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Bushiroad Music Co., Ltd. Report on #D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME RING

Bushiroad Co., Ltd.
#D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME RING holding report
#D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME will be held for the 4th time, where the winner will be decided by Digler’s support!

Bushiroad Music Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuki Nemoto)
It was held at Shinjuku FACE on Saturday, December 24, 2022. #D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME RING (Organizer: Bushiroad Music Inc.)
We will inform you about
We would like to ask all members of the media to handle this information. December 24th (Sat) #D4DJ_BATTLE_TIME RING was held at Shinjuku FACE. The event is an audience event for the program “#D4DJ_DJTIME”, which is distributed for free on YouTube “D4DJ Channel” every Friday. [Image 1d14827-6374-685bb222ea3fe154d626-3.jpg&s3=14827-6374-d4c178f97d8bad7966f6ebf7e98ba77c-1000x666.jpg
Twelve cast members of “D4DJ” will appear at the event, where victory or defeat is determined by Digler’s support.
“LOVE! Team” by Tsunko, Amane Shindo and Rihona Kato, “HUG! Team” by Yuka Nishio, Miyu Takagi and Haruka Mimura, “GROOVY!! Team” by Risa Tsubuki and Himari Hazuki, Kotori Koiwai・We divided into 4 teams of “ReMIX team” by Naoki Yoshida and competed for victory. In addition, MC Raychell and ring announcer Yuzuki Watase grabbed the microphone and heated up the battle.
The LOVE! team put on a lively DJ & VJ performance that seemed to show the closeness of the three. Despite being the top batter in the daytime performance, the voltage in the venue reached its peak. The HUG! team showcased high-level DJ play by Nishio and Takagi, and a splendid performance by Mimura, who has a reputation for VJ play. Groovy!! In order to connect Fukagawa’s feelings, ring announcer Watase performed a surprise VJ, and Digler was very excited. It was a performance that was so enthusiastic that I couldn’t believe it was just the two of them.
On the ReMIX team, Koiwai and Yoshida fascinated with their one and only DJ play. Koiwai chose the latest song “Synchronicity” of the new unit UniChord to which he belongs. In addition to DJing, Yoshida excited the floor with his mic performance that got the audience involved.
In addition, there was a scene where MC Raychell sang during the evening performance, bringing the event to a great success.
At the end of the day and night performances, the results of the sum of the scores of the two day and night performances are announced. After a close battle, the ReMIX team won and won the rights to create the original music.
《Event Overview》
◆Performance name
◆ Venue
Shinjuku Face
◆ date and time
Saturday, December 24, 2022
Afternoon performance: Doors open 13:30 / Start 14:30
Evening performance: Doors open 18:30 / Start 19:30
◆ Appearance
LOVE! Team: Tsunko, Amane Shindo, Rihona Kato
HUG! Team: Yuka Nishio, Miyu Takagi, Haruka Mimura
Groovy!! Team: Risa Tsumiki, Himari Hazuki
ReMIX Team: Kotori Koiwai, Naoki Yoshida
MC: Raychell
Ring announcer: Yuzuki Watase
* Ruka Fukagawa, who was scheduled to appear, has been canceled due to poor physical condition.
◆Performance details
◆Set list
The live set list is now available on the HP!
■New public information
・ The live title of Rinbukyoku 3rd LIVE held on February 12, 2023 (Sunday) has been decided as “Rinbukyoku 3rd LIVE -Maria-”! In addition, pre-orders for Bushiroad Music Passport have started! [Image 2d14827-6374-636ac4cd7bfcd0bc4a86-0.png&s3=14827-6374-46fbc64dcfa2f1c976e87f625918a955-1920x1080.png
Rinbukyoku’s third solo live title has been decided as “Rinbukyoku 3rd LIVE -Maria-“.
In addition, Bushiroad Music Passport advance tickets are being accepted. The reception period is until January 9, 2023 (Monday) 23:59. Please enjoy the overwhelming world view stage that four people are fascinated by.
Please check the D4DJ official website for details of the event.
■ Announcement information
1. “UniChØrd x Abyssmare LIVE -NØVA-” will be held on Sunday, April 16, 2023! In addition, the official website is now accepting pre-orders!
[Image 3d14827-6374-16b00847c58c10400016-1.jpg&s3=14827-6374-876a9fbc15a2aca8cbb5c076cab93971-1920x1080.jpg
A joint live performance by UniChØrd and Abyssmare, which newly appeared on D4DJ, “UniChØrd x Abyssmare LIVE -NØVA-” has been decided. In addition, we are accepting advance tickets on the official website. The reception period is until 23:59 on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. Please check the D4DJ official website for details of the event.
2. To commemorate the formation of the new unit “UniChØrd”, the first original song “Synchronicity (short ver.)” is now available! [Image 4d14827-6374-135d5c73dce640860565-2.jpg&s3=14827-6374-31666b74db31eb8b8f0b363fe1ac8e75-1920x1080.jpg
In commemoration of the formation of the new unit “UniChØrd”, the first original song “Synchronicity (short ver.)” is being distributed. You can listen to each music distribution service including
For details, please check the D4DJ official website.
▼Please include the following as credits when introducing us. (C) bushiroad All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Fukuoka Shrine (GEKKO)
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