Bunkasha Co., Ltd. Akari-sensei’s ups and downs comic essay “I want to quit my father and family”, depicting the days when you can’t escape from your alcoholic and debt-ridden father, will be released on December 9th (Friday)! !

Bunkasha Co., Ltd.
Akari-sensei’s ups and downs comic essay “I want to quit my father and family”, depicting the days when I can’t escape from my father who is covered in debt while drinking, will be released on December 9th (Friday) !!

[Image 1d45783-169-92bc153e7a8f9cfc8e9f-0.jpg&s3=45783-169-9778abe0769bced2a3b975ab95be0354-1903x2700.jpg
After graduating from high school, Akari-sensei left the countryside to live with her older sister. The two were full of dreams and hopes as fledgling manga artists, but one day they were called back by their father, who wanted to start a restaurant as a family business. [Image 2d45783-169-1be67945f8a88b76d890-2.jpg&s3=45783-169-97ebf74344f6370b6d024a5fc21ddafa-1903x2700.jpg

[Image 3d45783-169-f507c73a65a638b9416a-3.jpg&s3=45783-169-52ad774e7b651963c405d688faa3c6ed-1903x2700.jpg
[Image 4d45783-169-5faa1ff95c593af26638-4.jpg&s3=45783-169-c703d01132889bcd4cfc0cacace4d194-1903x2700.jpg
My mother, sister, and myself are addicted to alcohol and covered in debt, and are swayed by my selfish father. In order to get out of her life without freedom, Akari becomes dependent on alcohol and men. [Image 5d45783-169-5e7c1fd586e745607d12-5.jpg&s3=45783-169-ae72be8edf8ddb5f2545013c85f4689b-1903x2700.jpg
[Image 6d45783-169-48f2a8e5df3e99263840-6.jpg&s3=45783-169-38bbefd092d32a27e444e9034ffb2561-1903x2700.jpg
And finally, what he arrived at was――!? Digressions and later interviews are also specially recorded.
[Image 7d45783-169-b511bc5d83efdf6ed3a8-7.jpg&s3=45783-169-a880fe111947e4b77f9eb4f3118449d8-1903x2700.jpg
[Image 8d45783-169-e7a72996fc6cb0173bd0-8.jpg&s3=45783-169-d5011929a83b2ff01b25e80d0ed9033a-1903x2700.jpg
Also, on the same day, Akari-sensei’s “Instinct Bare” comic essay “Jaritagari Watana no Omori Nikki” will be released on the same day! Please enjoy the two extreme works together.
See on Bunkasha’s official website: https://www.bunkasha.co.jp/book/b617751.html Details about this release:



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