Comedy duo “Tenjikunezu” Katsumi Kawahara’s art work first appeared in the hometown tax return gift

Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture
Comedy duo “Tenjikunezu” Katsumi Kawahara’s art work first appeared in the hometown tax return gift
Draw a painting that expresses Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture, where he was born.

Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture (Mayor: Yasuhiro Higashi) has collaborated with Katsumi Kawahara of the comedy duo “Tenjikunezu”, which has received charismatic support for its unique worldview, and is limited to hometown tax return gifts, and the hometown drawn by Mr. Kawahara. We have started offering paintings that express Osaki Town from December 20, 2022 (Tuesday).
When it comes to hometown tax donations in Osaki Town, which is known as a treasure trove of food ingredients, the majority of return gifts are eel, mango, beef, pork, and other agricultural, livestock and marine products born from the rich nature and warm climate. He has been appointed as the Osaki Town Hometown PR Ambassador, and this art work was born out of his desire to give back to his hometown where he was born and raised, and to do a new kind of PR in his own way. Mr. Kawahara widely disseminates the charm of the town on Osaki Town’s official YouTube channel “Osaki Yuchu-bu”, and also energetically contributes to the local community, such as sending autographed colored paper to local boy groups.
[Image 1d38352-29-25fb72a9a658e3d56381-4.jpg&s3=38352-29-c09df66acc7c210a219321b77ef04917-2700x1300.jpg
Left: Work 1 “Gold Osaki” Right: Work 2 “Aboriginal eel”
[Image 2d38352-29-0efed3ca87ea12188b50-3.png&s3=38352-29-a08e5a69831f1b42bb9cf44932739fa1-1366x768.png
production scene
[Image 3d38352-29-1a30f782f666034d2c79-2.png&s3=38352-29-f3b8bca822e782525260f93a3306a8c6-1919x1076.png
November 12, 2021 Hometown PR Ambassador

Overview of gifts
■ Work 1 “Gold Osaki”
Mr. Kawahara’s comment: By making the sea purple, which is the symbol color of Osaki Town, Osaki Town had no choice but to make it gold. Donation amount: 130,000 yen
Number of offers: Limited to 10
Introduction page:
・Rakuten Hometown Tax | ・Furusato Choice| ■Work 2 《Aboriginal Eel》
Mr. Kawahara’s comment: A mango sea turtle is riding an eel and aiming for the moon. Especially since I don’t have anything to do on the moon.
Donation amount: 130,000 yen
Number of offers: Limited to 10
Introduction page:
・Rakuten Hometown Tax | ・Furusato Choice| Profile of Mr. Katsumi Kawahara
[Image 4d38352-29-5c1661eafd9f38d8db87-5.jpg&s3=38352-29-c9b0ca8a02a21d874887828b6462864a-1800x2700.jpg
・Date of birth: January 21, 1980 (42 years old)
・Birthplace: Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture
・Blood type: A
Hobbies/special skills: A big picture book lover (collecting many picture books) Baseball (Belonging to the baseball club when I was a student, a scholarship student in the high school baseball club)
There is a LINE stamp with an illustration by the person himself. ・SNS: Twitter (@kawaharakatumi) 649,000 followers
    Instagram (tenjikunezumikawahara) 256,000 followers
・Other features: A character wearing an eggplant headgear may appear, and goods are also on sale. Tenjikunezumi Katsumi Kawahara’s solo exhibition was held twice in Osaka and twice in Tokyo, with a total of 15,000 visitors. Illustration and painting design brand
About Osaki Town, Kagoshima Prefecture
[Image 5d38352-29-0614dd5010b9a21e2608-6.png&s3=38352-29-3e4f296f39dfe70c5f89905320f99425-1612x1153.png
Osaki Town is located on the Osumi Peninsula, which is rich in nature and has a vast Shirasu Plateau.
As a municipality, we have achieved the highest recycling rate in Japan 14 times, including 12 consecutive years.
Receiving the Chief Cabinet Secretary Award at the Japan SDGs Award, etc. Our efforts have been recognized worldwide as the “Osaki Recycling System.” Agricultural and livestock products grown in a warm climate and abundant spring water are also produced in large quantities. Despite being one of the largest in Japan, we continue to challenge ourselves in pursuit of high quality.
・ Location: 1029 temporary accommodation, Osaki-cho, Soo-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture
・Representative: Mayor Yasuhiro Higashi
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