Block FM Co., Ltd. Enjoy the winter night sky, BBQ, and one-night-only live music while surrounded by a rich forest. “glo (TM) under the Stars”, which offers a relaxing time to enjoy the starry sky and music, will be held in Osaka due to its popula

Block FM Co., Ltd.
Enjoy the winter night sky and BBQ while surrounded by a rich forest, and enjoy live music for one night only. “glo (TM) under the Stars,” which gives you a relaxing time to enjoy the starry sky and music, will be held in Osaka due to its popularity.
Daoko (DJ set), Taichi Mukai, DJ HASEBE feat.

Music multimedia will hold an invitation-only event “glo (TM) under the Stars” where you can enjoy music and the starry sky at a place in Osaka on December 23 (Friday). It will be held under the sponsorship of glo (TM) listed in the message. In addition, a campaign is underway to invite 150 groups of 300 people to this event. In addition, the live video distribution of the same event held in Tokyo the other day has started.
[Image 1d9184-56-93d8d6f39723d2e9701c-0.jpg&s3=9184-56-d5bd0b636802d4d1ab8de4345120ac69-1500x750.jpg
A one-night-only glamping spot appears somewhere in Osaka city! [Image 2d9184-56-0befd270615c4ab528ac-1.jpg&s3=9184-56-450640225a46d2e4a8aa70afd2a1d103-1200x645.jpg
Cherish the joy of a moment even in a busy daily life
A beautiful time when the setting sun turns into a starry sky, and warm music that accompanies the passage of time.
With the desire to spend such a special time with a loved one with a smile, will hold “glo(TM) under the Stars” under the sponsorship of glo(TM). This event, which was held at Kirana Garden Toyosu on November 24th, was well received and will be held in Osaka as well.
Enjoy a one-night-only performance by top musicians in a location where you can enjoy the winter night sky in a BBQ and glamping format surrounded by a rich forest.
[Image 3d9184-56-952c63cbc8b688b51c1e-2.jpg&s3=9184-56-d3385eb546316fc49365a7f319161588-1200x645.jpg
[Image 4d9184-56-4dbdaec2438d646c6d62-3.jpg&s3=9184-56-5b6da68b77d47dcb76bb7203c057bc7e-1200x645.jpg
Live music to enjoy with candles and fantastic performances
[Image 5d9184-56-c2404ac0b1a0c54ffc58-4.jpg&s3=9184-56-9b2492bf973003f9f2cd8db54c566ca8-2880x1440.jpg
At the music live, kiki vivi lily, who is attracting attention for her sweet singing voice and melody sense, and SUKISHA, who is highly rated as a track maker, performed a collaboration stage. In addition, Daoko (DJ set), who has a unique presence and is supported by music fans, will appear with ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo, as a back DJ, and will also perform as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. Hiplin, who demonstrates his talent, and Taichi Mukai, who is active across various genres based on R&B and HIP HOP, will also perform
performances that can only be seen here.
The DJs include ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,, who has worked on numerous hit songs, DJ SHOTA, who is world-famous as a DJ champion in Japan, and DJ HASEBE, who has been leading the scene since the 90s as a DJ/producer. Appeared with Emi Okamoto as a guest. In addition, YonYon, who is expanding his activities as a singing
DJ/singer-songwriter, will liven up the venue.
On the day of the event, Yuki Mihara will serve as the MC for the event, just like at the Tokyo venue.In addition, candle artist CANDLE JUNE will perform a space production between the live music
performances. Please enjoy the beautiful candle space that is gradually completed as the night goes on.
Also, at the end of the event, you can enjoy a fantastic production of the night sky. Please look forward to the best night that can only be experienced at “glo (TM) under the Stars”.
