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CHINTAI Co., Ltd. CHINTAI’s image character, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, shows off a new pose for the first time in a TV commercial. Pay attention to the powered-up Shinjo-style search!

CHINTAI image character Tsuyoshi Shinjo shows off new poses for the first time in a TV commercial Pay attention to the powered-up Shinjo-style search!

CHINTAI Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Chairman and President Shigeru Sato, hereinafter CHINTAI), a leading company in searching for rooms, will be the image character of CHINTAI from January 4, 2023 (Wednesday). A new commercial will be broadcast nationwide that will be the first to show a new pose and search for a room.
[Image 1d3782-52-439b00670177a0d266a1-0.jpg&s3=3782-52-deec9e728a6d94a286d7969a95c15c48-3900x2758.jpg
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Takeshi Shinjo new pose
This time, CHINTAI’s new CM uses Tsuyoshi Shinjo as an image character, continuing from the previous time. In a new pose that will be unveiled for the first time in the commercial, Tsuyoshi Shinjo moves through a colorful room-searching space, introduces various ways to search, and finally jumps to another world. The commercial song is memorable and the new pose is easy to imitate, so please watch the TV commercial and hum along while deciding on a new pose.
Let’s do it again in 2023! Shinjo search
[Image 2d3782-52-7fb1c51386e6971d1430-1.jpg&s3=3782-52-2ad415822e9830ca5e9de07e6c6a4534-3042x2157.jpg
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[Image 3d3782-52-01de6f2cdf7fe76fd7e3-2.png&s3=3782-52-a174f164324f91c6ed92ba72ca9545cc-437x620.png
CM concept
The concept of the new commercial is “upgraded colorful Shinjo-style search” Mr. Shinjo himself will appear in a colorful style as a symbol of Iloilo. In addition to the logo information of each search service, the background of each service color allows you to visualize each search service. By lightly navigating such a search space, Tsuyoshi Shinjo expresses the overall theme of “searching for CHINTAI’s room, which is irroilous in how to search”.
CM story & highlights
CHINTAI’s white door opens, and Shinjo-san and the room-hunting cruise begin. Starting from the pink room of Woman.CHINTAI, tea time with Chin Tiger in the Peyasagashi room. CHINTAI Agent Green’s room is Chin Tiger relaxing on the sofa and looking for a room. Mr. Shinjo, who has a colorful style, will lightly walk around looking for a room. The highlight of this commercial is Shinjo-san’s colorful new styling and the updated Shinjo-style search pose. Dynamically moving in a colorful space, Mr. Shinjo will continue to move forward vigorously, befitting the new year!
let’s! Shinjo search
shooting episode
◇ Also pay attention to glasses! ?
The shooting staff prepared several sunglasses for Mr. Shinjo to wear when shooting the CM, and Mr. Tsuyoshi Shinjo chose them before the CM was filmed. While Mr. Shinjo tried on glasses with irregular shapes, he said, “Sunglasses with transparent rims are rare! Let’s use these sunglasses!”
Also pay attention to the sunglasses selected by stylish Shinjo! ◇Jump to another world
In the filming of the new commercial, Mr. Shinjo will travel through a different world. Finally, we took a picture of jumping from another world. In order to create a sense of realism, we spread a mat under our feet and had them jump towards the camera. Since he tried many times, Mr. Shinjo also made a nice pose at the end, even though he looked a little tired.
CM capture
[Image 4d3782-52-f039ae333484e70b1881-3.jpg&s3=3782-52-4f8a322a2a600a14873f717aa8c6b4f7-1920x1080.jpg
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[Image 5d3782-52-ab3c7679da35599db581-4.jpg&s3=3782-52-dfee35357e8119da0956ea5f01b88fde-1920x1080.jpg
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[Image 6d3782-52-c2d8a5187828b4dcce19-5.jpg&s3=3782-52-dcbc040e55f35988a6b5564d8355b564-1920x1080.jpg
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[Image 7d3782-52-97f601dc21d81c1d4b69-6.jpg&s3=3782-52-59c0310c16ee59c07e406b4892d2ecbf-1920x1080.jpg
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[Image 8d3782-52-55c01affaa19bc853126-7.jpg&s3=3782-52-58a1ac93ff51ec43ddfabdc84fa63fe0-1920x1080.jpg
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[Image 9d3782-52-6ef21d5fbf1473647654-8.jpg&s3=3782-52-7679fd597893b69ce71cc662a28b5bf1-1920x1080.jpg
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New CM viewing URL
“Shinjo Colorful Room Search”:
CM making:
*The above URL will be available for viewing from 00:00 on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.
TV-CM broadcast schedule
CM broadcast start date: From Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Broadcasting area: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other 26 areas nationwide talent profile
Takeshi Shinjo
Born January 28, 1972 in Nagasaki Prefecture
In 1989, he joined the Hanshin Tigers in 5th place in the draft from Nishinihon Junior College High School. After playing for the Hanshin Tigers for 11 years, in December 2000, he challenged the American Major League as the first Japanese fielder FA player. Played in New York and San Francisco for three seasons from 2001 to 2003. The first Japanese No. 4 in the majors, the first Japanese to hit a grand slam home run, and the first Japanese to participate in the World Series, he will excite fans with memorable plays. In 2004, he returned to the Japanese baseball world and joined the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. Always providing topics with numerous legendary performances, comments, and plays. He pursued the possibilities of the sport of baseball to the limit, spreading bright topics all over Japan. Shinjo, who achieved the goal of “filling the Sapporo Dome”, which was a dream for a long time, won the first place in Japan for the first time in 44 years. In October 2006, he regrettably took off his uniform. From January 1, 2022, he will be appointed manager of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters.
Company Profile
・CHINTAI Co., Ltd. A leading company for searching for rooms. Based on “home” and “room”, various products to enrich your life
run the media.
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