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Caution regarding the use of “Key Risk Indicator” (Registration 5288287): This trademark is a registered trademark of Tomonori Tomura, the chairman of our company.

Caution regarding the use of “Key Risk Indicator” (Registration 5288287): This trademark is a registered trademark of Tomonori Tomura, the chairman of our company.

Dear Press,
December 10, 2022
Japan Management Research Institute Limited Liability Company Infection, damage, and suffering regardless of nationality due to various infectious diseases, typhoons/heavy rain disasters, various earthquakes, and other disasters and wars in various places, including the predicament of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19). We sincerely wish the safety of those who have been affected by the disaster, those affected by the disaster, those involved in the recovery efforts, the peacekeepers, medical institutions and related parties around the world, as well as the early and fruitful recovery, recovery and reconstruction, and peace and harmony. I pray from the bottom of my heart for the repose of the souls of the precious souls and Buddhas who have been summoned to the heavens.
[Image 1

[Summary of this release]
1. “Key Risk Indicator” (Registration 5288287) is a trademark with intellectual property rights, which was announced at an academic conference and registered as a trademark by Tomonori Tomura, the chairman of our company.
2. So far, Tomura Tomura has been the first to make a presentation at an academic conference and apply for a trademark. There has been a succession of illegal/inappropriate use without permission and commercial damage caused by clapping, ignoring, and selfish, one-sided claims. rice field.
3. So far, we have officially licensed the use of this trademark only once at the time of a lecture at the Institute of Internal Auditing by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, an audit firm, and the materials distributed at that time. , and we have never formally taken steps to obtain permission, including any other activities of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. I never gave you permission.
4. Towards the protection of intellectual property rights, we do not wish for any infringement, illegality, or inappropriate use, but we hope for legal and appropriate use and academic development. 5. If you have heard of, seen, or inadvertently infringed on a trademark right, or if you would like to discuss proper use, please contact us using our web form. Like the leniency system and plea bargaining, we will take mitigation measures for honest responses and reports, and if the person in charge of the report or the
whistleblower is retaliated against, we will receive it in the case of a lawsuit. We are considering offering half of the amount after deducting attorney’s fees and litigation costs from the compensation, etc. (our web form:
6. Tomura Tomura’s past activities and profile:
[Image 2

