“Broadway Christmas Wonderland 2022” opens for the first time in three years! A storm of heart-throbbing Christmas songs, please enjoy this year’s reward!

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“Broadway Christmas Wonderland 2022” opens for the first time in three years! A storm of heart-throbbing Christmas songs, please enjoy this year’s reward!

From 2016, “Broadway Christmas Wonderland 2022” will continue to be performed as “Christmas to enjoy in Shibuya”. After being suspended due to the corona crisis, we will perform at Tokyu Theater Orb from December 16th to 25th for the first time in Japan in three years. The opening report and stage photos have arrived!
December when the illuminations shine. The light-up, which was forced to be canceled for a while, will be revived this year. I can’t stop being excited about the gorgeous sights that unfold here and there. And speaking of the tradition of this season, we must not forget “Broadway Christmas Wonderland 2022”. The full-fledged Christmas show, which has been running since 2016, is back for the first time in three years! After all, you can enjoy a Broadway-style Christmas show in front of Shibuya Station, so there is no reason not to go.
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When the curtain opens, the world of snow sparkles with crystals. Six singers and dancers dressed in pure white costumes performed -Let it Snow–Jingle Bells–The red-nosed reindeer–all at once, throwing you into the Christmas mood! A long line dance in front of a huge tree towering over the stage is reminiscent of “Spectacular Christmas,” which is performed annually at Radio City in New York. Santa Claus also makes an appearance and is very busy singing and dancing powerfully. One of these days the scene goes to Santa’s toy factory. Children’s anticipation for Christmas is sure to get even more exciting as they watch the toys being made and the gifts being prepared. The cuteness of a stuffed bear stepping lively!
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At -Sayaka Hoshi wa Kirameki (O Holy Night)-, you will be fascinated by the fantastic performances of lifts, spins, and spirals by a pair of figure skaters. Oh yeah, skating is a must at Christmas in New York. It’s cool to see skating in theaters.
From there – Amazing Grace – Joyful Joyful – followed by energetic gospel. Nature and the body take rhythm.
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Act 2 is from a Christmas town decorated with stained glass. The harmony of hymns such as “Morobito Kozorite–Makibito and Sheep wo-” echoes in my heart. From there, it gradually moved to an uptempo song. All six singers sing wonderfully, and each has a unique and beautiful voice that is very satisfying to listen to. From traditional Christmas songs, the representative song of “Frozen 2” -Into the Unknown-, Mariah Carey’s famous song -All I Want for Christmas-, and the rock’n’roll song sung by Michael Jackson -Rockin’ There are plenty of pop songs such as Robin-. There is tap dancing and there is ballroom dancing. The 21 members of the cast sit on the edge of the stage and clap their hands for a delightful and eye-opening performance. Above all, let’s all in this company keep the audience entertained! It’s good that the spirit is transmitted.
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