Burton Japan LLC A lineup of abundant options that suit the skills and purposes for anyone to easily enjoy snowboarding Three rentals provided by Burton

Burton Japan LLC
A wide range of options to suit the skill and purpose for anyone to enjoy snowboarding casually 3 rentals provided by Burton
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With the arrival of the full-fledged snow season, Burton will begin full-scale communication regarding various rental services that allow anyone to easily enjoy snowboarding.
Burton has worked with resorts all over the country to enhance its rental snowboard lineup. Rental gear LTR (Learn To Ride) is a product designed to make it easier for beginners to learn turns and experience the fun of snowboarding. It is designed to be easy to set up and hard to fall over, and is devised so that people who have started snowboarding can improve without fear, and it is developed with lesson programs at each resort. We continue to provide support that makes it easy for beginners to continue snowboarding.
And this season, we will develop three rental services so that you can enjoy snowboarding more casually and intelligently.
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“Online rental (https://www.burton.com/jp/en/online-rental-jp.html)”, which will start from this season, says, “It’s expensive to rent every time you go to a resort, This is a new rental program that responds to requests such as “I have my own snowboard, but I want to ride Burton’s latest flagship model once”. The season rental 3-piece set based on the entry model can be used for up to 90 days. Around the foot, STEP ON (R) is set, which can be attached more quickly and easily than normal strap bindings, and it also comes with a board bag, so the snowboarding season starts the moment you receive it. High-end board rentals that can be used for 13 days have a lineup of top-class popular all-mountain boards, Men’s Custom and Women’s Feelgood. Simply select your snowboard, bindings, and boot size (seasonal rental 3-piece set) or snowboard size (high-end board rental) and enter your order information. It is also possible to discuss shipping.
The second is the “STEP ON(R)︎ Rental
(https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/step-on-rental-jp.html)” service. Burton’s original system STEP ON (R), which fixes boots to bindings without using conventional straps, will be available for rental at 7 resorts nationwide this year. We have put in place a system where you can test drive the latest model of our innovative boot and binding system that can be installed quickly and easily and can handle hard sliding.
Click here for the target resort
(https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/step-on-rental-jp.html#resort) ・Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu (Hokkaido)
・Inawashiro Ski Resort (Fukushima)
・Kandatsu Snow Resort (Niigata)
・Ski Jam Katsuyama (Fukui)
・Wing Hills Shiratori Resort (Gifu)
・Biwako Valley (Shiga)
・Kokonoe Forest Park Ski Resort (Oita)
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[Image 3d528-123-38e80a5b7c476e4373e5-2.jpg&s3=528-123-16017f66a953ef710ec4878cd824a4af-3900x3900.jpg

And the third “Test Ride Center
(https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/test-ride.html)” is the latest Burton models (snowboards, bindings, STEP ON ( R)︎) is a high-spec rental service that allows you to try it out on the snow. It can be said that it is an option to “smartly share the type of gear you want to ride only when you want to ride”. You can also enjoy riding the Shinkansen and traveling empty-handed to ski slopes in distant areas that you would not normally go, and choosing the gear you want to ride according to the conditions of the day. Of course, we have a wide range of the latest gear, so you can also use it to fully test the latest model you are considering purchasing.
Click here for Test Ride Center
(https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/test-ride-apac-locations-jp.html) ・Burton Flagship Sapporo (Hokkaido)
・Burton Store Skijam Katsuyama (Fukui)
・Hoshino Resort Alts Bandai (Fukushima)
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At Burton, we will continue to develop activities so that the style of enjoying snowboarding smarter and more casually will permeate through a wide range of rental services, and that the latest gear will give you a sense of solid progress.
About online rental
[Image 6d528-123-e176ea393ef5c575aff0-5.png&s3=528-123-1ca7c8486ba02869341dc65591759dc4-818x588.png

Season rental 3-piece set – 90 days
¥66,000 (tax included)
*With board bag

Burton’s popular entry-level Men’s Instigator and Women’s Stylus are all-round boards with a soft flex and a structure that prevents reverse edges. Surely, you will be able to enjoy the fun of riding from that first day. STEP ON(R) is set around the foot, which can be attached more quickly and easily than normal strap bindings. In addition, it comes with a board bag, so your snowboarding season starts the moment you receive it. Spend the best winter with a season rental.
[Image 7d528-123-c6d9293d9beb17f68dbd-10.jpg&s3=528-123-885b19b87be211bf8f87b3a79b2a2dee-823x544.jpg

High End Board Rental – 13 Days
¥33,000 (tax included)
*With board bag

Men’s Custom and Women’s Feelgood are Burton’s most popular
all-mountain boards. Top snowboarders such as Ayumu Hirano have absolute confidence in this board, and it demonstrates overwhelming performance in any riding style, from freeriding to park riding. If you haven’t ridden a Burton board yet, I recommend trying the Men’s Custom or Women’s Feelgood first. It’s a 13-day rental, so you’ll definitely improve while you’re renting.
[Image 8d528-123-155b527bfafd165c88d3-7.jpg&s3=528-123-d345cf96ec99679ed65fd9ddd7bbb15b-1080x1080.jpg
[Image 9d528-123-8ce492c5b9d6086d5a8d-8.jpg&s3=528-123-0836588edc8de291b491979fd87ef855-1080x1080.jpg

All of Burton’s activities are based on the brand’s “purpose (https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/c/purpose)”. As a snowboard brand that enjoys the mountains as a field, what can we do for people, the earth, and snowboards? We are constantly pursuing and taking action. Each and every one of the products released this season has those thoughts. About Burton Purpose
The future we aim for is clear.
To have a positive impact on everyone involved.
Minimize the burden on the environment.
And enjoy snowboarding to the fullest.
for people
Respecting people means paying fair wages, ensuring responsible sourcing and building communities where everyone is welcome. for the earth
Minimize the burden on the environment. What is necessary for that is to reduce CO2 emissions and create products that are safe for the earth and people and can be used for a long time.
for snowboarding
Our mission is to protect the future of snowboarding and make riding fun for everyone.
2025 goals
towards climate positive
We aim to be climate positive by 2025.
To that end, we will reduce our carbon footprint in line with SBT (Science Based Targets),
Make investments to offset their emissions and advocate for structural changes that drive climate change.
[Image 10d528-123-53007c5f8f58d7e7fdec-9.jpg&s3=528-123-0b4dc9ed60e0c9ae84f73a751fbeed7b-1575x2700.jpg
Burton is a B Corporation Certified Company
“B Corporation” = “B Corp” means a non-profit organization in the United States An international certification system operated by B Lab for companies that are socially and environmentally considerate and have a high degree of public interest.
Burton is the first snowboard company to achieve certification in 2019.

About Burton
Jake Burton Carpenter
(https://www.burton.com/jp/ja/jake-burton-carpenter.html) started making snowboards in a garage in Vermont, USA in 1977 and established Burton Snowboards. Since then, I have dedicated my life to
snowboarding. Since its inception, Burton has been pivotal in growing snowboarding from a backcountry playground into a world-class sport, with groundbreaking product lines, grassroots resort efforts, and top-level team riders. has played its role. Currently, we design and manufacture industry-leading products related to snowboard gear and outdoor activities. As a sustainability leader in the outdoor/winter sports industry, we are the first snowboard company in the world to receive B-Corp certification. Burton is a private company owned by Donna Carpenter, headquartered in Burlington, Vermont, USA, with offices in Austria, Japan, Australia, Canada and China. For more information, please visit www.burton.com.
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