Business leaders supporting global health Volunteers from NEC, Shionogi & Co., and SORA Technology to hold the 1st “Global Health Academy”

Volunteers of business leaders supporting global health
Held the 1st “Global Health Academy” Volunteers from NEC, Shionogi & Co., and SORA Technology
Introduce new businesses and technologies that promote global health through technology Disseminate each company’s actions and ideas for the next pandemic and the 100-day mission

Volunteers of business leaders who support global health (hereinafter referred to as “volunteers”) participate in the “Global Health Academy” (hereinafter referred to as “academy”), a program aimed at promoting understanding and raising interest in services and corporate activities that contribute to global health. will be held.
At the first academy, Shibusawa & Company Co., Ltd., NEC Corporation (NEC), Shionogi & Co., Ltd., and SORA Technology Co., Ltd., took the podium from all the volunteers and gave a lecture on “Japan in the global health field.” The theme of the event was “Corporate Leadership – Technology”. In addition to giving presentations on services and new activities that contribute to global health, we also held a talk session related to the 100-day mission, which is one of the G7 agenda items.
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Global health means improving the level of health and medical care across national borders in order to reduce the chain of health risks on the planet. In recent years, the spread of new coronavirus infections and monkeypox infections has led to an increase in interest in international frameworks for global health. In each country, not only governments, but also various organizations such as international organizations and public-private partnerships are taking approaches to solving problems.
Thoughts and Activities of the Volunteer Community, Purpose of the Academy Mr. Ken Shibusawa, Representative Director of Shibusawa & Company Co., Ltd. We believe that a unique aspect of Japan is that various cross-sectors work together to tackle global health, rather than just one industry. The volunteers aim to make use of this feature to create a new form of development cooperation in which governments and companies can work together to provide multiple solutions to solve global health issues. As the chair country of the Hiroshima G7, which will be held next year, I believe that Japan has a responsibility to demonstrate leadership and fulfill its responsibilities to the world. In the future, all volunteers will continue to set the purpose of “creating a future where everyone can access necessary medical care and create a future where people around the world are healthy”, and approach global health from private companies and disseminate it to the world increase.
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Transformation brought by Japanese companies to global health NEC Special Advisor Nobuhiro Endo
There are various challenges in creating a sustainable world, and these challenges are becoming more complex. It is a platform that gathers volunteers from various sectors based on the common
recognition that they will create total optimization solutions through collaboration with private companies and solve complex problems that cannot be solved by a single company. The gathering of companies with diverse functions and the ability to provide solutions means that Japan has a system that can stably and continuously provide high value. Economic security cannot be achieved unless we have the ability to stably and continuously provide high value to the world. In the midst of this, I believe that the fact that a platform for medical care is being built here is a major step forward. In addition to providing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and sanitary products, we will utilize AI-based solutions to provide total optimization solutions to the global health field, while providing more efficient and effective value. We will transform into a society that makes it possible.
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Technology-based global health action by three volunteer companies
[Table 5: ]
In the drug discovery field, NEC is working on the development of cancer vaccines, hepatitis B vaccines in collaboration with Shionogi & Co., Ltd., and next-generation vaccines (universal vaccines) in collaboration with CEPI. The “universal vaccine” challenged by NEC refers to a vaccine that is compatible with a wide range of
betacoronaviruses*, and the use of AI is essential for the analysis of huge amounts of data for development and the development of new vaccines. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to analyze many viruses in a short period of time, NEC has made it possible to design vaccines that can respond to a wide range of betaviruses. It is highly resistant to mutation, has a long-lasting effect, and is expected to cover a wide range of white blood cell types to cover the world’s population.
NEC will contribute to the 100-day mission, which aims to quickly complete clinical trials and obtain approval within 100 days of a pandemic by preparing a universal vaccine that can respond to unknown viruses during normal times before the pandemic. To do.
In the future, we will work with CEPI to develop a universal vaccine using cutting-edge AI technology, conduct non-clinical trials in two years, and after that, through clinical trials, aim to achieve the 100-day mission in the event of a future pandemic. . For this, collaboration with partners is extremely important, and we will provide great social value with various partners with confidence and trust.
*There are more than 100 species in the betacoronavirus genus, including COVID-19, MERS, and unknown viruses/mutants.
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[Table 6: ]
Sewage epidemiological studies are incorporated as part of infectious disease epidemiology around the world. COVID-19 does not always appear after infection, infected people are not always tested, and it can be transmitted before symptoms appear, so it is impossible to know the exact number of cases. Another problem is that screening a large number of people is time-consuming and costly. Depending on the degree of the epidemic and the strength of interest, the number of people to be tested varies considerably, but sewage epidemiological surveys allow us to grasp the state of infection on a mass scale. In Europe and the United States, both the data from sewage and the actual number of infected people are disclosed as a set. Sewage epidemiological surveys can also be treated as leading indicators, and virus intrusion can be understood from the early stages of infection.
