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cars Co., Ltd. Released a dedicated site that collects success stories of “cars MANAGER” for automobile maintenance

cars inc.
Released a dedicated site that collects success stories of “cars MANAGER” for automobile maintenance
Aggregate a wealth of specific examples created by cars MANAGER, which supports the increase in profit, increase in customers, and increase in efficiency in the automobile maintenance industry.

On December 1, 2022, the global car life tech company cars Co., Ltd. released the success case page of the AI ​​marketing employee “cars MANAGER” for the automobile maintenance industry provided by the company. You can refer to specific examples of business establishments that have expanded their maintenance services, including vehicle inspections, through digitization.
About cars MANAGER
This is an empathetic marketing automation service that is close to the car life of customers in the automobile industry. By collecting and analyzing car life data of people and cars using AI, we will utilize it for “management support”, “support for attracting customers”, and “support for multiple businesses”. We are achieving efficiency gains.
Selected for Good Design Award 2022 in 2022.
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“cars MANAGER” service site
* “cars MANAGER” is a registered trademark of cars inc.
Introduction of success story page
○Overview: Introduction of cars MANAGER This is a page that summarizes success stories at business establishments. Each example can be downloaded after filling in the form.
○ Object: Automobile industry including automobile maintenance. In particular, businesses that have the following problems
– Business growth is not expected and there is no successor
-I can’t get the results I want from attracting customers for vehicle inspections
-Never-ending disputes between customers and staff about whether or not to say something
– Staff work a lot of overtime and the turnover rate is high, etc. ○ Page URL:
[Image 3d91408-33-db9e643ac0f50462ccb5-2.png&s3=91408-33-30a30a9bba29047841b2eba2f97395cd-1012x497.png
-Success Case-
Introducing some success stories. The following example is a dedicated page (
○ “What is the magic reservation system that has achieved a 30% increase in repeat customers?”
◯ “Three effects obtained at once by introducing cars MANAGER for businesses suffering from the burden of attracting customers” ◯ “A questionnaire utilization technique that anyone can use to achieve a customer satisfaction rate of 95%”
◯ “No hassle! Revealing a secret trick that increased vehicle inspection sales by 1.3 million yen per month”
You can see many more examples on our website.
[Image 4d91408-33-5a73285601f7700f5cf7-4.png&s3=91408-33-923679b4ebd7101194cbe6b3e7adce2a-1694x956.png

About cars
Based on the concept of “Enjoy! Smart Car Life.”, this is a global car life tech service that provides people around the world with an enjoyable and smart car life.
[Image 5d91408-33-dc2bfb5dae17738e1f98-1.png&s3=91408-33-4c838bb088db7f6545122af03b623cfa-887x477.png

Details about this release:

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