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Carefully selected by professionals 3 furniture selections that were good to buy in 2022|A must-see if you a re looking for solid wood furniture!

[Carefully selected by professionals] 3 furniture selections that were good to buy in 2022|A must-see if you are looking for solid wood furniture!
“Genji Wood Language Yeswood” where you can enjoy nature at home Recommended natural and solid wooden furniture

TIKTECH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. sells Genji Mokugo YESWOOD furniture products on Amazon.
Established in 2009 by Genji Mokugo Yeswood, we manufacture stylish and sturdy furniture products using 100% natural wood with the idea of ​​”eco-friendly, fashionable, highly durable, and highly
Up to now, YESWOOD furniture products that allow you to feel nature have enriched the lives of more than 5 million families and created healing rooms to relieve daily fatigue.
So this time, we will introduce three popular Genji Mokugo Yeswood furniture products.
Good reasons to buy:
1. Uses 100% easy-to-use North American FAS grade oak and zelkova natural wood While achieving a smooth touch, it has a sturdy and heavy feel. The natural beautiful wood grain and unique warmth of natural wood give the room a sense of cleanliness and softness, blending in with the Japanese space.
[Image 1

2. Employing body-friendly eco paint
The surface is finely coated with non-polluting paint that is resistant to heat, scratches, and stains to prevent scratches on the desk, and even if it is dirty, it can be cleaned with a light wipe. Always keep the table surface shiny.
[Image 2

3. Consideration of safety even in small parts such as corners The square of the top plate is rounded, and the desktop has a smooth and delicate finish without sharp edges, so it can be used without worry even in homes with children.
[Image 3

Popular Item 1: Genji Wood YESWOOD Desk
Product link:
Product price: 23,980 yen
Discount price: 19,184 yen (when 20% off code is applied)
Size: width 90 x depth 50 x height 76 cm
[Image 4

[Image 5

It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s an ideal desk for teleworking or reading a book.
Popular Item 2: Tale of Genji YESWOOD Table Dresser
Product link:
Product price: 19,990 yen
Discount price: 15,992 yen (when 20% off code is applied)
[Image 6

[Image 7

Compact and highly storable, it can be used well in a limited space where you live alone.
Popular item 3: Tale of Genji YESWOOD roll table
Product link:
Product price: 17,980 yen
Discount price: 14,384 yen (when 20% off code is applied)
Code: YFGO54KV
Size: width 120 x depth 56 x height 42 cm
[Image 8

[Image 9

Great for a variety of occasions, such as personal work, helping children with homework, eating, and placing things.
The popular “Genji Wood Word Yeswood” natural and solid wooden furniture is now available at a special price!
The period is until 12/10! Don’t miss our annual special offer! [Reliable support even after purchase]
We promise a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. We strive to provide quality and services that satisfy our customers. Also, after purchase, if you have any questions about the product or the product, or if you have any questions about repairs, please contact us by email and the store where you purchased the product will handle returns and exchanges. Please rest assured.
Please feel free to contact us please.
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