CBC Television Co., Ltd. A new CBC character is born! The name is “Share Share” and the habit is “Let’s share~”

Dear Members of the Media,
CBC Television Co., Ltd.
A new character from CBC is born! The name is “Share Share” and the habit is “Let’s share~”

A new CBC station character was born on New Year’s Day 2023. The name is share share.
CBC’s slogan since last spring is “NOW ON SHARE!” The desire to “share various moments with everyone in the area” included in this
catchphrase has been visualized as a character.
The speech bubble marks drawn on the face and stomach are inspired by the speech bubble icon that is tapped when sharing comments on SNS such as Twitter and Instagram. Her specialty is sharing various feelings and moments with everyone, from happy to worried. My favorite phrase is “Share it”.
 From now on, it will appear in all kinds of CBC content, such as programs, events, and SNS, so that everyone in the area
New character profile
Name: Share share
Address: Over the CBC, Shinei, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Specialty: Sharing various moments and feelings with everyone Favorite phrase: share
Favorite food: Rice
Hobbies: Collecting things with 5



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