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Bungeishunju Co., Ltd. The 100th anniversary campaign for new subscribers of “Bungeishunju” has begun!

Bungeishunju Co., Ltd.
The 100th anniversary campaign for new subscribers of “Bungeishunju” has started!

Bungeishunju Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshito Nakabu)’s comprehensive monthly magazine
“Bungeishunju” celebrated its 100th anniversary with the January 2023 issue. To commemorate this, we are developing a campaign for new subscribers.
[Image 1d43732-235-bc2db1d04099c22ae959-7.jpg&s3=43732-235-39a9822937d8f9164c5330c05d42b0ce-1361x1984.jpg
■ Privilege 1
If you apply for a regular subscription, you will receive 12 months of magazines delivered to your home for free. The annual subscription fee is 12,000 yen.
■ Privilege 2
In addition, you can view “Bungei Shunju Electronic Edition” for free. In the electronic version, you can view more than 3,000 archived articles over the past 10 years, and you can also watch the online program “Bungei Shunju Webinar” by experts who are at the forefront of various fields.
For more information, please see the “Register Now” link below.
[Image 2d43732-235-688dd5fd62b7fdee41c3-6.png&s3=43732-235-343e8318247b45ccb4f9e49e3d8d1f1d-517x236.png
■ Privilege 3
A special tote bag designed by creative director Kashiwa Sato will also be presented. A unique design with the “Bungei Shunju” logo on the cover and the “bun” part of the company name on the front and back. You can coordinate it according to your mood and style on the day you use it. The handle is about 69 cm, and the main body is 44 cm long x 39.5 cm wide. It is a reliable bag that can hold a lot of laptops and documents with sturdy thick fabric. *Materials are polyester, cotton, and rayon. Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from February 2023.
[Image 3d43732-235-667abe70354580884d5c-8.jpg&s3=43732-235-a1b419504867f9dd6330d9045391ac17-1800x2700.jpg

[Image 4d43732-235-4c7710f4cccf4b47a4ea-2.jpg&s3=43732-235-fc9b7514bd481f44202a0d0937bf91dd-3900x2675.jpg
■ Tote bag production secret story
Mr. Kashiwa created the design, saying, “A simpler one can express the strength of 100 years.” I make full use of my computer to make one after another, but what surprised me was after that. It was an unexpectedly analog process of printing out various patterns, cutting them out, and placing them in a sample bag. “This is the easiest to understand (laughs),” says Kashiwa. I searched for the best balance with the editor-in-chief of the magazine.
[Image 5d43732-235-e2b75f479bcdb6718295-9.jpg&s3=43732-235-36218a02c74b890eef0894643cab5d91-2026x2700.jpg

[Image 6d43732-235-39046f04de90cdd18c4c-3.jpg&s3=43732-235-2853f735d59e9957bc6aa36ac4d24cc7-2016x1512.jpg
[Image 7d43732-235-d1f8e7f12ad371abc129-5.jpg&s3=43732-235-c322548dc0d519ac92bd5703f50b8500-2016x1512.jpg
Please take this opportunity to apply for a regular subscription. Details about this release:

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