Through joint research with Hokkaido University, Shionogi & Co., Ltd. has made it possible to detect viruses with a sensitivity that is more than 100 times higher than before, and it has become possible to respond in a shorter time. In addition, in collaboration with Shimadzu Corporation, we would like to introduce the technology to Japan as well as abroad, where sewage epidemiology has been implemented in society, and furthermore, we would like to make the sewage
epidemiology survey a global standard measurement method. . Regarding the possibility of adapting to other targets, it has already been confirmed that it is applicable to influenza, and it is possible to detect RNA viruses, DNA viruses, bacteria, etc. that are excreted in the feces.
Sewage epidemiological research contributes to the 100-day mission by approaching threats in the region at an early stage. In addition, we believe that sewage epidemiological surveys can be used effectively, including viruses that take a long time to develop and have a low onset probability. Shionogi & Co., Ltd. will continue to work with companies and organizations that are engaged in sewage-related businesses to establish sewage epidemiological surveys as a global standard measurement method.
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[Table 7: ]
There are many people in developing countries who are actually in trouble, and there are real social needs, so it is characterized by the fact that social implementation is quick. Companies that provide new services and technologies take the form of taking advantage of this feature to advance social implementation in developing countries in advance, and return the results to developed countries.
SORA Technology focuses on malaria countermeasures as a first step for the purpose of solving urgent social problems in developing countries. Conventional malaria countermeasures have mainly taken superficial approaches, such as methods of exterminating adult worms and preventing bites, but in order to eradicate malaria, it is necessary to take measures from the larval stage (mothballs). However, LSM* is not widely used due to the high labor costs and insecticide costs incurred in spraying insecticides. In SORA Technology’s survey, by analyzing local data with AI, it is possible not only to grasp the position of puddles with a drone, but also to identify high-risk puddles. We use these technologies to provide solutions that help reduce LSM costs. On top of that, we are also focusing on
collaboration with local countries and human resource development. We are working on creating a new industry to improve the lowness. For the 100-day mission, it is important to create a system that enables detection even in developing countries. We would like to contribute to the local situation of infectious diseases, which is difficult to grasp from within Japan, through data collection and data utilization at the forefront, taking advantage of the goodness of the suspension unique to startups. SORA Technology will contribute to global health from the field of technology by utilizing aviation technology from Japan in the field of Asia and Africa for the realization of a safe and prosperous society.
*LSM: A method of reducing the population of mosquito larvae by spraying insecticides, etc. in water areas that can serve as breeding grounds for mosquito larvae.
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talk session
“Preparing for the Next Pandemic -Achievement of the 100-day Mission and Technology of Japanese Companies-”
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[Table 8: ]
In 2021, the message of the 100-day mission was sent at the G7 chaired by the British government. It is an effort to create not only vaccines but also test kits and therapeutic drugs within 100 days, but it is necessary for all sectors to cooperate in this effort. Governments of each country will invest R&D funds, develop laws that enable clinical trials to administer therapeutic drugs within 100 days, and equally deliver vaccine manufacturing and distribution to low- and
middle-income countries. To this end, it is important to collaborate with various sectors, including international organizations. In addition, the WHO has started discussing the creation of a global infectious disease crisis management unit (GHEC), and it is necessary to strengthen the infectious disease crisis management unit and create a permanent specialized unit from normal times instead of being dispatched in an emergency. It is proposed that there is
[Image 15d76537-13-5869754a25ffc37bba21-14.jpg&s3=76537-13-ca74bc74041607e81f81f9546088ae38-3900x2601.jpg
[Image 16d76537-13-86e5b087c2203bdfda43-15.png&s3=76537-13-81ef470ffc97afa305e09d8b7ec573ec-2262x1272.png
What is the Global Health Emergency Corps (GHEC)?
GHEC will strengthen health systems for general disease prevention and response, as well as coordinate health emergency actors, mechanisms and networks nationally, regionally and globally to prevent, contain and respond to future epidemics and pandemics. It is an organization / unit that connects and promotes between. Aimed at building the networks, training and funding necessary for national, regional and global public health leaders, professionals and teams to better collaborate with each other during health emergencies and pandemic response. A draft concept for a global network of health
professionals. We aim to leverage existing national health initiatives and emergency operations centers to facilitate a more effective response to the next epidemic or global health emergency.
