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Business tie-up between Buneidou and Aid, which develops Sigma Best

Aid Co., Ltd.
Business tie-up between Buneidou and Aid, which develops Sigma Best -Started providing a reading evaluation platform based on English test textbooks-

AID Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Mizuki Miyazawa, hereinafter referred to as Aid) has jointly developed “Grove” with Buneidou Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hideo Masui, hereinafter referred to as Buneidou). We are announcing that we will start selling various English test textbooks such as “Ontre” and the service for 10 public high schools.
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■ Aim and background of the business alliance
Buneidou has played a major role in high school English education as a publisher and supplier of certified textbooks. Amid changes in society, the importance of “English for communication” is increasing from “English for exams”. Therefore, there is a need for learning to improve the four skills of English, but in English learning so far, there has been an overwhelming lack of opportunities to come into contact with English sounds. As for listening, learning opportunities have increased due to the spread of mobile devices, but although people feel the importance of speaking, it is difficult to maintain motivation and give feedback from instructors, making it difficult to incorporate it into daily learning. It was. Services that apply speech recognition technology to English learning have appeared to solve these problems, but there are still problems such as the accuracy of the transcription itself being an issue, as well as the inability to provide appropriate feedback in English learning. rice field. In addition, although reading aloud is a common and effective form of learning, the teacher was unable to check the student’s implementation status, and was unable to give evaluations or advice, so the situation was such that they were left to do it all the time. In order to solve the situation, we decided to introduce the English speaking evaluation AI “CHIVOX (R) ︎” to “Ontre”. We will provide “On-Training” so that you can effectively acquire the important “speaking” and “listening” skills in English communication in your daily study.
■ About Ontre
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Ontre is an app that specializes in “reading aloud”. Teachers can deliver reading aloud homework from Buneidou’s textbooks and teaching materials, and students imitate the sample voice of the delivered sentences to read aloud, and AI immediately gives feedback on the evaluation results. In addition to evaluating the entire sentence from multiple perspectives, it also extracts phrases and sentences that are difficult to pronounce and suggests reviews. In addition, since the daily/cumulative number of words spoken is recorded, the trajectory of speaking learning remains, and it is easy for students to maintain motivation.
English learning app specializing in reading aloud
Content conforming to Buneidou’s certified textbooks and teaching materials UI/UX that thoroughly focuses on ease of use for teachers and students [Functions provided]
-Teacher side-
Administration page for administrators/teachers
Assignment management/distribution function
-Student side-
Playback of sample audio
Immediate assessment of spoken audio
Review suggestions for phrases and words that are difficult to pronounce Record the total number of spoken words by day
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■ Comments from each company
◇Hideo Masui, Representative Director, Buneidou Co., Ltd.
This “Ontre” app was developed with a lot of cooperation from Aid and utilizing the high technology of CHIVOX (R). We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your detailed support, including technical support. With the release of “Ontre”, we will be able to offer a new way of reading aloud to many teachers. We are very happy to be able to contribute even a little to solving educational problems.
We receive requests directly from teachers who face students every day, and we continue to make efforts to solve educational problems. While teachers are extremely busy, they understand the effectiveness of reading aloud, but they know that it is a field that is difficult to get into in terms of time. We want to incorporate reading aloud into daily learning even if it is only for a short period of time, we want to provide an environment where both teachers and students can continue reading aloud, and we want them to feel that they can acquire English naturally. We will provide it. Reading aloud takes time to be effective, but the effort is sure to lead to results. Visualization of this effort is also one of the important functions of this app, and there is a mechanism to continue. I would like you to try it. We would like to continue learning together with many people to solve problems in the educational field, and we will contribute to society in the field of education. Best regard.
◇ Mizuki Miyazawa, Representative Director of Aid Co., Ltd.
We are very honored to be able to partner with Buneidou, which has been supporting Japanese education for over 100 years, and help solve problems in the field of education. Towards the start of the provision of “Ontre”, we have spent about three years developing the service. In order to make reading aloud, which is important for daily practice, a habit of reading aloud, we have finally released the app after repeated trials, focusing on ease of use for teachers and students. Even after the service is launched, we plan to make further updates while listening to the voices of the field, so please look forward to it.
■ Corporate information
[About Buneidou Co., Ltd.]
Since its founding in 1921, it has published textbooks, study reference books, dictionaries, etc. for 100 years. The company logo “Sigma Best” means “the sum of the best”. We are doing our best to publish educational books with a desire to provide “the best value for each student” and a commitment as a professional.
・ Company name: Buneidou Co., Ltd. ( ・Representative: Hideo Masui, Representative Director
・Head office location: 17 Iwato-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
・Business description: Publishing and selling educational books in a wide range of fields, from high school English and Japanese textbooks, early childhood education books, and learning reference books for elementary, junior high, and high school students
[About Aid Co., Ltd.]
EdTech venture that develops PaaS (Platform as a Service) English speaking evaluation AI “CHIVOX (R) ️” introduced by more than 1,000 companies globally. With the MISSION of “Future learning for everyone with EdTech core technology”, we will provide a wide range of technology solutions to the English education industry, from infants to corporate English learning materials.
・ Company name: Aid Co., Ltd. (
・Representative: Mizuki Miyazawa, Representative Director
・Head office location: Estage Osaki Building, 3-5-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo ・ Business description: Business development using the English speaking evaluation AI “CHIVOX (R) ︎”
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Aid Co., Ltd. Contact: Ozeki
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