B&Plus Co., Ltd. AGV wireless charging RCS600/1000 series Environmentally resistant power supply unit debuts (significantly improved maintainability)

B&Plus Co., Ltd.
AGV wireless charging RCS600/1000 series Environmentally resistant power supply unit debuts (greatly improved maintainability)
Giving form to customer feedback – Introducing an
environment-resistant power supply unit that is resistant to dust and mist and has improved maintainability –

The conventional power supply unit had two air intakes and was structured to suck in outside air. In addition, since it is necessary to attach and replace the filter, the customer has to spend time on replacement work and maintenance work. Now that we have realized a power supply unit with a sealed structure, there is no need to attach or replace filters in the future.
Dear members of the press,
《December 23, 2022》
《B&Plus Co., Ltd.》
B&Plus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture, CEO: Atsushi Kameda) will soon release a power supply unit/environment-resistant power supply unit for the wireless charger RCS600/1000 series.
The other day, we unveiled the product for the first time at an exhibition. https://www.b-plus-kk.jp/blog/2022/11/07/605
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What is B&PLUS wireless charging?
It consists of four devices: a power supply unit, a power supply head, a power reception head, and a charging unit. When the heads face each other within a certain area, they can wirelessly connect to a lead battery or lithium-ion battery connected to the charging unit. Charge the battery. Because it is a contactless charging method, it can be safely charged even if a person touches it during charging.
Signal communication is also performed at the same time, and signal output to external devices is also possible.
Check Wireless Charger https://youtu.be/ef1P24fIuhM
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Differences between conventional products and new model
environment-resistant power supply units
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Background to the birth of environment-resistant power supply units B & PLUS wireless chargers are often used at manufacturing sites, and the current situation is that there is a lot of dust and mist in the installation environment. There were opinions such as attaching a filter to the conventional power supply unit and replacing it, but it would inevitably suck in dust. I was lucky. This product was created by learning from the current situation in which it is being used by many customers and listening to their opinions. We will continue to work on manufacturing products that meet the needs of our customers. 【Company Profile】
Company name: B&Plus Co., Ltd.
Location: Ogawa-machi, Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture
Representative: Atsushi Kameda
Established: 1980
URL: https://www.b-plus-kk.jp/
Business: Research, development, manufacturing and sales of wireless power supply
[Inquiries from customers]
sales department
TEL: 050-3386-5880 (9:00-17:30)
e-mail: sales@b-plus-kk.jp
[Contact for press inquiries regarding this release]
B&Plus Co., Ltd. Sales Department/Kuno
Phone: 050-3386-5880
e-mail: sales@b-plus-kk.jp

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