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Bourbon Co., Ltd. Mr. Tetsuro Degawa dressed as a small bear keeps calling out, “It’s just right!” Bourbon “Petit Series” new TV commercial “just right! Tetchan Puchikuma” TV commercial to start broadcasting nationwide from December 6, 2022 (Tuesda

Bourbon Co., Ltd.
Mr. Tetsuro Degawa, dressed as a small bear, repeatedly called out, “It’s just right!” Bourbon “Petit Series” new TV commercial “just right! Tetchan Puchikuma” TV commercial to start broadcasting nationwide from December 6, 2022 (Tuesday)
Only in the entertainment world! ? A making-of and interview video that talks about the episode of fighting a real bear is also released! -Four items will be released for a limited time in conjunction with the commercial broadcast! ―

Bourbon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Yasushi Yoshida) has appointed popular comedian Tetsuro Degawa for the release of 4 items of the “Petit Series” for a limited time on Tuesday, December 6th. New CM “It’s just right! Tetchan Puchikuma” will be broadcast nationwide from December 6th (Tuesday).

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 This commercial featuring Tetsuro Degawa, “It’s just right! Tetchan Puchikuma” (15 seconds) will be broadcast nationwide from Tuesday, December 6th. Bourbon “Petit Series” is just the right size, quantity, and price, and is perfect for various scenes in life, such as snacks, parties, and snacks. doing. At the same time, Mr. Degawa’s special dance video recorded under the guidance of Mr. Local Campione, who is supervising and appearing in TVCM dance, will be released on TikTok. In addition, for a limited time from the airing date of this CM, “Petit Strawberry Cracker”, which is a sandwich of mellow
strawberry-flavored cream with crackers with a crunchy texture, “Petit Pizzarella”, which uses mozzarella cheese and has the image of Margherita pizza, Kuchidoke. We will release four items: “Petit Ajillo Sen”, which is a light dough seasoned with garlic, pepper, salt, etc., and “Petit Potato Fried Chicken Flavor”, which has a fragrant and juicy chicken taste. Under the theme of “Enjoy at home!”, we created a delicious taste that everyone can enjoy in winter.
New TV commercial “Just right! Tetchan Petit Bear” (15 seconds) CM story Mr. Tetsuro Degawa, wearing a costume of Bourbon’s popular character “Petit Bear”, ate Bourbon’s “Petit Series” deliciously, then held the product in both hands and said, “It’s just right! It’s just right!” Dance to the rhythm and promote your products. Next, a grandfather, a boy, a mother, and an aunt stand side by side and chant, “It’s just right! Just right!”
In addition, Bourbon’s “Petit Series” characters “Petit Bear” “Petit (red)” and “Colan (purple)”, dance trend makers in the TikTok world, local campiones, school girls, maids, samurai, and office workers will appear one after another. We will appeal the “just right” of Bourbon “Petit Series” in a pop atmosphere. At the end, everyone gathered together and said, “It’s just right!” It is a commercial with the wish that everyone can enjoy it easily anywhere.
shooting episode
▼ Mr. Tetsuro Degawa appears energetically in the cute appearance of a “Petit Bear”!
The shooting of the new TV commercial for Bourbon’s “Petit Series”, featuring Tetsuro Degawa, who has many regular programs and is in demand every day, was held in a studio in Tokyo on a certain day in October. When Mr. Degawa entered the studio brightly wearing a costume of Bourbon’s popular character “Puchikuma”, the scene was instantly filled with smiles at his cute appearance, and the shooting started in a friendly atmosphere. After greeting the staff and performers, Mr. Degawa started a meeting with the director. I listen to the story with a serious expression that I don’t usually show on TV. The appearance of having a meeting in a costume gave me a sense of seriousness, but there was also something cute about it.
▼ Enjoy learning dance with little experience!
This CM is impressive with a catchy dance that goes along with the line “It’s just right!”. After the meeting, dance practice started with the performers. Mr. Degawa, who is practicing smoothly with easy-to-dance pop choreography. I had little dance experience, but by the time the actual performance started, I had learned how to dance. Mr. Degawa finished filming the TV commercial and started filming for TikTok. Local campione Ryoma-san stepped behind the camera, and when the test started while being a role model for the dance, he finished the dance without any trouble even though it was the first time. On the other hand, Mr. Degawa praised himself, saying, “It’s wonderful!” The members of the local campione also raised their voices saying, “As expected!” After that, everything went smoothly and all the shooting was completed successfully.
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Post-shoot interview
Q1. What is your impression of appearing in the commercial?
Mr. Degawa: First of all, I was really happy. (Bourbon sweets) I’ve been eating them since I was a kid, so I was really happy to be able to do the commercial. I never dreamed of eating sweets and doing a commercial for this sweet in the future, so I’m happy about that. Q2. Was it difficult to dance with a headgear?
Mr. Degawa: I could see a lot more than I expected, so it wasn’t that bad. I think it would be difficult to see the front if it’s the one that covers the whole body, but this was easy to dance because the field of vision was clear. That’s why it’s not just in commercials. I’m also dancing on TikTok, so I’d like you to see that too. I’ve never done TikTok, but I’d like you to see it too.
Q3.Bourbon “Petit Series” has 24 types of sweets that are easy to eat. Do you have a favorite flavor?
Mr. Degawa: All 24 types of petit series were placed in the dressing room. I ate It’s also on location, but I didn’t know there were so many different kinds, so I wondered why it wasn’t advertised more. It’s a waste. Maybe not everyone knows that there are so many types. Among them, what surprised me when I ate today was Petit White Chocolate Langue de Chat. This is real and really delicious. I would like everyone to eat this. This really surprised me. It was so delicious.
Q4. I heard that you often eat Bourbon “Petit Series”.
Mr. Degawa: If you have it on location, it’s perfect for eating when you get a little tired between locations, or when you’re on location. I like the size. We can eat it little by little and share it with everyone. If you open a regular big bag of potato chips, you won’t be able to eat it all if the break time is short. It takes a few hours, so I’m a little stubborn. But the petit series is perfect for dividing by the number of people and eating in a short time. That is Petit series.
Q5.Have you ever thought “just right” recently?
Mr. Degawa: Right now! It’s exactly this CM! Playing the role of a bear in Bourbon’s commercial is just “just right”. Because I’m probably the only man who fought a bear in the entertainment world. It’s not a stuffed toy because we’re fighting real bears in Canada. A man who knows a real, real bear is said to play the bear. I thought that I was “just right” to play a bear, and I really thought this was realistic.
Q6. Please give a message to the viewers.
Mr. Degawa: No matter how much I gossip, I don’t think it’s
persuasive, so please eat anyway. Just the right amount of
deliciousness. Just right…not just the right taste… It’s just the deliciousness that jumps over the right. The petit series is just the right amount, the right time to eat, and the right amount for everyone. The deliciousness just isn’t right! It’s just not the right place. It’s a petite series that overcomes just the right things. It can’t be helped if I gossip, please check it once. It’s really real and delicious. Especially recommended is Petit White Chocolate Langue de Chat. I don’t think there is anyone who eats white chocolate and thinks it’s not good for them.
Overview of TVCM
Title: Petit series “Just right! Tetchan Puchikuma” version 15 seconds Broadcast start date: Tuesday, December 6, 2022
Broadcast area: Nationwide
YouTube URL:
Release limited video on Bourbon official TikTok account
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From December 6th (Tuesday), when this commercial will start broadcasting, Tetsuro Degawa and Bourbon’s “Petit Series” character “Petit Bear” “Petit” and “Colan” dancing energetically on the Bourbon official TikTok account. will be published.
[Click here for Bourbon official TikTok account]
▼ Popular creators and local campiones who are active mainly on TikTok “In charge of the choreography!”
Local Campione, who has more than 850,000 TikTok followers and is also called a dance trend maker in the TikTok world, is in charge of choreography for this commercial! The choreography on the right, which is danced to the line “It’s just right!”
[Image 10

