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Comics Co., Ltd. A place for new business development Awesome meeting Held every morning and evening!

Comix Co., Ltd.
A place for new business development [Amazing conference] is held every morning and evening!
Trademark registration applied / A place for problem solving and information gathering between executives of each company / To develop with new business

Comics Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akihiro Suzuki, hereinafter referred to as Comics), which operates “kyozon”, has started “Amazing Conference” as a place for exchanges between executives of each company regardless of industry. We are pleased to inform you that you have applied for registration.
▼ Easy application at the following site ▼
[Image 1d2500-165-5a13bbd6ef7529d6f814-1.jpg&s3=2500-165-f9a9368c6c0ff2b339cf9e0992a4c489-850x346.jpg

Background of the event
As business is further improved in the after-corona era, we hear that every company has various issues regarding work styles and
organizational structures.
In order to break through such a situation, the “Most amazing conference” was launched as a place to revitalize exchanges outside the company, from problem solving to information exchange, and to create new businesses and business development. community.
Many of the participants, such as executives of various companies, are ambitious people who not only have experience but also take on new challenges. I would appreciate it if you could help me grow. Currently, we are holding 2 times a day, “The Amazing Conference (Trademark Registration Applied)”.
Ladies and gentlemen, please join us.
Comics Co., Ltd. Representative Director Akihiro Suzuki
[Image 2d2500-165-10bfa9d4593e8690fcbe-2.jpg&s3=2500-165-d0fe99a2cbdb58fc7bf9f43f60b8cf18-600x732.jpg
Born in Osaka in 1969.
After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Konan University, he worked as a sales manager at an advertising agency before joining iBridge Co., Ltd., an Internet advertising company, in 2000. In July 2005, he was appointed as Representative Director.
In September 2007, he resigned from the position of president of the company, which had grown into a group company that brought together four companies: iBridge Co., Ltd., ADDIGITAL Co., Ltd., Akara Co., Ltd., and Brand Research Institute, and established Comics Co., Ltd. as CEO. Appointed president.
My hobby is running. I like running long distances (I like 100km ultramarathons) Comics Co., Ltd. Director Manabu Fukutani
[Image 3d2500-165-045ef7ad6a289c38c5c5-3.jpg&s3=2500-165-207581bab5d837ea08cbc3f046c12a1f-800x1000.jpg
Born in Fukui prefecture in 1987. In April 2007, at the age of 19, he became independent and runs a maintenance company for machinery and equipment as Toei Techno Co., Ltd.
In February 2016, he founded AllCreationJapan Co., Ltd. Management as a trading company dealing with the development of special products and various other products. At the same time, he started EDGE JAPAN. He managed a business using drones, and then succeeded in transferring the business to two companies.
In June 2018, he worked as a consultant for the launch of new businesses for multiple companies.
In September 2022, he participated in the management of Comics as an executive officer.
My hobby is golf. I like walking in nature.
In addition, it is mainly held by members with various experiences such as consulting, corporate advisors and advisors, and experience in producing over 3000 sites.
Terrible Conference (Trademark Registration Applied)
Date: Held every day [Morning assembly (starts at 9:30), closing assembly (starts at 17:00)
Location: WeWork in Tokyo
Participation target: Anyone can participate
Participation fee: Free
How to apply
Please click the URL below and fill out the necessary information on the participation application form.
We will hold a meeting between those who have a suitable schedule from a convenient date and time.
Holding information:
Company Profile
Company name: Comics Co., Ltd.
Head office address: 15-4 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kondo Building 2F Representative: Representative Director Akihiro Suzuki
Established: September 2007
Business: Digital marketing support business, DX support business, SaaS business support
■ Contact:
*Please do not hesitate to contact us for interviews or requests for the next stage.

Details about this release:

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