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Bop Co., Ltd. Ryu Matsuyama performs a collaboration song with Yukawa at the first Tokyo Kinema Club performance!

BAP Co., Ltd.
Ryu Matsuyama will perform a collaboration song with Yukawa at the first Tokyo Kinema Club performance!

[Image 1d34440-10-32029013764e9442b20c-0.jpg&s3=34440-10-939b62495e1baed69e755bea12567d29-2000x1333.jpg
Ryu Matsuyama’s live tour “to get there”, which spanned a total of 6 performances, was held nationwide from October to December.
This tour with the 3rd full-length album “from here to there” released in September has 4 performances in the first half with Ryu singing solo, and 2 performances in the latter half with the band. In this article, we will report on the live performance at Tokyo Kinema Club on December 14th (Wednesday), which welcomed Yukawa with Mahou Band as a guest.
On the day of the live, a wide range of audience gathered regardless of age or gender. Originally a grand cabaret, the venue has a retro atmosphere, just like the 3-month two-man project “hands” co-hosted by Ryu Matsuyama and Shindaita FEVER in early summer this year… no, MOND And on an even grander scale. Decorated with plants by PLANTS, a very tasteful space is created. I wonder what kind of night it will be with the two groups, both of whom have attractive voices (*Yukawa participated in Ryu Matsuyama’s new album as a guest performer). [Image 2d34440-10-0386c0cad97bc1a833ab-1.jpg&s3=34440-10-587e5e5f7c25c90ab4e43c19f4ae0aa1-3000x2000.jpg
Yuga with Maho Band was the first to go on stage. Due to the poor physical condition of drummer Kohei Kamiya, Yuga (Vo & Gu), Takuro Okada (Gu), Hiroki Chiba (Ba), and Yu Taniguchi (Key) had to appear without drums, but it was more acoustic. I think this irregular formation was also valuable in that you can enjoy the groove unique to this time.
No matter what style of performance, Yuuka’s voice is amazing. When she started singing, the atmosphere in the venue changed in an instant. Amidst the faint smoke, they have a unique ephemeral vocal that is full of overtones and tolerance, yet not overly overly emotional. The audience was blown away in an instant.
“Today is Ryu Matsuyama’s congratulations party, so please enjoy yourself until the end.”
After a brief greeting, the next step was “Sazanami yo.” Yuga’s vocals stand out even more, and her relaxed singing voice seems to soar into the sky. The members of the magical band also seem to enjoy her unique talents and snuggle up to each other. Okada adds some spice with a moderately distorted guitar, Chiba sometimes uses a bow to play a wood bass, and Taniguchi adds color with a variety of keyboards. The ensemble, in which the three of them fill the holes in the drums, is as magical as its name suggests.
Alterna folk in “sumire”, mellowness in “tegami”, and spirit-like presence in “fantasy night song”. While listening to Yuuka singing with various expressions, most of the people at the venue must have felt an indescribable euphoria, as if their hearts were washed. A singing voice with this deep kindness cannot be simply described as “transparent”, and it is not something that can be acquired overnight. When he sang “Yoake wo Yobu Yoni”, which has an impressive refrain of “the world I dreamed of someday,” under the subdued lighting that reminds me of dawn, he said, “There are many songs that make you think of people who have disappeared. I hope Kamiya-san will be there for next week’s concert (the Osaka performance of the tour with Ryu Matsuyama).
After that, the latest song “people” and the drama “Wife becomes an elementary school student. Yukawa delivered a lot of reverberations such as “Touka” written as the theme song of “. The audience listened intently and swayed their bodies, enjoying a dreamlike moment. [Image 3d34440-10-42d1c632817cefc93f5f-2.jpg&s3=34440-10-b31409a1f1ac2050347d0a1d55c9506e-3000x2000.jpg
Next is Ryu Matsuyama, the main character. From the opening “snow” sung with English lyrics, Ryu (Vo & Pf)’s voice has a tremendous impact, while Tsuru (Ba & Cho) and Jackson (Dr & Cho) make use of the beauty of the winter atmosphere. Carefully layering cool sounds as much as possible.
