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CLIP Co., Ltd. CLIP Co., Ltd. publishes owned media “Buiripo” that conveys the appeal of VTuber

CLIP Co., Ltd.
CLIP Co., Ltd. releases owned media “Buiripo” that conveys the appeal of VTuber “Builipo” is a web media specialized for virtual YouTuber (VTuber).
On December 17, 2022, CLIP Co., Ltd. (located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) released VTuber-specialized owned media “Builipo” with the aim of “conveying the charm of VTuber”.
Vippo URL:
[Image 1d103572-6-40d185c5c1d3a857243d-0.png&s3=103572-6-acec93ce4cee8458ad65a2836f3d541f-257x105.png
■ Background of Owned Media Release
Currently, the VTuber industry has grown to include tens of thousands of active VTubers.
This is very welcome, but the competition among VTubers is very fierce, and there are many cases where VTubers do not become popular and retire despite having enough personality and charm.
We thought that there was an overwhelming lack of opportunities to learn about the appeal of VTubers compared to the number of active VTubers.
Therefore, we decided to publish “Buiripo” as a medium to convey the appeal of VTubers.
■Features of Builipo
“Builipo” is a web media specialized for VTuber provided by CLIP Co., Ltd., which operates the VTuber office “Quartz (currently preparing for the first generation)”.
In this media, we will send content for VTuber fans, VTuber
(distributors), and quartz fans.
1. For VTuber fans, we will deliver the latest news, interview articles, user articles, etc.
2. For those who are active as VTubers (distributors), we will introduce useful information using the knowledge gained through the operation of the VTuber office.
3. For quartz fans, we will handle must-see content for fans that cannot be seen in regular distribution related to the VTuber office “Quartz”.
In addition, Builipo will also focus on a service that allows users to post articles as “user articles”.
The following are examples of possible uses for user articles. Users who act as VTubers (distributors)
・I want to share recommended settings for OBS and other distribution devices ・I want many people to know about me
・I want to recruit people to participate in upcoming competitions and projects, etc.
Vtuber fan user
・ I want to introduce my favorite Vtuber
・As a Vtuber fan, I want to write an article about what I felt while doing fan activities.
Builipo aims to be a media that can excite the VTuber industry, and strives every day to convey the appeal of VTuber to as many people as possible.
About VTuber Office Quartz
[Image 2d103572-6-dd12fd86204e761e9825-1.jpg&s3=103572-6-92f5c8e98ca303ee55e455f249dbe555-1920x1568.jpg
Quartz is a VTuber office operated by CLIP Co., Ltd. Based on the concept of “connecting and connecting with the world with VTubers”, we will actively approach not only Japan but also overseas, and aim to create a world where cultures can be shared with each other through the content of VTubers.
・ Quartz Official Twitter: About CLIP Co., Ltd.
[Image 3d103572-6-5d7dc2cc5cbc9729fc06-2.png&s3=103572-6-115100a4e70a670726271882ad32166f-1920x1080.png
CLIP Co., Ltd. is working to turn play into a business with
“entertainment x technology”. Our mission is to make “play” the world’s standard with “seriousness” through all entertainment content that utilizes the Internet.
■Company Profile
・ Company name: CLIP Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Kazunari Yamashiro
・ Location: Nishi-Shinjuku Mizuma Building 2F, 3-3-13 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
・Established: December 7, 2021
・ Recruitment information:

Details about this release:

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