Certified as a rewarding company in the 2022 version of “Great Place to Work (R)” sponsored by Great Place t o Work (R) Shinnihon Enex Co., Ltd.

New Japan Enex Co., Ltd.
Certified as a rewarding company in the 2022 version of “Great Place to Work (R)” sponsored by Great Place to Work (R) [Shinnihon Enex Co., Ltd.]

Shinnihon Enex Co., Ltd., which sells home solar power generation systems and storage batteries nationwide, has been certified as a 2022 “Great Place to Work” sponsored by the Great Place to Work (R) Institute Japan (* 1). (*2) We are pleased to inform you that we have been evaluated as a “certified company for job satisfaction”. [Image 1

(*1) About Great Place to Work (R) Institute Japan
URL: https://hatarakigai.info
(*2) Details of certification as a “great place to work”
URL: https://hatarakigai.info/ranking/certified_companies
Evaluated job satisfaction points
Based on the results of a questionnaire survey of employees and companies conducted by the Great Place to Work (R) Institute Japan, the “Company with a rewarding place to work” is an environment that pursues “ease of work” and “rewarding work”. Companies that have both are certified.
As a result, Shin Nihon Enex was evaluated on the following three job satisfaction points in comparison with other companies.
[Image 2

Efforts of New Japan Ennex that led to this evaluation
At Shinnihon Enex, the following corporate philosophy is shared by all members: Contribute to society through personal growth and realize employee’s “ease of work” and “job satisfaction”.
“Contributing to the happiness of people with connections and expanding the circle of happiness”
“Innovate the world with renewable energy”
≪ Value ≫
INDEPENDENCE (independence & independence) / CHALLENGE (challenge is growth) SPEED (immediate decision, immediate execution, immediate
verification) / HONEST (honest living)
Efforts in the future
New Japan Ennex’s mission is to contribute to social innovation in renewable energy, which is further required due to changes in social conditions such as rising fuel costs.
All of our members will continue to take the honorable achievements that we have received this time in our hearts, and expand the “circle of contribution” from New Japan Ennex to the industry, region, country, and the world, and grow together with our customers and customers who have been blessed with us. We will also expand the “Circle of Happiness” to our business partners.
About New Japan Ennex
Shinnihon Enex sells residential solar power generation systems and storage batteries nationwide, mainly in western Japan.
We have recorded increased sales and profits for seven consecutive years since our founding, and in 2022, we won the number one retail category in Japan for the second consecutive year in the ranking of “Rapidly growing companies in the Asia-Pacific region * British Financial Times / German Statista”!
In addition, in August 2021, it was selected for the IPO (initial listing) growth support program implemented by Fukuoka City, and is taking on the challenge of listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange from Fukuoka.
Company Profile
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R-M5xlgZpQ] Company name: New Japan Enex Co., Ltd.
Representative: Masahiro Nishiguchi
Head office location: 7th floor, Garden Hakata Ekimae Building, 3-27-22 Hakata Ekimae, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established: March 2015
URL: https://nj-enex.co.jp/
Business description: Sales, construction and maintenance of solar power generation and storage battery systems,
Sales, construction and maintenance of all-electric (Eco Cute, IH cooking heater), V2H,
Renovation work (roof work, painting work, plumbing work), sales and construction of solar power generation systems with carports, Consulting business, housing maintenance business, sales agency business Inquiries regarding this matter
Person in charge: Fukuda
e-mail: fukuda@nj-enex.co.jp

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