Calbee Co., Ltd. 2 years in a row! Received the highest “Gold” award at the Cancer Ally Awards

Calbee Inc.
2 years in a row! Received the highest “Gold” award at the Cancer Ally Awards Accelerating support for balancing treatment and work

Calbee Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shuji Ito) won the highest rank of “Gold” at the “Cancer Ally Award 2022” sponsored by the Cancer Ally Department. We will let you know. In support of balancing work and work, the support system centered on the person who is close to each person is in place, and the support for creating a culture that supports the balance between treatment and work was highly evaluated. have become. This is the second time that we have received the Gold award, following last year.
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[About Cancer Arai Department]
Launched in October 2017 as a private project to realize a workplace and society where cancer patients who work while undergoing treatment can work actively. We support the creation of a comfortable working environment for people with cancer by holding study sessions to solve the problem of “cancer and work” and events to understand working while undergoing cancer treatment. . In 2018, we started the “Cancer Ally Award” to recognize companies and organizations that support people who work while undergoing cancer treatment.
[Major efforts this fiscal year regarding support for balancing cancer and work] ■Regular information transmission (from April 2022)
Public health nurses send out quarterly “CalCAN’s Letters” that summarize basic knowledge about cancer. In addition to distributing it throughout the company on the intranet, we encourage posters to be displayed in the factory to promote understanding of cancer not only among office workers but also on a company-wide basis. In addition, at the end of the letter, an e-mail address limited to public health nurses is posted to foster a culture that makes it easy to consult. ■ Hold an event to raise awareness within the company (June 2022) We held an in-house online event in which cancer survivors acted as instructors and talked about their own experiences with cancer. About 40 people from various departments participated (archive recordings were also released), and in a questionnaire conducted after the event, all responded that they had “learned.” It was an opportunity for employees to understand the situation by translating it into their own issues.
Revitalization of in-house community of cancer survivors and supporters (September 2022)
An online meeting was held to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the establishment of “Cal CAN’s,” a community of cancer survivors and employees who want to actively support cancer patients, to review activities and discuss the future. We are working to consider and implement new measures to create an environment where cancer patients and people with concerns can easily consult.
* Reference: “Our efforts to support a balance between cancer and work” (continued)

About Calbee Group
[Image 2d30525-1020-5932bd47ab262c761dce-3.jpg&s3=30525-1020-97063284ebf890ac64704fc34a9fc0d3-1654x591.jpg
The Calbee Group’s corporate philosophy is “We will cherish the blessings of nature, create deliciousness and enjoyment, and contribute to people’s healthy lives.” Calbee Let’s explore the power of nature.Create the future of food.” Our mission is to provide social value through our corporate activities and achieve sustainable growth and a sustainable society. The Calbee Group will face medium- to long-term issues surrounding the environment, society, and economy through co-creation with stakeholders and practice sustainable management to create new value. (

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