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Blair Co., Ltd. BLEA Gakuen establishes original EC brand “BLEA”!

Blair Co., Ltd.
BLEA Gakuen establishes original EC brand “BLEA”!
In response to the student’s voice, “I want to create a brand!”, we will develop products together!

BLEA Gakuen Group (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yusuke Osawa, hereinafter referred to as BLEA Gakuen) has launched its own EC brand “BLEA” based on the concept of “making items that TEENS really want”. For students who want to “learn how to make a brand”, I learned while practicing various processes such as product development from scratch, concept planning, PR, and sales. From December 26, 2022, we will start selling 8 items that are attractive to real TEENS.
[Image 1d7907-17-dd484da654ff9cbc23f6-0.jpg&s3=7907-17-54ae95e55902f6d8398b5c9880660372-1688x1091.jpg
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■What is BLEA Academy?
BLEA Gakuen is a co-educational high school with a correspondence high school that has been featured in many media as “the school that respects the individuality of students in Japan”.
You can acquire many qualifications by learning specialized knowledge in fashion, beauty, and entertainment from high school.
In addition, we are focusing on practical education that is not found in ordinary high schools, and in the past, we have attracted attention for collaborative products with WEGO and the development of colored contact lenses produced by JK.
[Image 2d7907-17-c32f7deca19430a78685-1.jpg&s3=7907-17-5e8020cd2ca607824b418aa1ea668bcf-2560x1707.jpg
■ Triggered by a voice from a student
At BLEA Gakuen, there is a school rule that says, “Immediately tell the teacher what you want to do.”
One day, a student came to me and said, “My dream is to have my own brand in the future, so I want you to teach me how to make a brand.” BLEA’s policy is to “take action first, not deny it”, so it didn’t take long to come to the conclusion of “learning while actually creating a brand”.
■ Production process
First of all, we asked for cooperation from OEM companies, recruited students who wanted to participate in brand creation, and after several brand creation study sessions, we held product design, concept development, PR meetings, product photography, etc., and plans continued one after another. It progressed.
The energy of the teenagers’ motivation was huge, and the product was sold in just half a year from the start of the project.
■ Product image
-Long Dress_Black-
[Image 3d7907-17-feabf00b3389c21d3b48-2.jpg&s3=7907-17-7242c94703879f9757bb01cbe2a8322b-1280x1920.jpg
-Rugby Shirt with Logo_Navy-
[Image 4d7907-17-0d8eaee53134a3936b1e-3.jpg&s3=7907-17-313245f3f7d1bb5f2da925ec3c0080bf-1280x1920.jpg
-Sweat Dress_Yeah-
[Image 5d7907-17-ef15e0cf4d7e1adf7da0-4.jpg&s3=7907-17-2dd193790b5994b690c25f140813fcdc-1280x1920.jpg
*Please check the sales site for other products.
■ State of production
-Design check-
[Image 6d7907-17-1fd6d47e107f7b6e350a-5.jpg&s3=7907-17-5eccafcbdae51ab162cd82f6b970d2a3-2645x2700.jpg

-Product photography-
[Image 7d7907-17-9e9cddaa5787830c0f2e-9.jpg&s3=7907-17-414e468748e194c054f0aa56e9d22f5d-1688x1377.jpg

■ Release date
Monday, December 26, 2022
■ Sales site
■ BLEA Academy Group (Blair Co., Ltd.)
In 2000, he started operating a school in Shibuya where you can learn techniques such as fashion, makeup, and performing arts.
In 2002, the BLEA Girls High School was established with the concept of “a school where girls can realize their “likes”. Currently, about 300 students are enrolled, and as a school run by a private company rather than a school corporation, we are developing an education that fits unconventional young people. From the educational policy of actively introducing the opinions of students, the establishment of original club activities such as “Yuchu Club” and “TikTok Club”, production and sales of original perfume, colored contact lenses, collaboration school bags with WEGO, etc. April 2021 We are working on a wide range of projects, such as newly establishing a childcare department in BLEA Women’s University.
In 2022, we launched “After School Peace” as a youth support project, and as the first activity, we released a charity movie “DONOR – Lives that can be saved by your actions” on YouTube, promoting social contribution activities. I am also making an effort to (BLEA Gakuen Manager / Houkago Peace Representative: Jungo Nakano)

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