[Details of this release]
A long time ago, we issued a warning to the presidents of financial institutions, managers of auditing firm-affiliated consulting firms, instructors, and various guidance service providers regarding the registered trademark and legal procedures. Since we have taken measures, the situation has continued without any particular concerns on our part.
However, recently, Tomura Tomura, the president of our company, made a presentation at an academic conference early on, and after a while after that, we applied for trademark registration (application date: July 29, 2009) and it became a registered trademark. Regarding the use of “Key Risk Indicator” (Registration 5288287), which seems to be spreading, we have been calling for cooperation regarding academic and commercial use from the beginning. The general public may
misunderstand that there are no intellectual property rights such as registered trademarks due to circumstances that may cause concerns and suspicions about Tomonori Tomura, our chairman, received a report that the situation is beginning to invite us.
In fact, when Tomura himself searched the web for “Key Risk
Indicator”, he found the following page using the same trademark in the Japanese market (as of December 10, 2022).
Each company and each person is energetically working on their activities, and it is possible that all of them will be able to learn from each other. At the time of this release, we will not refer to the pros and cons of this or its illegality, but will simply list examples of search results, so please be careful not to misunderstand. [Example of the page where the Trademark is posted in a web search] ・Example 1: Newton Consulting “Risk Management Navi: KRI (Key Risk Indicator)” ・Example 2: Diligent “What makes a good KRI (key risk indicator)”
・Example 3: JCIC (Japan Cybersecurity Innovation Committee)
“Commentary: Why financial institutions use ‘KRI’ for cyber risk management” -JA.pdf ・Example 4: Business + IT “What kind of ‘KRI’ and ‘KCI’ are set for Nomura Securities’ risk management technique?”
・Example 5: Tanabe Consulting “[Urgent Proposal] Set ‘KRI’ to manage corona risk” ・Example 6: iestudy (ID name) “KGI, KPI and KRI”
・Example 7: PIEDPIN “Key Risk Indicator (KRI)”
・Example 8: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, an auditing firm, “The world of risk management changed by the ‘Risk Appetite Framework’: When management strategy and risk management merge 3rd Risk Appetite Setting”
/content/dam/Deloitte/jp/Documents/risk/rs/jp-rs-leaders-insight-04.pdf etc. (* Each trademark in this text belongs to each right holder. Also, as a precaution, personal information within the company such as the author of the article is hidden in this release, but there are reasons to prevent public interest and illegality. If necessary, we will consider using your real name as appropriate.)
[Alerts, declarations, consultations, etc.]
From the beginning, we have been cooperating with you as long as you can respond legally and within the scope of our courtesy, but we have either completely ignored it, or have not investigated it at all. The impact is not small, and we have been faced with problems such as unauthorized use and illegal/inappropriate use, so we have been forced to take legal measures as appropriate.
So far, I have officially given permission to give a lecture to the Institute of Internal Auditors for academic purposes only, one-time only, to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, an audit firm, and that is also for commercial purposes. It was under the promise that we would not use it, so we would protect the rights related to trademark rights and secure a good condition without paying any consideration.
We do not intend to hinder academic development, and have been the first to make presentations at academic conferences. We have also provided guidance to infrastructure companies and companies in the automobile industry.
However, if we have any concerns or suspicions that we may have problems, we may use the trademark (Key Control Indicator is also a registered trademark of Tomura Tomura) without our permission and infringe the trademark rights of this matter. or use the trademark rights in this case in an illegal or inappropriate state to provide guidance or practice risk management. This is due to social trends, etc.
As you can see on each of the above pages, we are popular in Japan (although it seems to be spreading overseas in searches) in risk management, crisis management, BCP, DR (disaster recovery),
information security, etc. I feel that it is wonderful that you are doing it, but for some reason it spreads and is used without my knowledge, and it can be naturally guessed that there are people involved in profit-making, such as consulting and management guidance. It may have been involved, and it can be thought that we should start investigating, auditing, judicial proceedings, etc. to investigate illegal and inappropriate conditions in more detail, not just what is appearing on the surface.
Intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, or whether there is actual harm by subtracting the negative aspects of damages and infringement that can be assumed in litigation steps and the positive aspects that clearly bring practical benefits. I cannot help but feel that it is extremely regrettable that we are in a situation that cannot necessarily be said to be good, even if we take into account the public interest.
To the presidents of consulting companies who provide guidance on risk management, to the media, and to financial institutions who have been found or reported to be using the Trademark in their management, operations, or profit-making activities. Dear presidents, presidents of securities companies, presidents of seminar companies, etc., please use the Trademark, which is an important indicator of risk management, at the risk of being illegal or inappropriate. While praying earnestly that you will not become a victim, regarding human rights violations, various rights violations, illegal acts, etc., as a remedy, we will be stricter than if you request formal permission from the beginning, and we will follow the judicial procedure both civilly and criminally. We will inform you that we have no choice but to consider and start. In addition, as there is a leniency system for bid rigging and plea bargaining as a criminal procedure, we would appreciate it if you would consult us directly, honestly, accurately, formally, and appropriately in a timely manner before proceeding with our judicial proceedings or accusations. , we believe that there is naturally room for mitigation measures. If the person in charge of the report or the whistleblower is retaliated against, in the case of a lawsuit, half the amount after deducting the attorney’s fee and litigation fee from the compensation received by us will be paid as a reward. We are considering offering it (if there are multiple people, we will divide it by the number of people, and it will be based on the compensation we receive in the lawsuit, so we will take out the cost from us, provide separate funds from our company, etc.). Please note that we cannot make payments in cases where we cannot objectively grasp the situation or where there is no actual harm from retaliation.) *When using or reporting the trademark in question, please make sure to clearly state this on our web form, and contact us honestly, accurately, formally, and appropriately in a timely manner. It is not intended as a license or an exemption from responsibility, so we do not recommend any further illegal or inappropriate acts based on your own interpretation.)
[Webform for rewards, etc. for retaliation for voluntary reporting and reporting in this case]
・Web form for requesting a reward for retaliation for voluntary reporting and reporting of this matter designated by our company:
By the way, before DX was called out loudly, the very convenient search service “Patent Information Platform” below allows you to quickly search for trademarks, patents, utility models, design rights, etc., as well as learning videos. As a matter of course, the registered trademark “Key Risk Indicator” (Registration 5288287) can also be searched for and published at the following, so it is easy to grasp the rights relationship in advance. It’s been around for a long time.
・Incorporated Administrative Agency Industrial Property Information and Training Center’s patent information platform “J-PlatPat”:
If you would like to make a complaint regarding this matter, please take into consideration our lifesaving activities, business
activities, and our protection of human rights. Only if In addition, if you contact us by a method other than the above, such as a phone call, fax, or e-mail communication unless specified by us, or a visit, we will consider the situation and interfere with business and conduct various illegal acts. If you believe that you are in conflict with any of the above, you may be forced to file lawsuits or complaints on both a criminal and civil basis, so please be aware of this in advance. Regarding judicial procedures, etc., there have been cases where Tomonori Tomura, the chairman of our company, has directly
communicated with the other party’s attorney, cases where criminal complaints and accusations have been filed, and cases where we have asked our company’s legal counsel to respond. There are various cases, such as courtesy and simple warnings, and cases where compensation is requested based on the actual situation.
In any case, before you voluntarily enter the judicial procedure step, please respond honestly, accurately, formally, and appropriately in a timely manner. We would like to support those who are moving in a healthy direction, such as reducing measures and treating them kindly.  There are some people who don’t know much about Tomonori Tomura, our chairman, so please take a look at the following examples of his activities and profile materials.
・An example of activities and profile materials of Tomura Tomura, our chairman:
[Image 3d25058-428-c8a609dd99e46aaed2ca-2.png&s3=25058-428-e5a08fe732d141be0e58404c1aea7718-1191x842.png
that’s all.
Inquiries regarding this release:
Japan Management Research Institute Limited Liability Company President Tomonori Tomura
BIZMARKS Akasaka 1F, 2-16-6 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052 Phone: 050-3196-4513 (our call center: voice automatic response system with DX promotion and phone number at operator)
Fax: 03-6800-3090
Job requests, interview requests, writing requests, etc.:
General inquiries:
*In principle, please contact us using the above web form from the perspective of business disruptions, including mental support activities for DX promotion, work efficiency, and suicide prevention. In the case of urgent requests from the media or urgent matters of high public interest, we also accept phone calls.
Details about this release:

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