Certified as a support business for IT introduction subsidy 2022! Started providing “EC package” to realize the success of the EC shop business

Crown Strategy Co., Ltd.
Certified as a support business for IT introduction subsidy 2022! Started providing “EC package” to realize the success of the EC shop business

CrownStrategy Co., Ltd. (located in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Natsuho Akiyoshi), which provides comprehensive services from business strategy formulation to construction and data science, is an IT introduction subsidy promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 2022″, it was adopted as an “IT introduction support business operator”.
We are pleased to inform you that the EC site / online shop building platform “EC Crown” has been certified, and on November 30, 2022, we have added the CLOUD plan and the EC site building matching system plan.
URL: https://ec-crown.com/
[Image 1d113669-2-483ac67c1ff9d2f62681-1.png&s3=113669-2-9474de5000ea73e620923e4b23ffc3fd-2560x1440.png
What is “EC Crown”, an EC site/online shop building platform? For customers who are looking to expand their online shop EC business, “EC Crown” provides services to maximize the strategy review, construction, and operation of the EC business, and realizes the success of the customer’s EC shop business. EC Package”.
Opening an online shop is not the goal.
“EC Crown” supports business strategy formulation, sales expansion after opening, and operational efficiency improvement with a full range of functions.
Advantages of introducing “EC Crown”
・24-hour sales/payment function: You can secure the flow of online purchasing behavior.
・Acquisition of repeaters and fans: Regular purchases and campaigns can be offered.
・Inventory management, sales management, customer management, reduction of man-hours for sales… By reviewing the business process, it will be possible to allocate resources to other operations. Unlike other companies, the construction team is close to the customer with a consistent service.
Service background
[Image 2d113669-2-01e22ed9f1072b695408-0.jpg&s3=113669-2-5263828a9d2dcc5af21e340bfca77b3e-3345x2509.jpg
After working at PwC Aarata LLC and AI Medical Service, CEO Akiyoshi opened the company with the desire to create products cultivated through his experience as a system engineer and data scientist. By improving operations with AI and DX, we would like to build a service that is “simple” for everyone to use, and provide a way for not only corporate management but also managers, employees, customers, and families to develop. I am currently working.
Founded on March 1, 2021 due to the corona crisis. We have started providing web services to promote DX, such as EC sites, online medical care systems, and matching apps.
By September 2022, we have provided EC introduction to more than 10 companies one by one.
September 22, 2022 Adopted as an introduction business for the IT introduction subsidy 2022.
October 17, 2022 A new SIMPLE PLAN has been added to the EC site construction plans.
On November 30, 2022, the CLOUD plan and EC site construction matching system plans were newly added to the EC site construction plans. [Image 3d113669-2-57e863d08d64a8ba8234-2.jpg&s3=113669-2-6923ef8a3a4e19c05111f157d8dee3ed-1280x720.jpg

Implementation record
*foryoucompany Co., Ltd.
After the introduction, we have been interviewed by media such as Nippon Television “Hirunandesu!”, “ZIP!”, and “news every.”
*Example of a customer who started an export business in EC
In addition, we are producing according to the owner’s view of the world, such as a mail order site for doctor’s cosmetics and color contact lenses.
About IT introduction subsidy 2022
The IT introduction subsidy is a subsidy that supports the
introduction of IT tools that meet the challenges and needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses. For details, please see the IT introduction subsidy official website
the next deployment
The introduction of “EC-Crown” will enable “Evergreen Launch”, which operates 24 hours a day and conducts sales activities. Akiyoshi, the representative, is a female engineer who starts management and realizes daily changes in work styles and lifestyles due to the corona crisis. By automating operations using EC and DX, we would like to obtain even more diverse possibilities with new technology than now, and provide value for everyone to realize a life that values ​​​​themselves. is.
We will continue to provide services one by one without forgetting our thoughts and gratitude for our products.
Usage flow
(1) Please contact us from the following e-mail address.
Email: corp@crownstrategyinc.com
(2) We will decide the interview schedule for the free consultation by email. (3) At the time of the free consultation, we will ask you about your company’s initiatives, issues, current situation, etc., and then make a proposal at a later date.
Company Profile
CrownStrategy will help solve your company’s management issues through web production and DX (digital transformation).
Company name: CrownStrategy Inc.
Location: 1-3-15 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo The ParkRex TENNOZ the DOCK
Representative: Kaho Akiyoshi, President and Representative Director Established: March 1, 2021
Business: System development, AI development, YouTube marketing URL: https://ec-crown.com/
Email: corp@crownstrategyinc.com
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