Coconala Co., Ltd. Coconala Launches “Reservation Management Function” for Phone/Video Chat Service, Releases Calendar and Enables Sales in Time Frames

Coconala Co., Ltd.
Coconala launches “reservation management function” for phone and video chat services, publishes calendars and makes it possible to sell in time slots

Coconala Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Ayumu Suzuki, hereinafter Coconala), which operates Japan’s largest skill market “Coconala”, can make reservations set by the exhibitor in the telephone / video chat service. We have launched a “reservation management function” that visualizes the frame and allows the purchaser to make a reservation for a specified date and time. As a result, sellers will be able to perform smooth sales from reservation management to schedule adjustment.
In addition, the number of listings suitable for reservation type will increase, and we can expect to acquire new users by matching with buyers who want it.
Coconala will continue to aim to expand its “service marketplace with everything” by expanding categories and service provision methods. [Image 1

[Launch background]
Based on the vision of “creating a world where each person lives their own story”, Coconala is expanding its service areas and matching methods as a place where everyone can play an active role.
With this function, the number of new listings of services suitable for reservation type (online lessons, online consulting, etc.) will increase, efficient matching will occur, and new economic zones can be expected to expand.
In addition, until now, when deciding the date and time, it took time and effort to exchange messages between users, but from now on, the “reservation management function” will realize smooth matching and improve the user experience. I think I will contribute.
[Service features]
Sellers can visualize available time slots on a calendar, and buyers can make reservations for specific dates and times.
As a result, the seller can manage time from management to schedule adjustment on the reservation management screen, and the purchaser has more options for purchasing methods, such as narrowing down from “specified date and time” at the time of purchase.
[Image 2

[Future demand]
In the short term, we will be in demand from buyers for
“challenge-related online lessons for the new year” and
“fortune-telling” toward the end of the year, so we believe that we can use the reservation management function to support smooth buying and selling. I’m here.
In the long term, we expect that services that are distributed on an hourly basis (lessons, consultations, fortune telling, etc.) will be further distributed and revitalized.
[What is Coconala]
More than 700,000 items in 450 types, from “business and production” such as design, illustration, website production, video and music production, writing, and marketing to “consultation” such as beauty, fashion, and career consultation. You can purchase the service completely online like an EC site. It has a full range of functions for corporate use, and can be used regardless of the scene, from business to private use.
In addition to listing and purchasing services, we are able to meet a wide range of needs, such as soliciting and proposing projects that we would like to request.
[Coconala Co., Ltd.]
(Growth market code number 4176)
Representative: Ayumi Suzuki, President and CEO
Location: Shibuya Infos Tower 6F, 20-1 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business description: Operation and development of skill market “Coconala”, legal consultation site “Coconala Legal Consultation”, operation and development of “Coconala Agent” that connects IT freelance and corporate outsourcing projects
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