A campaign to invite 150 pairs of 300 people is underway
[Image 6d9184-56-057962dbebb490a04231-5.jpg&s3=9184-56-c2af98e384859bf020335c09731bfd9c-1200x645.jpg
We are running a campaign to invite 150 pairs of 300 people to this event. For details, please check the ticket application site below. ■ Ticket application site: Live video in Tokyo started distribution on glo (TM) official website [Image 7d9184-56-3891636a145073c31439-6.jpg&s3=9184-56-5f21cf45a9240ca037f6f5a11a2346cd-1440x720.jpg
In addition, the live video of this event held at Kirana Garden Toyosu on November 24th has started distribution on the glo (TM) official website. DOZAN11 a.k.a Dozo Miki, bird and Michael Kaneko will perform the acoustic live, while UNA + MATCHA, ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,, TJO and DJ SARASA will perform as DJs. Please enjoy the special live that colors the night of Tokyo.
■ Live streaming page:
■ Event report: Event overview
Event name: glo (TM) under the Stars
Date: Friday, December 23, 2022
Place: Somewhere in Osaka city
Holding time: 15:00-21:00
Appearances (in alphabetical order): kiki vivi lily × SUKISHA, ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,, Daoko (DJ set), DJ SHOTA, DJ HASEBE feat. Emi Okamoto, Hiplin, Taichi Mukai, YonYon
MC: Yuki Mihara
Spatial production (in alphabetical order): Katsuragi Hanabi, Starry Night Company, CANDLE JUNE, STAND, DeDee
Cooperation: Showa Welding
Organized/planned/produced by:
Sponsor: glo(TM)
Appearing artists (in alphabetical order)
kiki vivi lily × SUKISHA
[Image 8d9184-56-851080da4430dc25b39a-7.jpg&s3=9184-56-bffee5ebfd63e9592e738a33887e2696-3000x2011.jpg
kiki vivi lily
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture.
A singer-songwriter who is attracting attention for her sweet and enchanting singing voice and exceptional melody sense that plays highly saturated popness and soul. The style of collaborating with various artists while lightly crossing genres has a unique presence in the scene.
In December 2019, he released “Over The Rainbow” in collaboration with beat maker SUKISHA, which has been ranked in the Apple Music R&B chart for two years. are expanding the scope of Digital EP “Good Luck Charm” was released in December 2020. The song “Himegoto” was selected as the commercial song for Mitsui Outlet Park “SURPRISE SALE” and recorded long sales. Also, the collaboration with nobodyknows+ for
“Kokoroodoru” became a big topic. In October 2021, the long-awaited 2nd Full Album “Tasty” was released.
[Image 9d9184-56-fb6450f45c53527925cd-8.jpg&s3=9184-56-e29af8db91fa60c4dde2f52d6e6436db-3000x2000.jpg
Singer / Track Maker / Multi-instrumentalist based in Tokyo. He believes in presenting surprises and discoveries to people who love sound, and basically completes the process of creating music by himself.
Released this summer, “Hot Sauce on Ice Cream” won 1st place in Japan and Taiwan, and 2nd place in Korea and China in the Apple Music Reggae category. The total number of streaming views has surpassed 50 million times. Based on black music, he does not hesitate to cross genres for the music he seeks, and his unique yet universal musicality continues to captivate a wide range of listeners.
■☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo,
[Image 10d9184-56-a88197cca7e259687839-9.jpg&s3=9184-56-a572780f5084c00c97f629bff7b41627-1920x1279.jpg
DJ, producer. Formed m-flo with VERBAL and LISA in 1998.
With his DJ activities both in Japan and overseas, he has gained tremendous support in the club scene. In 2011, he launched Japan’s first internet radio specializing in dance music,, which has become the starting point of a new music movement.
■ Daoko (DJ set)
[Image 11d9184-56-36cfb6080586c7e6bfee-10.jpg&s3=9184-56-a2fb67d1855f8f27161062fc33685c02-3900x3900.jpg
Born in 1997, from Tokyo.
