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Biostyle Co., Ltd. Patisserie brand RAU from Kyoto and plant-growing sweets brand Sachi Takagi Valentine event POP UP shop development information

Biostyle Co., Ltd.
Patisserie brand RAU from Kyoto and plant-growing sweets brand Sachi Takagi Valentine event POP UP shop development information
Starting January 18th (Wednesday) in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe ~ 2023 new items, limited items, and new packages will also appear ~

Biostyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Tatsuya Miura) operates “RAU”, a unique patisserie that expresses the scenery in shape, and “raises” plants. Sweets brand “Sachi Takagi” (Sachitakagi) will open a total of 8 Valentine-limited POP UP shops in Tokyo and Osaka from January 18 (Wednesday).
In addition to popular products, we will also sell Valentine-limited products. In addition, a new package of RAU’s popular product bonbon chocolate “iro” will be unveiled. Sachi Takagi will introduce two types of monochromatic items for the first time in the series. Please enjoy the new Valentine’s day products created by the two chefs through the canvas of sweets, the scenes and experiences they saw in the days they spent in the French atelier.
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List of Valentine POP UP stores
■ Tokyo
◆Shinjuku Isetan: January 18 (Wednesday) to January 25 (Wednesday) Brand: Sachi Takagi
◆ Seibu Ikebukuro: January 20 (Friday) to February 14 (Tuesday) Brand: RAU ◆ Tamagawa Takashimaya: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday) Brand: RAU
■ Nagoya
◆Nagoya Takashimaya: January 19th (Thursday) to February 14th (Tuesday) Brand: RAU/Sachi Takagi
■ Kyoto
◆Kyoto Isetan: January 18 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday) Brand: RAU ◆Kyoto Isetan: January 30 (Mon) to February 14 (Tue) Brand: Sachi Takagi ■ Osaka
◆ Osaka Takashimaya: January 25 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday) Brand: RAU Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store: January 18 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday) Brand: RAU
■ Kobe
◆ Kobe Daimaru: January 25 (Wednesday) to February 14 (Tuesday) Brand: RAU Sachi Takagi Valentine’s new product list
 From Sachi Takagi, 3 new plant-based chocolates will be released as Valentine POP UP shop limited products. Chocolate with the motif of “chestnut”, which is popular among men and women, and “flower”, which is typical of Valentine, is a chocolate that looks like a heart depending on the combination.
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Berry (Valentine’s version) \ Shinjuku Isetan limited / 3,672 yen (tax included) Using wild strawberry / raspberry / cassis etc.
Raw chocolate made by assorting two types of raw chocolate.
[Image 3

Apple Crepe \ Shinjuku Isetan Limited / 2,916 yen (tax included) I imaged the apple crepe I ate in Brittany
Chocolate that combines apple with caramel and cinnamon.
[Image 4

Marron \Nagoya Takashimaya Limited/2,700 yen (tax included)
Made with chestnuts from Collobrieres, a famous chestnut production area. A solid chestnut flavor that makes you feel as if you are eating chestnuts as they are.

Sachi Takagi new product
Sachi Takagi’s plant-based chocolate series, which was born from his experience in France and once again realized the wonders of Japanese ingredients, is now available in a “single color” flavor with a cool package that catches the eye. Two new flavors will join the ranks: “Yuzu”, which has a fresh yuzu ganache accented with yuzu pulp, and “Matcha”, which has a deep matcha ganache and azuki bean texture. The packaging and simple taste are popular among men, making it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
[Image 5

Yuzu \New flavor/¥2,052 (tax included)
Fresh yuzu ganache plant base accented with yuzu pulp
chocolate. Expressing the taste of “yuzu” as fresh as possible with the fruit that Japan is proud of, which is attracting attention around the world. It has a deep taste that can only be achieved by Japanese people who are familiar with yuzu.
[Image 6

Matcha \New flavor/¥2,052 (tax included)
Rich green tea ganache accented with red bean texture. The matcha ganache, which has a bitter taste with Uji matcha added to the limit to maintain the smoothness of the ganache, and the gentle sweetness of the adzuki beans, create an excellent taste.
-Sales store-
Shinjuku Isetan / Kyoto Isetan Nagoya Takashimaya / GOOD NATURE STATION RAU Valentine’s bonbon chocolate “iro” new product
RAU CHOCOLATE’s bonbon chocolat is a chocolate that expresses the scene in your head as a color (iro) by imagining the events and memories you have experienced so far, the unknown experience and the uplifting feeling of imagination. is. In addition to the 11 colors of chocolate, two new colors, “Lilac” and “Turquoise,” will be
introduced, inspired by the scenery and experiences the chef has seen in France, where he has his atelier.
Please enjoy the taste and aroma of cacao to your heart’s content with “iro”, which is packed with various colors and flavors.
[Image 7

Inspired by the sunset in the south of France, it expresses the sunset over the lavender fields.
Lavender x rose wine bonbon chocolate.
Reproduce the time you enjoy while watching the beautiful sunset and entrusting yourself to the leisurely flow of time.
[Image 8

A basil x orange bonbon chocolate inspired by the turquoise sea of ​​the Cote d’Azur.
Reproduce the blue and yellow that mix with the sunlight that shines on the coast.
It features a contrast between the sea and the sky, which expresses a two-layer structure of noir ganache with different textures. RAU’s popular product “Nami-Nami” Valentine limited item
“Nami-Nami” was born from the image of the scenery and shape of the roof tiles that RAU’s chef patissiere saw in France and Kyoto. In France, there is a sweet called [Tuile], which means roof tile, and it has been popular for a long time. Even if you choose the same motif, if the background and the cultural background of the ingredients are different, the taste and shape will be completely different. Both are universally inherited in history as proper nouns. Inspired by this, we combined the memories of the tiled roof scenery of France and Kyoto to create a product that is easy to understand, easy to remember, and exciting to imagine from the name. I made it.
[Image 9

