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Body Design Gym Co., Ltd. Announcement of personal gym/franchise business start BodyDesignGYM has started FC business!

Body Design Gym Co., Ltd.
[Notice of starting personal gym/franchise business] BodyDesignGYM has started FC business!
Decided to open two FC stores from next spring

Body Design Gym Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative Director Yuya Suzuki), which develops the personal training gym “BodyDesignGYM”, is recruiting franchise members to meet the needs of further customers. It was started.
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About Body Design Gym
BodyDesignGYM is a personal training gym that specializes in “body tightening and body makeup” supervised by professional athletes who have fought around the world, with stores mainly in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
・ Official website:
・ FC business inquiry form:
store information
BodyDesignGYM Yamato 1st store
BodyDesignGYM Yamato 2nd store
BodyDesignGYM Chuorinkan
BodyDesignGYM Futamatagawa store
BodyDesignGYM Shonandai store
BodyDesignGYM 6th store (scheduled to open in spring 2023)
BodyDesignGYM 7th store (scheduled to open in spring 2023)
[Image 2d76387-16-a936213c421f5f5655ad-0.jpg&s3=76387-16-feb9118992d4141aa4fa0b48e84fa914-800x533.jpg
About the services we provide
Through a three-legged training with a trainer, we want our customers to be able to move and design beautiful real bodies. This is our mission. We have prepared the best trainers and the environment so that you can not only lose weight and lower your numerical value, but also achieve a truly mobile and beautiful body.
Program/price guide Program introduction: Free counseling:
We are looking for franchisees
Body Design Gym will start recruiting FC members. We do not pursue short-term profits or open a large number of stores in the short term, but aim to create stores that will take root in the region over the long term by limiting the number of stores. In addition, the management form can be selected from two types: condominium type and tenant type. Please contact us below for details on franchise membership and fees.
・ FC business inquiry form:
・Telephone: 046-260-6657
Details about this release:

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