At the age of 15, he attracted attention with the song he posted on Nico Nico Douga, and made his major debut in 2015 with “DAOKO”. After that, he continued his solo activities while collaborating with talented artists such as “Uchiage Hanabi” with Kenshi Yonezu and “Step Up Love” with Yasuyuki Okamura. Writing novels, holding solo exhibitions of paintings, and working as an actress, she continues to engage in diverse creative expressions, attracting attention both at home and abroad.
In 2019, he established a personal office “Tefutefu” and released his 4th album “anima” in 2020. On May 25, 2022, Shohei Amimori
participated in the composition and arrangement, and released the latest song “Rinko” written for the new RPG “Memento Mori”. Currently working on his own label “Tefutefu”!
[Image 12d9184-56-2aba9d9f998517f5423b-11.jpg&s3=9184-56-57d54a17661ea8034f1ede474b5478dc-1800x2700.jpg
(2009 & 2015 DMC JAPAN CHAMPION)
In 2006, he became the Japanese champion in the DJ battle “Teens DJ CHAMPIONSHIP 2006”, which was his first challenge, and after that he won high rankings in numerous competitions. Furthermore, in 2009, he stood at the top of Japan in the battle section of the world’s largest DJ battle “DMC JAPAN DJCHAMPIONSHIPS 2009”. In September of the same year, the world competition “DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2009” held in London was the best 8. In 2013, “IDA WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2013” held in Poland was ranked 4th in the world, and in 2015, six years ago He also won the single division of the tournament “DMC JAPAN DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015” where he got the best glory in Japan in the battle division. As a representative of Japan, he again challenged the world tournament in October and finished fifth in the world, carving his name in the world.
Currently based in Tokyo, showcases and club play.
■ DJ HASEBE feat. Emi Okamoto
[Image 13d9184-56-58294a9d1ce320848f93-12.jpg&s3=9184-56-4a2b67cb4b13ecd1fb2809b072e68958-3000x2000.jpg
DJ/sound producer. Started his career as a DJ in 1990. In 1998, he released the mini-album “adore”, which included “I want you now” with Sugar Soul & Zeebra, and spread his name to the world. In 2000, the full album “Hey World” was released, and the following year it was released in several European countries and became a hot topic. Since then, he has worked on remixes and productions for many artists. In recent years, he has released a remix work selected only with Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 sound sources, a collaboration mix CD with the beach lifestyle magazine “HONEY”, and an album commemorating the 30th anniversary of DJ activities in 2020. Currently, he is a producer and DJ for ABEMA TV, and has live streaming every week on his regular program and his own YouTube channel, proposing new ways to enjoy music during the corona crisis.
[Image 14d9184-56-3a281908a8bb89ef757f-13.jpg&s3=9184-56-b468e40e18a1fe45094d3a7ee921e5e5-3000x2000.jpg
Emi Okamoto
A singer/bassist/songwriter from Itabashi, Tokyo. 153 cm tall. A former gal who likes zombies. While working as a solo singer, she is the main vocalist of Friends.
In 2014, he began his solo activities in earnest, and after releasing an independent EP, released the mini-album “Strike!” in 2015. In parallel with his solo activities, he formed a Shinsen-kei band, Friends, and became active as Friends.
Also, as a vocalist and writer, from pop to hip hop to club artists such as Yu Sakai, Sexy Zone, M!LK, Rinne Yoshida, RIP SLYME, illmore, DJ HASEBE, PARKGOLF, TSUBAME, fox capture plan, etc. Participating in the works of , expanding the field of activities beyond genres. Released solo 1st album “gappy” in 2019. The EP “wweavess” will be released on December 14, 2022.
[Image 15d9184-56-69e31d3a57a2b2acd334-14.jpg&s3=9184-56-cb3905d9f07cdde54522e8470cb90585-2093x2700.jpg
A talented singer-songwriter from Kansai who demonstrates multiple talents, such as doing everything from track making to recording almost alone. The song “Grow Up” released in 2016 was arranged into Acoustic Ver.
