Blue ink Co., Ltd. “Enjoy the scent and understand the characteristics of the aroma” written by Azusa Anells, released on December 16 (Friday)

Blue ink Co., Ltd.
“Enjoy the scent, understand the characteristics of the aroma” written by Azusa Anells, released on December 16 (Friday)
– The scent that you feel when you touch your five senses moves your emotions, moves your body, and remains in your senses –

Blue ink Co., Ltd. President and Medical Doctor Azusa Anells’ book “Enjoy the scent and understand the characteristics” will be available from Natsume Co., Ltd. on Friday, December 16, 2022 at bookstores nationwide and ARTQ ORGANICS online. It will be sold on the website, directly managed stores, etc.
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Along with a wealth of beautiful photographs taken by the author while visiting organic farmers around the world, this book provides easy-to-understand explanations of the characteristics and usage of 90 essential oils and 25 vegetable oils used in aromatherapy. It is a picture book full of charm that you can enjoy with your eyes. ■ A wide range of 90 essential oils and 25 vegetable oils with beautiful photographs
A wide selection of 90 essential oils and 25 vegetable oils used in aromatherapy. The beautiful photographs of the plants that are the raw materials for essential oils and the landscapes of organic farms, taken by the author while visiting farms around the world, are a must-see.
Detailed information on each feature, effects on the mind and body, ingredients, precautions, recommended usage, and blending advice. ■ You can search by essential oil note and scent system
Essential oils are divided into 5 notes (top, top middle, middle, middle base, base). In addition, we have classified and posted essential oils so that you can search for essential oils by six fragrance systems (citrus, herbal, spice, floral, woody, and resin). There is no doubt that blending will be fun with the unprecedented classification of notes!
■ Rich information such as blending and self-care for each problem Carefully explain the concept and practice of essential oil blending. Introduction of compatible essential oils that can be used as a reference for blending is also posted on each essential oil page. In addition to recommended usage and specific recipes for various physical ailments and worries, self-massage using aromatherapy is also posted. It is a compact size that is convenient to carry, but it is a very fulfilling book!
■ This book is recommended for the following people
This book is recommended for beginners, professionals, and everyone involved in aromatherapy. Recommended for those who want to
incorporate aroma into their daily life, those who like nature and plants, and those who like the scent of plants.
【table of contents】
Chapter 1
“Basic Knowledge of Essential Oils” What is essential oil? /How to extract essential oils/How to choose and handle essential oils/Q&A about essential oils
Chapter 2
“Essential Oil Guide 90”
Chapter 3
“Basic knowledge of vegetable oil” What is vegetable oil? /Vegetable oil extraction method/Fatty acids contained in vegetable oil/Skin care effect of vegetable oil
Chapter 4
“Vegetable Oil Guide 25”
Chapter 5
“Blending essential oils” Let’s practice blending essential oils / basic knowledge of chemical components of essential oils / blending. Chapter 6
“Basic Knowledge of Aromatherapy” History of Aromatherapy / Actions and Mechanisms of Scents on the Mind and Body / Feeling, Touching, and Seeing Scents
“Aromatherapy self-massage” Basic knowledge of aromatherapy
self-massage / dilution concentration of massage oil
Chapter 8
“Essential oil blend recipes by trouble” Introducing recommended usage and specific recipes for various troubles.
■ Bibliographic information
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・ Book title: Enjoy the scent, understand the characteristics Aroma picture book ・Author Azusa Anells
・Published by Natsumesha
・ Release date December 16, 2022 (Friday)
・Number of pages: 272 pages
・Size small B6 size
・ List price 1,540 yen (main unit 1,400 yen + tax 10%)
・ISBN 978-4-8163-7298-8
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■ Author
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CEO of Blue ink Co., Ltd.
Azusa Annells |
medical doctor
CEO of Blue ink Co., Ltd.
global organic formulator
Professional Aromatherapist/Clinical Maternity Aromatherapist Autonomic Nervous Balance Aromatherapy Professional
Graduated from Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Physical Education, Tokai University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Graduate School of Medicine, Hirosaki University
While participating in the All Japan and National Athletic Meet until the fourth year of university, he studied sports and sports psychology and learned about research related to aromatherapy and athlete performance. After graduating from university, she studied in the UK for three and a half years focusing on ITHMA certified professional aromatherapy courses and complementary therapy for pregnant women and babies. While promoting aromatherapy delivery care within obstetrics and gynecology departments and conducting courses and seminars for medical professionals and the general public, he has been selected as an exclusive formulator for the Hollywood movie Perfume, celebrities, and large companies. Active as a leading expert in essential oil blending in Japan. She specializes in women’s and children’s health, autonomic balance, and the use of aromatherapy, and is also focusing on research. UK Graduation: Graduated from The Institute of
Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (obtained IFPA – previously obtained RQA) / Graduated from The Raworth Center (obtained IFA/ITEC) Authored books such as “Annels Azusa’s Essential Oil Blend Bible” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha) be.
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■Company profile
company name
Blue ink Inc.
January 27, 2016 (established Aromatic Co., Ltd. in 2000)
Azusa Annells
[Head Office] 1-18-38 Namikan Maeda, Aomori City 038-0024
[Tokyo Branch Office] 5-12-19-301 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Business content
Aromatherapy business
Technical guidance and classroom management related to aromatherapy and cosmetics
Management and consulting services related to aromatherapy and cosmetics Sale of aromatherapy-related products
Manufacture and sale of cosmetics, etc.

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