Chojudai Co., Ltd. Service release of “CZO Project” where Chojudai and AiCORN co-create the future with th e super Z generation

Chojudai Co., Ltd.
Service release of “CZO Project” where super teens and AiCORN co-create the future with super Z generation

On January 1, 2023, Chojudai Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Chojudai) and AiCORN Co., Ltd. (hereafter, AiCORN) will work together to solve sustainable social issues with the Super Z generation, which will lead the world trend from now on. We have released the service “CZO Project” to co-create the future with companies and organizations that work on it.
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■ CZO Project service site
* “CZO” is a registered trademark of AiCORN Co., Ltd.
What is Generation Z
It is a generation that will lead the world’s consumption trends in the future, and is a social native who uses the Internet, SNS, and smartphones by nature. The generation is being watched.
super social issues
Currently, many companies and societies face a major social issue that they are unable to communicate with and approach Generation Z. In order to solve this problem, through the “CZO Project” service by Chojudai and AiCORN, who have overwhelming influence and centripetal power on teenagers and generation Z, we will create the future “CZO ( Chief Gen Z Officer)” will be a bridge between Generation Z and many companies and society, and can co-create and solve communication issues with Generation Z.
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Chojudai project achievements
[Image 5d40346-32-5d85fc3b32138194476f-4.png&s3=40346-32-3b450afe15e877e081e9ce6269ba50a8-2300x1160.png
and more.
In order to solve social and corporate issues, we co-create the future of new promotions, new communication, new product and service development, etc. We will continue to.
■ About AiCORN
Company name: AiCORN Co., Ltd.
Business: Global Culture Tech Produce, etc.
Site URL:
■ About Chojudai
Company name: Chojudai Co., Ltd.
Business description: Teen culture tech service / hands-on teens festival, etc. Site URL:
Inquiries regarding this press release
Please use the contact form on the CZO Project service site.
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