In September 2021, he will release his first one-man in September 2021. The live performance was also a huge success.
■ Taichi Mukai
[Image 16d9184-56-1348a3bd3b4962eaa490-15.jpg&s3=9184-56-8ec6664ef1188a4df663a45c667d2ade-3000x2000.jpg
Singer-songwriter from Fukuoka. Based on his own roots, R&B and HIP HOP, he has gained high support from various media and listeners with songs that transcend genres.
Major debut from TOY’S FACTORY / MIYA TERRACE with 1st AL “BLUE” in November 2017. Released 5th AL “ANTIDOTE” in May 2022.
Regarding the tie-up works, “Anime ‘Kaze ga Taku Fuiteiru'”, “Anime ‘Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken'”, “Animation ‘TIGER & BUNNY 2′”, “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S/S season theme song ” is being worked on.
Currently, the program “Taichi Mukai’s I Like It”, which is a personality on Internet radio, is being broadcast on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.
[Image 17d9184-56-3e32e0bb4fb884379fab-16.jpg&s3=9184-56-466467a2027c89876939e975ce821d4f-2160x2700.jpg
With a background of being born in Seoul and raised in Tokyo, he is a multi-talented creator who works as a DJ, singer-songwriter, music producer, and radio personality.
Popular with a wide range of generations as a singing DJ, he plays a variety of BPMs with an edgy sound that is easy to listen to and dance to. He also energetically writes songs, and his lyrics, which are intuitively assembled across genres and languages, have captivated listeners around the world with words that are real and have a strong message, contrary to pop and addictive grooves. to
On March 24, 2021, he released his first 1st EP “The Light, The Water”. In addition, through the -The Link- project, which connects Japanese and Korean producers and singers in the form of music production, he launched his own music label -Peace Tree- in 2021. spatial artist
[Image 18d9184-56-e1356eb3790f85047f79-17.jpg&s3=9184-56-4f4991f7914036378cacb93404f9e294-960x960.jpg
Artist / Field Design / Director
In 1994, he started making candles.
We are particular about the “place to light” and perform space production in various fields,
Established the genre of candle decoration.
In 2001, after lighting the “flame of peace,” which is believed to be the embers of the atomic bombing, in Hiroshima,
Called “Candle Odyssey”, he continues his journey around the land of sorrow. In 2011, following the Great East Japan Earthquake
Established “General Incorporated Association LOVE FOR NIPPON” and started support activities.
On the 11th of the month of the death anniversary, candle nights are held in various parts of Fukushima every month.
“SONG OF THE EARTH 311 FUKUSHIMA” will be held on March 11th. From sadness to joy the journey continues.
■ Yuki Mihara
Talent/Radio DJ
Born in Osaka Prefecture. Debuted as a model for the magazine “nicola” at the age of 13. After that, he appeared in various music programs and TV programs such as acting as MC at tvk “sakusaku”.
Currently, he is active in multiple fields, making use of his versatile hobbies such as music, sports, and lifestyle. He also works as a radio personality and MC for many programs. In charge of “Time For Bed” on from 23:00 to 24:00 on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.
What is
[Image 19d9184-56-9e916ec217bee88e661d-18.jpg&s3=9184-56-9fa137fac2eb65df4a0ca66e4f8aced5-1280x1280.jpg
November 11, 2011, 11:11:11 p.m. was established as Japan’s first internet radio station specializing in dance music, together with famous DJs representing Japan and overseas.
After several renewals so far, we have started broadcasting radio programs and news curated from a unique perspective, producing events for brands and companies, and the online festival “BLOCK.FESTIVAL” that has attracted a total of about 2.5 million people. The area is wide-ranging.
In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, has once again returned to its essence as a music media, distributing radio programs that can become a part of your life, and news articles that give you access to new information anytime, anywhere. We aim to be a platform where you can discover more of the fun of.
Details about this release:

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