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cadre Co., Ltd. Comprehensive home appliance manufacturer “cadre” will exhibit cadre hair dryers at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store’s showroom space “Asumise”!

cadre Inc.
Comprehensive consumer electronics maker “cadre” will exhibit cadre hair dryer at Daimaru Matsuzakaya department store’s showroom space “Asumise”!
From December 14, 2022 (Wednesday), at the Daimaru Tokyo store 4F. Please experience the lightweight and large air volume dryer.
cadre Co., Ltd. ( Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Kohei Fujimaki) has launched a cadre hair dryer from the brand “cadre” with the concept of “new for you”. ” will be exhibited at the showrooming space “Asumise” at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store from December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) to March 7, 2023 (Tuesday). As you can actually try dryer, please drop in at this opportunity. [Image 1

■ Details
Schedule: December 14, 2022 (Wednesday) to March 7, 2023 (Tuesday) Location: Daimaru Tokyo 4th Floor [Asumise-]
*The contents of the exhibition are subject to change without notice. note that.

“cadre hair dryer” sold 100 million yen on the first day of sales [Image 2

The design makes you want to keep it by your side even when you’re not using it. This dryer is about half the weight of conventional dryers and can be stored in the limited washbasin space. In addition, the conventional contradiction of “strong airflow despite being
lightweight” has been realized by installing the latest ultra-compact lightweight motor. Equipped with both prime ions and repair storming (terahertz waves) that moisturize hair, it is possible to maintain an appropriate amount of moisture even with strong airflow.
●Industry-leading large air volume (2.2㎥/min) reduces working hours for daily hair drying!
● Overwhelming amount of prime ions (20 million ions/㎤) suppresses static electricity and leaves hair supple!
Equipped with “Repair Storming”, which is also attracting attention in the beauty industry! Breaks down moisture and penetrates deep into the hair to keep it moisturized!
Equipped with 3 personalized modes to suit your hair concerns! ●Foldable compact size and surprisingly light weight (approximately 400g)!

cadre Inc.
[Image 3

■ Company name cadre Co., Ltd.
■ Founded July 2022
■ Representative Director and President Kohei Fujimaki
■ Capital: 1 million yen
Established in July 2022 with the concept of “new for you”. Through simple and innovative technology, data utilization unique to D2C companies, and design that makes you want to keep it at hand, Redefining “household appliances that improve the quality of life” and overturning the common sense of the home appliance industry as a new standard for home appliances.
・ Official LINE: @cadre_official
[Tomorrow’s show -asumise-]
[Image 4d105184-4-a41971370b5edeb48109-1.jpg&s3=105184-4-d4a449865d0e654e1c728d89af5327a8-3308x2339.jpg
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A showroom for the future【Asumise-】
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