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Children’s Candy Co., Ltd. Event report Children’s Expo (R) 2022 in AICHI IMPACT will be held in Aichi Prefecture. A total of about 8,000 visitors.

Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd.
[Holding report] Children’s Expo (R) 2022 in AICHI IMPACT will be held in Aichi Prefecture. A total of about 8,000 visitors.
Collaboration with AICHI IMPACT sponsored by Tokai TV, an opportunity for children to be excited about their future selves.

Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd. (Representative: Mari Tezuka) has teamed up with Tokai TV to hold the Children’s Expo (R) 2022 in AICHI IMPACT at AICHI SKY EXPO on Sunday, November 20, 2022.
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Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd. (representative: Mari Tezuka), which operates the children’s laboratory “Kodomo Candy” in Kobe, will hold the event “Children’s Expo (R) ︎ 2022 in AICHII MPACT” to create opportunities for children to find their dreams in November. It was held on the 20th (Sun). The total number of visitors to AICHI IMPACT2022 was 7,792. In the midst of the corona wreck, it was held after taking measures against infectious diseases, but thanks to the cooperation of the participants and related parties, we were able to carry it out smoothly.
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On the day of the event, there was a dance show by the students of the global dance school “Funk Kid” and a performance show by the NPO Japan Hospital Clown Association and science eco performer Ranma. In addition, Mr. Hodaka Koyama won the “Dream Speech Contest” at the Children’s Expo in Kobe held on Sunday, September 18, 2022 with the cooperation of Legoland (R) ︎ Discovery Center. We held a project to support the dream of becoming a Lego builder, and presented a message of support from master model builder Keisuke Sato and a robot made of Lego.
Comment from Mari Tezuka, representative of the Children’s Expo (R) Executive Committee
Thank you very much to everyone who came to the Children’s Expo (R)️ and everyone who cooperated. I am very happy that many people came to the venue on the day and that it was a venue full of children’s smiles.
Children’s Expo (R)︎ wants to deliver such a time when both adults and children can get excited and look forward to the future. And for us, the Children’s Expo is nothing more than an opportunity for everyone. I would like to continue to deliver “exciting opportunities” to everyone who attends, such as taking a step toward their dreams, discovering what they like, encountering exciting fun, and having lively conversations with their families.
-The day-
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Commemorative photo with Governor Omura (Aichi Prefecture) “(C) AICHI IMPACT!2022”
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Dance show by Funk Kid
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5 Winners of the Dream Speech Contest
[Image 6

Model experience in nice clothes
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YouTuber experience in live distribution
[Image 8

Security guard experience
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Children’s fair made with local student volunteers
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●The event report is now available on the official website!
About Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd.
Mission: “Let the next generation have a slightly better world than now.” Company name: Kodomo Candy Co., Ltd.
Location: 6-1-23 Hamabe-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe City Parsio Sannomiya Flower Road 202
Established: May 2022
Representative Director: Mari Tezuka
Business: Cram school, event management Inquiries: (Contact: Ohno)
TEL: 090-6693-0427

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