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COM-HPC Mini for maximum performance
PICMG COM-HPC Committee Approves Pinout

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congatec announces that the PICMG COM-HPC Technical Subcommittee has approved the pinout and footprint of COM-HPC Mini, a new credit card size (95x60mm) high performance Computer-on-Module standard. increase. Development of the new COM-HPC Mini standard is on track for final approval, expected in the first half of 2023. Designed for
applications that require small but very high performance, the new COM-HPC Mini standard is geared towards developing devices that require small, ultra-powerful microcomputers, such as 4- and 8-port Ethernet switches. open the way Such small systems are needed in many areas of embedded and edge computing. Target markets include box PCs and control cabinet/DIN-rail PCs, IoT gateways to attach to existing systems, cybersecurity edge computers for critical IT/OT
infrastructure, rugged tablets, etc. The module comes standard with RAM. is directly attached, making it ideal for ultra-rugged robots, in-vehicle computers, etc. The processors slated to power this new form factor are the 12th Generation Intel Core processor series, and Congatec has already provided prototypes for initial lab testing and customer feedback.
“Pinout approval is an important milestone for computer-on-module and carrier board manufacturers such as Congatec, active in the COM-HPC working group, as it marks the first The development of small form factor embedded and edge computing solutions can start with the goal of launching modules with these processors at the same time that Intel and other application processor vendors release new generations of high-end processors. With the market launch, this is envisaged next year,” explains Christian Eder, Product Marketing Director at Congatec and chairman of the COM-HPC working group.
The new COM-HPC Mini standard offers 400 pins while the COM Express Mini has 220 pins and is designed to meet the growing interface needs of heterogeneous and multi-function edge computers. Expansion features include up to four fully-featured USB 4.0, including alternate modes for Thunderbolt and DisplayPort, up to 16 lanes of PCIe Gen 4/5 and two 10 Gbit/s Ethernet ports. Add to that the fact that COM-HPC Mini’s connector supports over 32 Gbit/s bandwidth (which can support PCIe Gen 5, Gen 6), and it clearly outperforms all others. It goes far beyond the credit card size module standard.
Learn more about Congatec’s COM-HPC Mini prototype, featuring the new COM-HPC Mini Computer-on-Module standard and the 12th Gen Intel Core processor series, pin-compatible with upcoming products. , visit the site below.
About congatec
congatec is a rapidly growing technology company focused on embedded and edge computing products and services. High-performance computer modules are used in a wide range of applications and devices in industrial automation, medical technology, transportation,
telecommunications and many other fields. The company is backed by its shareholder DBAG Fund VIII, a German mid-market fund focused on growing industrial businesses, with a track record of fundraising and M&A to capitalize on these growing market opportunities. We are also a global market leader in the computer-on-module space, with an excellent customer base ranging from start-ups to international blue chip companies.
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