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Canmake Overcome the hurdles of cuteness and smile more like yourself! New TV commercial starring Fuka Koshiba will start airing nationwide from January 1, 2023

Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd.
[Canmake] Overcome the hurdles of cuteness and smile more like yourself! New TV commercial starring Fuka Koshiba will start airing nationwide from January 1, 2023
Pre-release online from December 22nd CM making video released at the same time!
Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshiyuki Ida) has released a new commercial “3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner Hurdle Edition” featuring Fuka Koshiba, the image model of the makeup brand “Canmake”. ” will be broadcast on TV nationwide from Sunday, January 1, 2023.
In addition, prior to the TV broadcast, the CM video and making-of video will be released online in advance from December 22 (Thursday). You can also see the comments about the new commercial from Fuka Koshiba in the making video.
[Image 1

CM story & highlight
[Image 2

Under the clear blue sky, Mr. Koshiba will appear with a bright smile in the stadium decorated with colorful flags. Even the women who were sunk in the corner of the dimly lit room noticed Mr. Koshiba’s voice. Mr. Koshiba punches towards the sky! When you give the signal to start, everyone will start running all at once toward their own cuteness.
Add a bloody line to your eye bags with the “3way slim eye rouge liner” for a bright look! Overcome your own hurdles and regain a bright and healthy smile.
We have completed a commercial that makes you feel positive just by looking at it, conveying the sense of accomplishment you get when you jump over the hurdles in yourself and the happiness of finding yourself.
At the end of the commercial, please pay attention to the mischievous Koshiba-san in a cute pose!
Overview of the new CM
Title: 3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner “Hurdle”
Broadcast start date: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) Web pre-release Broadcast nationwide on Sunday, January 1, 2023
YouTube URL: (15 seconds Ver.) (30 seconds Ver.) (Making)
[Image 3

1. Ms. Koshiba turns around with a light smile while the pleasant blue sky spreads out and the colorful flags flutter.
[Image 4

2. On the other hand, the women crouched in a dimly lit room with sad faces… [Image 5

3. Mr. Koshiba calls out to these girls with a big smile, “Let’s overcome the hurdles of cuteness!”
[Image 6

4. Pan to the blue sky! And the start signal rings out, and the women start running all at once.
[Image 7

5. “3way slim eye rouge liner” adds a bloody line to the tear bag [Image 8

6. Women who jumped over the “cute hurdle” got their own shining smiles

In the last cut, Mr. Koshiba, who takes a mischievous pose, appears. Also, pay attention to the “HAPPY NEW YEAR” version limited to the New Year! [Image 9

normal version
[Image 10

★How was the shooting?
At the athletic meet when I was in elementary school, I ran a race! I’ve always wanted to do the pistol signal, so this time I’m shooting! It was a dream come true that I was able to do it, and I was very happy. This time, the shoot was even more lively, so I think it turned out to be a fun commercial full of smiles!
[Image 14
The official Twitter of Canmake’s official character “Can-chan”, who serves as the MC for the making video, sends out information on new products and campaigns.
[Video 2:] [Product Overview] 3way Slim Eye Rouge Liner 03 Icy Pink will be released from late December 2022! All 3 colors (including 1 new color) ¥770 each (tax included)
From the ultra-fine brush rouge liner that adds a complexion to the eyes, transparent pink that gives a gorgeous impression joins the ranks!
[Image 18

-New color-03 Icy pink
[Image 19

■ Fluid liquid eyeliner that can be used in 3 ways
・An ultra-light reddish color that is particular about creating a natural complexion around the eyes
・Three-way effect
1. Emphasis on double eyelids: Blends well with the eyeshadow color to prevent lines from appearing
2. The shadow of the tear bag… At the same time as creating a shadow, the complexion is also improved
3. Eye plumper effect*…When drawing over the plump part of the lower eyelid Produces a plump feeling of tear bags * By makeup effect
■ Extra-fine brush
・A short brush that is thinned from the base and finished to make it easy to draw at a distance and with just the right amount of stiffness.
・Because the lines are not thick, you can draw double lines and eye bags naturally.
■ Keep beautiful finish for a long time
・Waterproof and smudgeproof, resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing Fuka Koshiba Profile
[Image 20

Born in April 1997, 25 years old. Born in Osaka Prefecture.
In November 2011, won the Grand Prix at “Girls Audition 2011”. In the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” released in March 2014, she was selected to play the leading role Kiki.
Received the Newcomer Award at the 57th Blue Ribbon Awards.
In 2022, the NHK BS Premium Kagoshima regional drama “Konohana Sakuya” will be broadcast in March, the Saturday night drama “Yokai Share House – Kakiteki Tankai” will be broadcast in April, and the movie “Yokai Share House – Hakuba’s” will be released in June. Ouji-sama janai kai” and the movie “Sadako DX” released in October.
As a hot actress, she is active in a wide range of dramas, movies, and commercials.
The Nippon TV Sunday drama “invert Hisui Shirozuka Inverted
Collection”, which is currently appearing, will reach its final episode on December 25th.
Koshiba Fuka Official Site:
[About Canmake]
“I want to be cute, fun, and shine!” CANMAKE is a makeup brand that supports everyone. We aim to provide seasonal colors and create products that satisfy customers’ “I wish I had this!” We will continue to provide “cute and high quality” at reasonable prices.
Official site:
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