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Chang Teng Co., Ltd. K-TIR06, a cloth tire chain that can be simply covered without jacking up, has increased the compatible tire size from MAXWIN.

Changteng Co., Ltd.
K-TIR06, a fabric tire chain that can be covered without jacking up, has increased the compatible tire size from MAXWIN.
Widely compatible with 13 to 20 inches, fabric tire chains are a hot topic
・Easy installation, no need to jack up, just put it on the tire ・Smooth ride with little vibration, demonstrating traction even in freezing conditions
・Strengthen grip with a rubber pin that is resistant to slipping ・Compliant with new chain regulations, for getting stuck in an emergency ・Fashionable color scheme, washable
・ Compact size that does not take up much space, with a storage bag [Image 1

The latest tire chain that anyone can easily install
[Image 2

It is a fabric tire chain that is easy to handle even for women because it does not require force to put on and take off just by putting it on the tire, and it does not impair the ride comfort when worn.
You can easily carry it around in emergencies such as sudden bad weather or icy roads, and you can quickly take it out and put it on immediately.
Strengthens grip and demonstrates traction even in freezing conditions [Image 3

Since special synthetic fiber cloth is used, there is less noise when driving on snowy roads compared to metal or rubber, and it has excellent vibration absorption, and does not impair the ride comfort when worn.
In addition, since it is made of cloth, the wheels and tires of your car are not easily damaged.
Commitment to fabric
[Image 4

Polyester fabric is used for the fabric
The property of releasing moisture into the air without absorbing it ●Since the fibers do not absorb water, it dries quickly and does not become heavy even when wet, so the drying time is short.
Strong against friction and abrasion
In addition, it has elasticity that can be folded and stored compactly in a special bag, making it easy to wear.
Grip power on snowy and icy roads
[Image 5

The uneven rubber pins provide better grip on snowy and icy roads than conventional cloth tire chains.
Compliant with new chain regulations
[Image 6

Regarding the “chain regulations requiring tire chains” in specific sections introduced from the winter of 2018, we have complied with a cloth cover type chain made of special fiber.
Can be washed with water after use with stylish color scheme No need to jack up just to cover the tire
[Image 7

Tires can be mounted more easily than conventional products. No need for troublesome jacking up in bad weather.
There is also a cross-shaped belt that covers the wheel, which is useful for improving driving stability and removing it.
How to wear
[Image 8

It can be installed in all 4 steps and is designed for easy installation. Compatible tire size
It corresponds widely from 13 inches to 20 inches.
[Image 9

[Image 10

Product Specifications
[Image 11

Model: K-TIR06
Color: Black + Red
Material: Polyester + Rubber
Size: See compatible size chart
Number: 2 pieces (for 2 tires)
【Product details】

布製タイヤチェーン K-TIR06-KA7#

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