▼Local Campione Profile
A three-person dance group that has overwhelming support from Generation Z. In just half a year after starting TikTok, the number of followers exceeded 500,000 and now exceeds 870,000. It is said that the songs they use for dance are always buzz, and they have established a standing position to create movements.
The genre of popular music is wide, and there is no distinction between Japanese music and Western music. It is popular both in Japan and overseas, such as posting on Billboard in the home country and dancing the choreography using lena’s “life was a beach”.
The range of activities knows no bounds, and in May 2021, he will debut as an artist.
The hottest and most talented trio who are active beyond the boundaries of TikTok creators.

Profile of Tetsuro Degawa
[Image 11

Name: Tetsuro Degawa
reaction artist. Born February 13, 1964 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Established his position as a reaction entertainer from his unique reactions. In 2011, NHK education “Dai! Tensai TV-kun” was in charge of the first moderator.
TV Tokyo “Can you charge Tetsuro Degawa? “Including
“Itte Q to the end of the world! ] (Nippon Television),
Widely active in “Degawa Kazushige Horan Fushigi no Kai” (TV Asahi).

Theme “Fun at home!” Petit series 4 items, limited release from December 6 (Tue)

▼ Petit strawberry cracker (left 1)
・A mellow strawberry-flavored cream sandwiched between crunchy crackers. ・You can enjoy the milky flavor of the cream and the refreshing scent of strawberries.
▼Petit Pizzarella (left 2)
・It uses mozzarella cheese and has a taste that perfectly matches the refreshing sourness of tomatoes.
・ Chili powder is added as a secret ingredient to create a crisp pizza sauce. ▼Petit Ajillo Sen (3 on the left)
・An ajillo-flavored rice cracker made with a light dough that melts in the mouth and seasoned with garlic, chili pepper, and salt.
▼ Petit potato fried chicken flavor (left 4)
・Based on exciting dough using various spices such as red pepper and black pepper
A fried chicken-flavored petit potato made with the deliciousness of potherbs. ・Chicken powder is used for both the dough and topping to bring out the umami of chicken.
Price: open price

[Image 12

campaign information
▼ Become a mini bear! campaign
Prize A “Petit Bear Hat” (40 people *Apply by purchasing 4 bottles), Prize B “Original QUO card worth 1,000 yen” (200 people * Apply for two purchases) will be presented.
The application deadline is 23:59 on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 【Application method】
Please visit the campaign site and upload your purchase receipt. *You need to enter your personal information when applying.
Prize A: Mini bear hat
Prize B: Original QUO card (1,000 yen worth)
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[Image 14

Petit 24 bottle assortment BOX (Christmas)

Petit Series Product Overview
The Bourbon “Petit Series” is a single-eaten-size product that has been on sale since 1996, and currently has 24 types. In addition to being highly portable and easy to eat anywhere, we offer a wide variety of products such as biscuits, rice crackers, and snacks in colorful packages. It has become a popular series since its release. In addition, in June 2011, “Petit Bear” was born as a character that adds fun and cuteness to Bourbon’s “Petit Series”.
[Image 16d54705-9-c636bcf5caa4d02f2e33-19.jpg&s3=54705-9-b85d44dd7899addc35de88e5c4c79c38-1051x611.jpg

Details about this release:

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