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B&PLUS’s “Furniture installation type wireless power supply unit” won the “Mirai Seed Award”!!

B&Plus Co., Ltd.
B&PLUS’s “Furniture installation type wireless power supply unit” won the “Mirai Seed Award”!!

From October 26th to 28th, 2022, the Japan Home & Building Show 2022, one of Japan’s largest exhibitions related to housing and
construction, will be held at Tokyo Big Sight. Notane Award”. The Mirai Seed Award is an award that is given to excellent products that can contribute to the creation of excellent architecture and products that will be a stepping stone for the future, selected by architects active on the front lines.
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B&PLUS builds a booth on the theme of wireless power supply at the Japan Home & Building Show
B & Plus Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama Prefecture), a manufacturer specializing in wireless power supply, exhibited at the Japan Home & Building Show held from October 26 (Wednesday) to 28 (Friday), 2022, and exhibited excellent architecture. We received the Mirai Seed Award, which is given to products that can contribute to the creation of
At the B&Plus booth, wireless power transfer technology was exhibited under the theme of “near future experience, life with wireless power transfer”.
By exhibiting various demo machines that make full use of it, we have recreated a stylish futuristic living space.

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Exhibit using a wireless power supply unit
At this exhibition, many wireless power supply demonstration machines were placed in the booth, making use of the furniture, walls, and floors. In addition, we conducted a questionnaire for the visitors. Based on the results, the top 5 most popular demo machines are as follows.
No. 1 power supply table
This time, the most popular demo machine was the wireless power supply table. By incorporating a wireless power transmission unit inside the table, you can create a special space by lighting special tableware or driving a TV or power tap simply by placing it on the table. About half of the visitors voted for the demo machine that was set as the main feature this time.
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2nd Place: Underfloor Power Supply
Second place is the underfloor power supply that can wirelessly power through the carpet from the power transmission unit built into the floor mat. Four power supply spots will be built in the booth, and power will be supplied cordlessly from under the floor. We exhibited two types, one with built-in lighting and the other with AC power supply that can be used with general home appliances. This
demonstration machine was particularly well received by construction companies.
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3rd place: Window sash power supply
The third place is the sash power supply. Since the window sash moves left and right, it is difficult to wire directly when installing a light control film or lighting, but wireless power supply solves this problem. In this demo, two types of power supply, a spot power supply and a linear power supply, are installed on the left and right window sashes. We also introduced projects under development for electronic locks at the site. Among the exhibits, the highly practical point was highly evaluated.
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4th place mat power supply
The fourth place is mat power supply that can easily build a power supply area. Many customers didn’t realize that this was a power transmission coil because it was a thin coil and was placed inside a table runner. Another evaluation point was that, unlike other demo machines, it was a complete product and easy to use.
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5th place Power supply through the wall
Over-the-wall power supply came in the top 5 by a close margin. Taking advantage of the feature of wireless power supply that can pass through materials other than metal, power is sent through walls to supply power to glowing paintings and mirrors with lights. The brick wall that the engineers put their whole heart into was a good accent in the booth.
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Supports prototype development of wireless power supply
B&Plus Co., Ltd. is proceeding with the development of various wireless power supply prototypes. At the web exhibition, you can see some of those original prototypes. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to request a prototype for wireless power supply. [Wireless power supply web exhibition]
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B&Plus Co., Ltd.
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