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Camp Joshi Co., Ltd., representative Karen Hashimoto opens inquiry and request window

Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
Camp Joshi Co., Ltd., representative Karen Hashimoto opens inquiry and request window
We have established a communication department as part of our efforts to strengthen our organizational structure.

In order to produce a healthy and rich life with camping, we operate a camp community for women [Canjo] and develop [Fukuoka Camp Rental], which provides a casual camping experience to everyone. Joshi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City) has established the Hashimoto Karen Communication Department as part of strengthening its organizational structure.
We receive a lot of inquiries about entrepreneurship seminars promoting women’s empowerment every day, SNS, public relations, PR, etc. For inquiries and requests about projects and work for
representative Karen Hashimoto, please contact the Hashimoto Karen Communication Department. Please.
≪Contact information≫
Camp Joshi Co., Ltd. Hashimoto Karen Communication Department Contact form:
Camp Joshi Co., Ltd. President Karen Hashimoto
[Image 1d46252-146-a074e473f7288df9f21c-1.png&s3=46252-146-c11d5b161f7019d03d5cd8b47d48788a-715x654.png
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1990. After graduating from Kitakyushu City University, I got a job as a salesperson at a manufacturer of beauty salon products. Responsible for the entire Kyushu area. Handles beauty salon management support, event planning and product
During her 7 years as a salaried worker, she wanted to convey the wonders of camping, which was her hobby on weekends, to many people! Launched Instagram “camjyo” in June 2018, and exceeded 10,000 followers in just three months from the start of account operation. In November of the same year, he enrolled in G’s Academy operated by Digital Hollywood to prepare for entrepreneurship and learned programming. In June 2019, it was incorporated as Camp Girls Co., Ltd., with the mission of delivering camping to everyone. He has made numerous media appearances and held lectures, leading the camp culture. 2022 First Press Release Evangelist. Currently, in order to deliver the best nature experience, we are building a nature experience facility somewhere in Kumamoto Prefecture.
Official profile:
YouTube: Press Release Evangelist:
About Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d46252-146-ec08921174a8400b9143-0.png&s3=46252-146-3981c0bd4aabc30aa74663fe9465be4a-693x235.png
We are an outdoor creation company that proposes various lifestyles through camping and outdoors so that people can enjoy their days more than yesterday and live their best days.
With the slogan “Life with the outdoors is fun”, we are a company that supports people to live in harmony with nature.
Representative: Karen Hashimoto
Headquarters: 1-1-7 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Founded: June 11, 2019
Business: Camp culture enlightenment business / camping equipment rental / campsite production

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