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C Channel Co., Ltd. “Food” purchasing behavior seen from a survey of 1,000 Reiwa moms and the latest SNS m arketing webinar will be held on Wednesday, December 21st. -Introducing examples of influencer marketing for food compan ies-

C Channel Co., Ltd.
The “food” purchasing behavior seen from a survey of 1,000 Reiwa moms and the latest SNS marketing webinar will be held on Wednesday, December 21st. -Introducing examples of influencer marketing for food companies-
An intense talk session with 220,000-follower Mamatus icon members x Mamatus fan organization “Mamatus family” members x Mamatus editorial department & marketing headquarters!

C Channel Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Ryo Morikawa, hereinafter “our company”) will hold an online seminar on December 21, 2022 (Wednesday) to commemorate the release of “Reiwa Mama
Click here for details/application: ■ Webinar content
Part 1 (about 15 minutes)
・ The latest information about moms, focusing on food, read from “Reiwa Mama DATABOOK 2022”
・ Ask general mom users (Mamatas family) how to use SNS for Reiwa moms related to food
Part 2 (about 15 minutes)
・Influencer’s information dissemination method by listening to Mamatas icon “meeeroom” with over 220,000 followers
Part 3 (about 10 minutes)
・Introduction of Mamatas video measures and examples of influencer marketing at a food company
Question time (about 10 minutes)
・Please feel free to ask questions or doubts through the three parts and comment in the chat.
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・ Those who are interested in the insight of mothers in their 20s to 40s ・Food manufacturer marketing manager
Date: Wednesday, December 21, 12:00-13:00
Participation method: Online (Zoom webinar)
* The viewing URL will be sent to the email address you applied for. If you do not receive an auto-reply email within a day, please contact
Participation fee: Free
Target: Marketing managers/persons in charge, sales/sales planning managers/persons in charge, corporate planning/management
*There is no problem even if more than one person from one company participates. ■ Click here for details and application
webinar speakers
■ Mii (@meeeroom)
Mamatas icon with over 220,000 Instagram followers! Mom of a 2 year old boy. Disseminate recipes that make moms feel better and reduce their guilt, as well as ways of thinking about raising children. Launched her own apparel brand “und ciuri-and shuri” and provides wear that makes everyday fun for women who multitask every day. Currently, we are also developing dashi that reflects the voices of moms, and it is truly Reiwa mama, where moms embody the leading role in life!
Mr. Haruka
Mamatus family
Belongs to the Mamatus fan organization “Mamatus family”,
Mom of a 9 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. Lives in Kanagawa Prefecture, works full-time.
I read Instagram almost every day.
I refer to “cooking”, “interior”, “information on going out with children”, etc. ■ Mayumi Shimura
C Channel Co., Ltd. Creative Headquarters Media Department MM Media Team Joined C Channel in 2022. While working as a producer in the Mamatus editorial department,
Produced and in charge of “Reiwa Mama DATABOOK 2022”, which surveyed the actual situation of mothers raising children in the Reiwa era. In her private life, she is a mother of three, raising twins aged 4 and 2. Genki Maegami
C Channel Co., Ltd. Creative Headquarters Media Department MM Media Team Joined C Channel in 2022. While in charge of the director position in the Mamatus editorial department,
SNS analysis and influencer “Mamatas Icon” who transmits information together with mamatas
I am producing. In his private life, he is a father raising a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old.
He is also a mamatus icon and works as an influencer who posts family meals. Over 100,000 Instagram followers. (
■ Shoya Yoshida
C Channel Co., Ltd. 2nd Marketing Division 3rd Sales Department Joined a TV station as a new graduate and engaged in sales planning, event planning and management, and major agency sales.
Joined C Channel in February 2021.
Mainly for food manufacturers through SNS, videos, and influencers Provide promotion support.
What is “Reiwa Mama DATABOOK2022”?
Values, purchasing behavior, media contact time… All of Reiwa Mama’s revealed! Mamatas released “Reiwa Mama DATE BOOK 2022” on October 12, 2022, which was aggregated and analyzed based on a questionnaire survey of moms nationwide. It is a data book that understands everything about Reiwa moms raising children in the Reiwa era, from values ​​about housework, work, and child-rearing, to household management, media viewing attitudes, and solutions when you don’t want to cook dinner. Reiwa Mama DATA BOOK2022-PDF version-
Size, number of pages: A4 size, main volume 65 pages + chart collection 278 pages
Number of graphs: 105 points for the main story + 269 points for the chart collection
-Please apply using the form below-
*There is also a “free sample version” available at the link. What is mamatas
The video media “mamatas” (more than 1.1 million total followers*) supports moms who live their lives with the slogan “Freedom for moms”. We aim to contribute to society by changing social stereotypes and liberating them so that mothers who are raising children can shine “more freely” and “be themselves”. In addition to disseminating information through daily SNS free video magazines, “Mamatas Labo” conveys the true feelings of mothers to society, “Nursery Support Project” aims to reduce the workload of nursery teachers, and select shops where convenient products can be purchased directly from SNS. We are developing “Mamatas STORE”.
*Since the service started in April 2018, 11 months after the launch, the account for moms on Instagram has achieved the No. 1*1 number of followers in Japan. The number of SNS fans has grown steadily, with a total of over 1.1 million people.
* 1 From the number of followers of domestic corporate accounts that include “mom”, “childcare” and “life” in their Instagram profile (user local survey as of September 2022)
■Official SNS・WEB
LINE official account (friend registration): Pinterest:
Mamatas STORE
Service site for moms and dads
Website for clients
Company Profile
Company name: C Channel Co., Ltd.
Established: April 2015
Representative: Ryo Morikawa, President and Representative Director Please note that the press releases and other information posted on this page are current as of the date of the announcement and are subject to change due to the passage of time or various subsequent events.
Details about this release:

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