition, the most common reason for young workers to retire from a company is economic reasons*1, and the number one concern about money for the working generation is “funds for retirement”*².
In order to support the people who support people’s lives and social lives, such as childcare, nursing care, and medical care, and the industry, we have established a new corporate pension “Hagukumi Fund” that benefits both companies and workers. .
It is a corporate pension fund that allows business owners to build a retirement allowance system without capital, and managers and executives can join. Since the enhancement of the retirement allowance system leads to the improvement of employee satisfaction and the reduction of the turnover rate, it has been well received as one of the welfare programs for securing human resources, especially in the welfare industry, where labor shortages are becoming more serious. Benefits for employees include no need for difficult investment knowledge and principal is guaranteed. In addition, compared to corporate DC (corporate defined contribution pension) and iDeCo (individual defined contribution pension), which in principle cannot be received until the age of 60 or older, it is possible to receive when retiring, taking leave, or taking childcare or nursing care leave. Because it is possible, it is gaining strong support from employees who are refraining from childcare or nursing care in the future. Currently, 73% of participating businesses are medical and welfare related, but corporations in other industries can also join. (source)
*1 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Overview of the 2018 Youth Employment Survey *² QUICK Asset Management Institute, “Awareness Survey on Individual Asset Formation,” November 2019
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About Better Place Co., Ltd.
Based on our corporate philosophy, “Through business, we will create a society in which the child-raising generation and children can have hope.” In addition to the “Hagukumi Fund” service to support asset formation and welfare programs for people who support people’s lives and social lives, such as childcare, nursing care, and medical care, we also develop IT systems for the welfare industry for essential workers. We are developing various services. In addition, we are revamping corporate pension procedures with DX and providing a platform that can greatly reduce the time and effort required for procedures for both labor and management, so that even beginners can easily build assets after retirement.
-Main services-
“Welfare Hagukumi Corporate Pension Fund” Retirement allowance system introduction design and support
Corporate Defined Contribution Pension Introduction Design and Support IT system development for the welfare industry: Shift work table automatic creation system “Work/Life”
-Company Profile-
Company name: Better Place Co., Ltd.
Location: 9-9 Yotsuyazakacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Sanhiro Building 9F Representatives: Shinji Morimoto, President and CEO, Shigeki Furuichi, COO Established: October 17, 2011

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