-Technology of Japanese companies and what all volunteers can do for the next pandemic and 100-day mission-
Mr. Kitase, NEC
We believe that it is important to develop a “universal vaccine” that can respond within 100 days in the event of a pandemic caused by an unknown virus by utilizing top-class AI that we are working with CEPI. In addition to developing vaccines, NEC is also making significant contributions to society through biometric authentication to deliver vaccines accurately and efficiently. In Bangladesh, under the Gavi program, we are working to increase the penetration rate of vaccines by authenticating the fingerprints of infants, and we believe that we can contribute to the world in the AI ​​and digital fields in this way. .
Also, there are many things we can do as volunteers. By digitally converting the various experiences and wisdom that medical
institutions, which are also volunteer members, have accumulated so far, we can provide a lot of knowledge to people who are active now and connect it to the next generation. Furthermore, it is important for governments, companies, academia, the field, etc. to cooperate with each other. For example, new vaccine development requires collaboration not only with pharmaceutical companies, but also with academia and the government. In addition, we believe that we can cooperate in the transportation of medical supplies using drones in areas with unpaved roads.
Mr. Sawada, Shionogi & Co., Ltd.
We are also taking measures in the fields of vaccine development and therapeutic drugs, but especially in the sewage epidemiological survey, when the next pandemic occurs, at an early stage, “where is the infection progressing and what should be done to prevent it?” From this point of view, we are discussing how to use sewage epidemiology. Since the detection method is a highly versatile technology that can be used for all viruses, I think that if it becomes possible to detect it in a shorter time, it will be possible to expand the sewage epidemiological survey.
Through my experience with COVID-19, I learned that if the social issues that need to be resolved are clear, various companies will raise their hands and supporters will appear. I think it is extremely important to make these functions work globally. In order to contribute globally, I think it would be good if it became normal for us to raise our voices and cooperate with the world.
Mr. Kaneko, SORA Technology Co., Ltd.
We believe that it will be useful in the detection of infectious diseases. By carrying out malaria countermeasures on a daily basis in Africa, information on mosquitoes and other pathogenic bacteria can be collected, so I think it will be useful in that respect.
In order to make the data collected locally more valuable, we would like to make it available to volunteer companies in other fields. Startups with a strong desire to solve social issues would like to become one with all Japan so that they can deliver services globally by collaborating with large companies.
What is 100 days mission?
An initiative led by CEPI and the UK Government to make safe and effective vaccines, diagnostics and treatments available within 100 days of the declaration of a public health emergency of international concern. The goal is to build an international collaboration system that can respond to unknown infectious diseases, and to realize daily public-private collaboration between private companies and the leadership of global health organizations.
About “Global Health Action”
“Global Health Action” is an international initiative to raise the standard of global health care. Towards the big goal of creating a future in which everyone has access to necessary medical care and is healthy for all people around the world, we will focus more than ever on the cascading health risks on the planet, based on the experience of the pandemic. must be directed. People’s health is closely related to all healthcare on the planet, and events in all regions, including Africa, are seen as familiar issues. We believe that Japan will be able to demonstrate leadership in supporting global health through innovations originating in Japan and proactive efforts through public-private partnerships. All volunteers aim for three things in “Global Health Action”.
1. Japan should demonstrate leadership in supporting global health 2. Tackling global health issues with Japanese innovation
3. Leading to the resolution of Japan’s medical issues by addressing global issues
About volunteer business leaders who support global health
Volunteer group of Japanese companies and others that contributes to global health (support and business in the field of health and medical care, especially in the field of public health and infectious disease control) represented by Ken Shibusawa (CEO of Shibusawa & Company Co., Ltd.) is. It consists not only of the healthcare field such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, but also of a wide range of fields such as finance, trading companies, digital technology, and supply chains. I am participating.
[Image 17d76537-13-eb3e23d11e5278e4c67d-17.png&s3=76537-13-c9a275b7e04869566d9e71dba2875d4e-1007x556.png
November 14, 2022 Request to Foreign Minister Hayashi
In response to the revision of the Development Cooperation Charter, it was argued that efforts for global health should be clarified as the main role that Japan’s ODA should play, and that global health should be listed as one of the major pillars of the new Development Cooperation Charter. request
April 22, 2022 Request to Prime Minister Kishida
“All business leaders who support global health” will meet with Prime Minister Kishida, who advocates a “new capitalism” to solve global health issues. requested to strengthen the efforts of
April 27, 2021 Request to Prime Minister Suga
In order to solve the world’s health and medical issues, including the new corona, “business leaders supporting global health” asked Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to further strengthen global health
initiatives that demonstrate the vitality of private companies. request
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August 19, 2022 Volunteer companies announced “Global Health Action” with Bill Gates
Details about this release:


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