Calbee Co., Ltd. Over 2 million total followers TikTok creators popular with Generation Z appear Seishun Gakue n short drama “Ageriko Gakuen”

Calbee Inc.
Over 2 million total followers TikTok creators popular with Generation Z appear Seishun Gakuen short drama “Ageriko Gakuen”
From December 1st (Thursday), it will be released sequentially on the “Ageriko Gakuen” official TikTok account.

Tete March Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, CEO: Daisuke Ueda) and Calbee, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, President: Shuji Ito), which develop business centered on SNS marketing support for companies, have their own We produced a TikTok short drama “Ageriko Gakuen” of “Jagariko” where you can enjoy the pleasant texture of “crispy at first and crispy afterwards” with the manufacturing method. From 12:00 on December 1st (Thursday), it will be released sequentially on the official TikTok account of “Ageriko Gakuen”.
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“Age-riko” is to give someone a “jagariko” to convey your feelings, such as celebrating a birthday, reconciling a fight, confessing love, or expressing gratitude.
The purpose of this TikTok short drama “Ageriko Gakuen” is to convey the “Ageriko” culture to students.
The cast includes “momohaha” who became a hot topic in the appearance of “Ueda and the woman barks at night” on Nippon Television, as well as “Ryoma” and “Yukosu”, who are very popular among Generation Z. Appointed 3 TikTok creators. These three people, who have over 2 million TikTok followers, are a 12-episode youth school short drama that introduces “Ageriko” in various situations. The theme song is “Evergreen” by the carbonated rock band “Cider Girl”. It is a song with a sense of speed that imagines a sweet and sour youth.
Overview of TikTok short drama “Ageriko Gakuen”
〇 “Agerico Gakuen” Official TikTok: 〇 Release date: All 12 episodes will be released sequentially from 12:00 on Thursday, December 1, 2022
〇 Cast: momohaha, Ryoma, Yukosu
〇 Theme song: Cider Girl “Evergreen”
〇 Delivery schedule
・December 1st (Thursday) 12:00 Episode 1 “Sports Club Play”
・December 5th (Monday) 18:00 Episode 2 “Behind the Curtain”
・ December 7 (Wednesday) 12:00 Episode 3 “Accomplice”
・December 16th (Friday) 18:00 Episode 4 “Which Transfer Student” ・December 19th (Monday) 18:00 Episode 5 “What do you want for Christmas?” ・ December 21 (Wednesday) 12:00 Episode 6 “Please!”
・December 23 (Friday) 18:00 Episode 7 “Happiness of Others”
・ December 27 (Tue) 18:00 Episode 8 “Pick it up”
・January 4th (Wednesday) 18:00 Episode 9 “Staring Championship” ・January 16th (Monday) 18:00 Episode 10 “Demonstrate your true potential” ・January 18 (Wednesday) 12:00 Episode 11 “Pre-order”
・Friday, January 20, 18:00 Episode 12 “I’m sorry, teacher”
*The delivery schedule is subject to change without notice.
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Calbee Co., Ltd. Thoughts on planning from the person in charge I learned that especially among the younger generation, “Jagariko” is being used as a “tool to convey a little feeling in everyday life”, and this project was started with the desire to spread new ways to enjoy “Jagariko”. started. This time, we focused on high school students and produced a school drama. I would be happy if “Jagariko” in one frame of everyday life could serve as a bridge between youth memories with friends and classmates.
■ Performers of Ageriko Gakuen
A super-acting half-creator. She distributes a wide range of videos related to beauty and fashion, from women’s love tactics and certain skits, and is also active in terrestrial programs with her outstanding talk skills! The number of SNS followers exceeds 1.9 million! ▼TikTok account
▼Momohaha’s comment
I was nervous because it was my first time filming a short drama, but it was a lot of fun to be able to act with all the creators! I’ve been eating “Jagariko” since I was little, so I was happy to be able to participate in this shoot. I hope this video reaches many people. [Image 3

A handsome half-creator who is very popular among generation Z! His expressive videos, from funny faces to cool sides, have gained popularity, and recently he has been active in a wide range of fields as a model and actor!
▼TikTok account
▼Ryoma’s comment
I haven’t really felt that I was able to appear in the short drama of “Jagariko”, which I loved eating since I was little, but I felt like I was able to shoot in my own way! it was fun!
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An active beauty student based in Hokkaido! The number of followers on TikTok is 290,000. The total number of video likes is over 10.7 million, which is overwhelmingly popular among generation Z creators! ▼ TikTok account:
▼Comment from Yukosu
I was very anxious and nervous because it was all new to me, but the people around me warmly welcomed me, so I was able to shoot with peace of mind. I was able to spend a very tense experience and a fulfilling time!
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■ Tie-up songs
The fizzy bubbles of carbonic acid are exhilarating, and the bubbles disappear in a blink of an eye. And you can freely change to any color. Aiming for such a “carbonated sound”, in May 2014, Yurin (Vo&Gt), who was active mainly on video sites, Tomo (Gt), who was active in music using VOCALOID, and Fujimura (B) formed. The fact that they do not appear on media including the Internet at all and can only be seen at live venues, combined with the “carbonated” sound, became a hot topic, and on July 26, 2017, Universal released the single “Evergreen” Major debut from J.
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■ About products appearing in Ageriko Gakuen
[Image 7

*This is a limited-time package.
・Product Name: Jagarico Salad/Cheese/Potato Butter/Tarako Butter ・Contents: Salad 57g / Cheese/potato butter 55g / Cod roe butter 52g ・Price: Open (assumed price around 165 yen including tax)
・Product introduction: Calbee’s long-selling product released in 1995, where you can enjoy the pleasant texture of “crispy at first and crispy afterwards” with a unique manufacturing method.
・ Product information URL: Jagarico official website “Jagarico Channel”
■ Tete March Co., Ltd. Company Profile
〇 Company name: Tete March Co., Ltd.
Yes Location: Orix Meguro Building 6F, 1-24-12 Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo ○ Representative: Daisuke Ueda, Representative Director
〇Established: June 12, 2015
〇 Number of employees: 53 (including part-time workers) (as of the end of May 2022)
〇 Business: SNS marketing support, media production, creative, community business
〇 URL:
■ Calbee Co., Ltd.
〇Company name: Calbee, Inc.
Yes Location: Marunouchi Trust Tower Main Building 22F, 1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
〇Representative: Shuji Ito, President and CEO
〇Established: April 30, 1949
〇 Number of employees: (Consolidated) 4,398 (Single) 1,883 (as of March 31, 2022) 〇 Business: Manufacture and sale of confectionery and food
〇 URL: [1] [2]

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