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Colorkrew Notice of name change Mamoru Biz will be changed to “Colorekrew Biz” from December 9, 2022

[Information about name change] Mamoru Biz will change to “Colorekrew Biz” from December 9, 2022
Mamoru Biz will be “Colorekrew Biz” from December 9, 2022

The general affairs Tech service “Mamoru Biz” operated by Colorkrew Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Keishi Nakamura) will be renamed “Colorkrew Biz” from December 9, 2022 (Friday). )) will be changed.
[Image 1d9576-76-c5cd9557499ab1556744-0.jpg&s3=9576-76-2dd34dcb998d52d19a73e795a0b7d6f1-1200x800.jpg
Along with the name change, the visual identity will also be renewed. This renewal emphasizes our company’s efforts to accelerate service development and provide innovative karakuri (services) for office operations that support the business environment under the new Colorkrew Biz brand, which bears the company name. is.
Background of service name change
Since the start of the service in 2018, the number of companies that have introduced it has already exceeded 500, mainly listed companies, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and this year, Japan Marketing Research Organization Co., Ltd. (JMRO) performed seat management in September 2022. In a survey about tools, we won first place* in the “number of users” category. In the future, we plan to further expand the functions, such as renewing the seating chart and upgrading the equipment management version.
Now that “hybrid work”, which combines telework and office work, is becoming mainstream, we provide work style innovation services that realize organizational growth regardless of where you work or how you work.
Overview of service name change
◆ Date of change:
Friday, December 9, 2022
◆ Official website URL:
◆ Service name:
-Before change-Mamoru Biz
-After change-Colorkrew Biz
◆ Service logo:
-Change before-
[Image 2d9576-76-6a8f153715ce0887c444-1.png&s3=9576-76-dde8ff8264a1010ec7ee1353d1f80ae7-1668x327.png
-After change-
[Image 3d9576-76-b679c5654ded9e1db870-7.jpg&s3=9576-76-dc63b9f050c1aef123348b6f1fec8378-896x134.jpg

About Colorkrew Biz
Reduce “nameless work” in the office.
Colorkrew Biz is a business concierge service that improves general affairs issues and realizes one step ahead of work styles.
It improves the efficiency of numerous “unnamed tasks” that support the business environment, such as schedule adjustment, seat
management, inventory of equipment, and mail delivery. As the person who understands the general affairs work best and acts like a concierge who solves the on-site issues together, we support the day-to-day work.
◆Introduction of three functions of Colorkrew Biz
1. Nameless work related to humans
·seating chart
[Image 4d9576-76-b5c1fa5205edc8c7a1d8-2.png&s3=9576-76-9a07b72f83a0f97dbc24e8aac0fe121e-1248x642.png
Visualize where people are by simply scanning the QR code for the seat. You no longer need to be chased by nameless jobs like searching for people without knowing where they are when working from a free address or remote work. Meeting room reservations six months in advance, seat reservations (hotelling) one month in advance, and fixed seat operations are also possible.
[Image 5d9576-76-b23305dee734a193d7e7-3.png&s3=9576-76-861a6fb458d58d5f0098143d8b87ce12-1138x646.png
In cooperation with Office 365 Outlook, it recommends the best time based on the availability of seats and meeting rooms. It frees you from the nameless work of checking and coordinating each other’s appointments and meeting room availability. You can easily adjust it with your smartphone.
2. Nameless work on things
・Equipment management
[Image 6d9576-76-8124766c6b49f0235de6-4.png&s3=9576-76-f8a085c9ebbc9a6f0352aaf5849ad0a0-1128x640.png
Just by reading the QR code of assets and rental items, you can manage things smartly. You no longer need to do nameless work such as inventorying assets, managing rental items by handwriting on paper, or searching for items. It also has a function specialized for inventory. ・Mail function
[Image 7d9576-76-0fe09861693afc943242-5.png&s3=9576-76-e902956cfe05618d86bcf4961da44f6d-1200x681.png
You can send a real mail just by specifying the data and address. You no longer have to go through the nameless work of printing, preparing stamps, stuffing envelopes, and mailing your mail.
3. Nameless business about money
・In-house payment
[Image 8d9576-76-672cbae86b4fd91813a1-6.png&s3=9576-76-a2fe25e92aed071542e1fadb1af25e1f-744x641.png
Cashless payment for coffee, Office Glico, sweets, lunch boxes, etc. No more unnamed jobs like collecting cash, counting or exchanging change. It also has a point function for in-house incentives.
Click here for details on Colorkrew Biz Company Profile
Company name: Colorkrew Co., Ltd.
Head office: 5th floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Ueno Okachimachi Building, 3-7-1 Motoasakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0041
Representative: Keishi Nakamura, President and Representative Director URL:
*1 Survey by Japan Marketing Research Organization Survey outline: Fiscal year ending September 2022_Competition survey in designated theme area
Details about this release:

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