Cloud sales support tool “Next SFA” starts providing scenario mail function, enabling work efficiency improvement by automating mail marketing

Geocode Co., Ltd. (Securities code: 7357)
Cloud sales support tool “Next SFA” starts providing scenario mail function, enabling work efficiency improvement by automating mail marketing

Geocode Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Daisuke Haraguchi, Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard: 7357), which develops web marketing and cloud sales tech, will launch a cloud sales support tool “Next SFA” provided by the company in December. From the 6th, we started offering a new “scenario mail function”. [Image 1

What is the scenario mail function of “Next SFA”?
The Scenario Mail function is one of the marketing automation functions (MA functions) that aims to streamline operations and improve productivity by automating marketing operations.
Pre-configured scenarios such as “Send A email in 5 days”, “Give thanks”, and “Inform discount coupons” for specific actions (trigger) of email recipients such as click It will be a function that can automatically deliver mail based on.
Emails based on specific actions (trigger) and scenarios can be freely created by the administrator of “Next SFA”. design becomes possible. What happens when you use the scenario mail function?
 Because it is possible to deliver emails that match the behavior and interests of each email recipient, content that encourages purchases can be expected to increase the contract rate and repeat rate, and content that solves problems can help prevent cancellations. By automating email marketing, you can reduce man-hours and improve work efficiency and productivity. Another feature is that it is less likely to give a negative impression because it differs from sales emails that are sent one-sidedly to an unspecified number of people. For details such as usage fees
The scenario mail function is an optional plan that is added to the basic usage fee of “Next SFA”, with a monthly charge of 30,000 yen per contract. Since it is one of the MA functions (marketing automation functions), you can also use functions such as “email delivery”, “activity log”, and “scoring” at the same price. For details, please contact us via the inquiry form [] or by phone [03-6274-8081].
About cloud sales support tool “Next SFA”
[Image 2d6185-113-26d93cade46094120016-1.png&s3=6185-113-adca4dc7210308c022a9aacbbc00eaf5-1089x554.png
“Next SFA” is a cloud-based business support tool that enables efficient management by visualizing a series of sales processes, from prospective customer information to business negotiation history and customer response status after a deal is closed. It is designed with an emphasis on user-friendliness and ease of use, and can be easily introduced in a short period of time at low cost.
Also, in order to improve convenience, we have worked with the following tools. ● Marketo (Adobe Inc.)
● Cloud accounting software freee (freee Inc.)
● Sansan (Sansan Co., Ltd.)
●Money Forward Cloud Invoice (Money Forward, Inc.)
● LINE WORKS (Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd.)
● Chatwork (Chatwork Inc.)
● Google Ads (Google LLC)
● Yahoo! Advertising (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
“Next SFA” service site:
About Geocode Inc.
Geocode is a web marketing business that provides services such as “organic marketing” that integrates and develops SEO measures and website creation and web advertising management, and a cloud sales tech business that utilizes cloud sales support tools such as “Next SFA”. Expand.
With web marketing and sales DX, we support everything from attracting customers to receiving orders as a single company, contributing to sales expansion, while also providing services that contribute to the promotion of DX, and support our customers’ management from both offense and defense. .
[Image 3d6185-113-e3b31d58b0e1e8dcb8ce-2.png&s3=6185-113-814b29e5db7f8f572d86f240c18c8009-615x103.png
Company name: Geocode Co., Ltd. (TSE Standard: 7357)
Representative: Daisuke Haraguchi, Representative Director
Location: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 10F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Established: February 14, 2005
Capital: 351,510,000 yen
Business: Web marketing business, cloud sales tech business
■ Contact information
-About service-
Geocode Inc.
Cloud Sales Section
Phone: 03-6274-8081
-Press Releases (Media Contact)-
Geocode Inc.
Public Relations: Koji Kato
Phone: 080-1175-1335
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