Coffee x citrus (only available at Nagoya Takashimaya)
・Chocolate sable ・Plain sable fabric
・Coffee cream
・Vanilla cream
・Bean to bar chocolate
・Citrus cream
-Product price-
6 Nami-Nami ¥3,240 (tax included)
(Coffee x 3 citrus fruits, 1 praline, 1 matcha, 1 chocolate each) RAU bonbon chocolate “iro” new package
RAU’s popular bonbon chocolate “iro” will be renewed with a new package. Each flavor is named after a color, and chocolatiers who traveled from Japan to South America and various parts of Europe were inspired by the fruits, scents, and landscapes they encountered there, and expressed the flavors and colors in chocolate. The deep wilderness of Costa Rica, the lavender fields at dusk, and the spring sunshine with flowers blooming.
RAU’s chocolate, made with various scenes in mind, gives various colors to the taste of cacao.
In this new package, we have prepared 4 capsules and 12 capsules filled with colors that match each theme. Please fully enjoy the taste and world view of RAU, which stands out with the concept of “making the scene into shape.”
It can be purchased at GOOD NATURE STATION from January 2nd (Monday) and at the ONLINE STORE from January 4th (Wednesday).
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Product name: iro 4 grains Deep
Content: Fuji/Kassiki/Shiro/Ai
4 types of bitter taste that feels cacao.
[Image 11

Product name: iro 4 grains Soft
Content: Yamabuki/Cha/Lilac/Turquoise
Four flavors inspired by Japan and France.
* Includes new Valentine’s products Lilac and Turquoise
[Image 13

Product name: iro 12 tablets
Contents: Soft + Strong + Deep set
* Includes new Valentine’s products Lilac and Turquoise
-Product price-
iro 12 tablets 5,616 yen (tax included)
Opening store / period / product list
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Online store sales product list

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chef profile
Chef patissier
Yusuke Matsushita
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Born in Toyama Prefecture in 1984.
After training at a patisserie and chocolate store in Tokyo, in 2014, at the age of 29, he opened [Calme Elan], a shop in Tokyo that offers hachette dessert courses, which were not available in Japan at the time. In 2016, the author [Specialty Store Hachette Dessert] was published. It is sold in Asian countries such as Korea, Taiwan, and China. In 2017, he received an offer to be a chef pastry chef from a 5-star hotel in Malaysia, and closed his own shop to spread his knowledge.
In the same year, he returned to Japan after receiving an offer for his current position, and traveled to South America and Europe with Yukiyo Takagi.

Chef chocolate
Sachiyo Takagi
[Image 16

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1990.
Influenced by his father who is a baker, he aspired to the world of food and started his career as a chef at a French restaurant in Tokyo at the age of 17.
After gaining experience in patisserie and chocolate stores in Tokyo, in 2014 Yusuke Matsushita’s Hachette dessert specialty store [CalmeElan], which is the current chef pastry chef of RAU, opened and became a 2-star in Paris. Worked as a chef pastry chef at a
In 2018, he returned to Japan at the invitation of RAU’s chef Chocolatiere, and has been active in a wide range of fields, including brand concept and product development in general, not just chocolate. In December 2021, he will release his own brand [Sachi Takagi]. Expresses his way of life and way of thinking in the field of “confectionery” using the power of plants. Pursuing the form of a new confectionery with a complete plant base, he is creating.
World Chocolate Masters ’22 Jury selection
Both Matsushita and Takagi will be on the “World Final Judging Committee” at the “World Chocolate Masters ’22” held in Paris, France from October 29th (Sat) to 31st (Mon), 2022. I was selected to serve as head of the jury for the Artistic Skills category. Takagi is the first Asian woman to play a major role.
-About the intention of being selected from Barry Callebaut Japan Co., Ltd.-

The concept and world view of RAU and Sachi Takagi are very unique even in the global world, and they are unique in their originality. I felt that there is beauty and fun that is not bound by form, which was the decisive factor in the selection of the judges.
In addition, it is a leading brand that every company is trying to follow, promoting genderless manufacturing, manufacturing with full of sustainability, and equal and fair manufacturing that does not choose customers, especially in the Japanese industry. I feel.
I believe that RAU has such a wonderful feeling that the future vision of chefs Matsushita and Takagi and the reality of the development they are creating are very close to each other. I will not stop.
We are truly honored to have been able to help make wonderful sweets to reach the world.
The dignified air of falling snow, the glossy form of the ceramics that reflects the warmth of your hands, the beauty of the tiled roof that you suddenly look up at, and the delicate scenes cut out by Japanese aesthetics are rooted in the climate and history of Japan. RAU aims to be a global brand that is loved by people around the world, while valuing expressions that can only be created by Japanese people.
The brand name “RAU” is taken from the ancient Japanese word “rauraushi” which means noble and beautiful. Along with the deep and soft sound of Japanese, it has nuances that are familiar to foreign customers.
“Scenery into shape”
Expressing scenery and scenes that you have seen before with sweets with your own sensibility.
You can slowly enjoy the beauty of the handmade molds and the image of the fragrance.
[Image 17d54899-132-39bff732ca23faf069a1-15.jpg&s3=54899-132-010fa4dd6de98752b08e413322d32c50-3900x2194.jpg