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BMAX Christmas special Amazon tablet promotion, BMAX I10Pro tablet up to 7,000 yen discount, exclusive coupons are being distributed!

[Christmas benefits] Amazon tablet promotion, BMAX I10Pro tablet up to 7,000 yen discount, exclusive coupons are being distributed! AMAZON promotion 4,000 yen discount, get coupon code for “ZO3OMYBE” now, 3,000 yen discount!!

↓ Click the link below for a tablet with high cost performance, Android 11 / 4GB + 64GB + 1TB expandable / 10.1 inch / T310 / MaxPad I10Pro tablet, coupon code valid period: 2022/12/24 – 2022/12/28
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About BMAX MaxPad I10 Pro
・Sales service guarantee
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・Product quality
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[Android 11 Tablet + GMS Authentication + Face Authentication + 4G-LTE SIM Calling] The BMAX I10Pro tablet is equipped with a 10-inch/wi-fi model/Android 11 system, supports 2.4/5 Gwi-fi, and achieves more stable connection performance. You can use it more comfortably with a convenient user interface. You can enjoy the operation. Launching and switching apps is faster than before, making it possible to operate the tablet more comfortably. It’s GMS certified by Google, so you can access all your favorite APPs from the pre-installed Google Play Store. Equipped with a SIM card slot compatible with the 4th generation mobile communication 4G / LTE.
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[Built-in GPS function] When you download offline maps, you can use Google Maps with the built-in GPS sensor. Supports various satellite navigation systems. Safely guide your outing!
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[Equipped with face recognition function] Using face recognition greatly improves the security of your tablet. With high-performance AI, you can unlock safely and conveniently. Face recognition is easy to set up and can replace lengthy password entry tasks. Face recognition, password, and pattern lock are available as unlocking methods.
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The MaxPad I10 Pro tablet is equipped with a 10.1-inch 1920*1200 in-cell display, an IPS liquid crystal that features a wide viewing angle and good color development. Even if you look at the screen from other than the front, you can enjoy photos and videos with beautiful colors. Equipped with “dual speakers” that allow you to experience realistic sound.
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Limited Time Promotion: 12/24-12/28
Amazon product link: Regular price: ¥20,990
AMAZON coupon discount: 4,000 yen discount
Limited time coupon: 3,000 yen [additional] 12/24-12/28
Limited coupon: Please enter the code “ZO3OMYBE”.
Finally only 13,990 Yen!! (Heart)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at the email address below.

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