When entering “Blackout”, the rhythm became more funky, and the coolness unique to Ryu Matsuyama’s live spread throughout the venue. Only after Yukawa with Mahou Band, which was more acoustic, the sounds of Ryumatsu’s instruments became even more powerful. It’s an added impression. The atmosphere of the Tokyo Kinema Club, which was his first appearance, is also very suitable for Ryu Matsuyama’s sound. “Blue Blur”, which was the theme song for the drama “Old Fashioned Cupcake” and received a lot of attention this year, was played in a relaxed manner to the clapping of the audience.
The pop “kepler-452b” with a brass arrangement was also performed, and Ryu’s ecstatic falsetto and powerful ensemble of piano x bass x drums became more and more brilliant. While featuring Yukawa and BIM, the fulfilling album “from here to there” co-produced with Ovall’s mabanua, Shingo Sekiguchi, and Shingo Suzuki probably solidified the foundation of the band. I guess it’s coming.
[Image 4d34440-10-d9b815f64a79b1fab3ea-3.jpg&s3=34440-10-392f054c6278f952576c4b941712a437-3000x1999.jpg
“Thank you for coming.
Rather than talking about this and that, I want them to immerse themselves in the world of “from here to there”. And I want you to listen to as many songs as possible. I think Ryu and the three of them had such feelings for the audience who made time for this day and came to the venue. After “all at home”, which has a somewhat nostalgic melody, the number from the new album will be delivered abundantly. In “reckless child”, which catches the ear with the phrase “not enough play”, Jackson’s chaotic bursts of drums once again bring out the band’s physical side.
[Image 5d34440-10-53d54cb1904ca28b17f0-4.jpg&s3=34440-10-3bee1434e035482c0da6678dfa22fea3-3000x1999.jpg
After listening to the instrumental song “satellite” flowing, Yukawa quietly appeared on the stage. With only Ryu and Yuuka forming, the important collaboration song “kid” was fully performed. The beautiful voices of the two overlap like flickering, vividly reviving the scenery I saw when I was a child. Such a luxurious time was
undoubtedly one of the highlights of the day.
After the fantastic ballad “you, as always” and the anthem “yet”, the live performance finally came to an end.
“We released the album ‘from here to there’ on September 28th, and this tour is ‘to get there’. There were a lot of hardships along the way, but I think the three of us were able to progress well, and I’m really happy that we were able to perform in front of everyone like this. Thank you so much!”
[Image 6d34440-10-9cb1d53f32e121d8e764-5.jpg&s3=34440-10-7655571d035b2f29899470f4fcd0e259-3000x1999.jpg
Ryu expressed his gratitude, and the last song of the main part was a new song “to get there” that was not included in the album. While Ryu Matsuyama’s epic and flexible soundscape shines, he also shows a greedy attitude with his singing message, “The scenery I’ve seen is getting blurry, but let’s take another step forward.”
At the encore, we finally had time to talk slowly. He praised Yuga, who competed with him, saying, “We’ve been friends for 10 years, but he’s really amazing. He has a voice like a monster (laughs).” Meeting all kinds of people made me realize once again how important it is to meet people,” says Ryu.
At the end, he performed “hands”, which describes Ryu’s own
complicated feelings, the importance of interacting with people, and understanding each other. After taking a photo with Yukawa with Mahou Band, the show ended in a happy mood.
[Image 7d34440-10-c35c120f765cebd41176-7.jpg&s3=34440-10-073e34f3e6bcdedde906079a03325fac-3000x1999.jpg
Interview and text: Yuji Tayama
Photo: Takeyoshi Maruyama
【set list】
-Yuka with magic band-
01. Soft night
03. Ripples
04. sumire
05. Letter
06. Imaginary night song
07. As if calling the dawn
08. Magic
10. Lantern
-Ryu Matsuyama-
02. Blackout
04. blue blur
06. all at home
07. reckless child
09.kid feat., as always
11. yet get there
En01 hands
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