Bridesmaid Tokyo Co., Ltd. Bride beauty salon “Bridesmaid Tokyo” studio pre-opening in January 2023

Bridesmaid Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Bride beauty salon “Bridesmaid Tokyo” studio pre-opening in January 2023
Bridesmaid Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Mayuka Koma, hereinafter Bridesmaid Tokyo) will pre-open the studio of the bride beauty salon “Bridesmaid Tokyo” in Gaienmae from January 6, 2023.
Since 2020, Bridesmaid Tokyo has been operating a bridal yoga salon that combines general yoga movements and ballet training, focusing on online lessons.
While continuing to support online lessons with flexibility in time and place, we have decided to launch a studio to provide total services not only for yoga but also for bridal beauty to make dresses look great.
As the start of the bridal beauty salon, we will provide bridal yoga lessons and a new hair removal method sugaring service. We will continue to strive to provide even better services in the future. [Image 1d113156-1-e29941b2c0d511c07754-0.jpg&s3=113156-1-b1eb126fb99d8bd5482eb1851f8d181b-1568x1046.jpg

Store overview
Bride beauty salon “Bridesmaid Tokyo”
Address: VORT Aoyama Leap301, 2-12-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Grand opening date: February 2, 2023
Reservation method: Please contact us on the official LINE
Business hours: 10:00-22:00 (Last reception lesson 20:00-)
During the pre-opening period, we will offer a “mini trial lesson” menu where you can experience both bridal yoga and sugaring, with no admission fee.
■ Bridal yoga
・First lesson (90 minutes) 11,000 yen
・Visitor lesson (90 minutes) 19,800 yen
・Initial treatment (90 minutes) 11,000 yen
・Back and shoulders (90 minutes) 19,800 yen
・ Arms, armpits, decollete (90 minutes) 19,800 yen
・ Face (90 minutes) 19,800 yen
■ Mini trial lesson
・Bridal yoga (60 minutes) sugaring (30 minutes) 16,300 yen
■ Coupon ticket
It is a coupon that can be used for both bridal yoga and sugaring. ・3 times: 52,800 yen
・5 times: 82,500 yen
・8 times: 123,200 yen
*All prices include tax
[Image 2d113156-1-db278ede1627441dabee-2.jpg&s3=113156-1-f151d9634355cb8d1f797e191e42e7d4-1568x1046.jpg
What is bridal yoga
It is a new style of yoga that combines yoga, which uses breathing and meditation to relax the mind and body and stabilize the mind, and ballet, which promotes beautiful posture and body building. With a unique method that focuses on “posture”, we will achieve a posture that matches the dress. Not only will we help you feel your best in mind and body on your special day, but we will also ensure that you can bring beauty into your days after the wedding.
What is sugaring
This is a hair removal method using a sugar paste made from only 3 types of sugar, water, and lemon. It has a long history, and it is said that Cleopatra, who is said to be one of the three most beautiful women in the world, used it habitually.
Among them, Bridesmaid Tokyo uses USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified organic sugar paste. All of the products used are made from materials that can be returned to the earth, so they are not only good for your skin, but are also kind to the global environment.
-About Bridesmaid Tokyo Co., Ltd.-
Location: VORT Aoyama Leap 301, 2-12-4 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Mayuka Koma
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