Contest for new generation game creators “God Game Creator Evolution” will be held!

Contest for new generation game creators “God Game Creator Evolution” will be held!

NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd. (President: Koji Matsumoto, Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter NHK Enterprise) will hold a contest for new generation game creators on December 23, 2022 (Friday) “Kamige Creator Evolution”. We are pleased to inform you that we will hold the first competition of
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◆ About “God Game Creator Evolution”
This project is a project to nurture a new generation of young game creators. By linking 1. contest events, 2. program broadcasting, and 3. community management, we will discover and nurture the talents of creators.
1. Contest event
We will solicit entries from the general public and hold a contest event for indie game creators. Participants create their own original games and compete on ideas and quality. It is an event where you can enjoy the charm of the work while enjoying the game commentary by a famous commentator. The judges will include a wide range of
participants, from game creators who have created famous works that everyone knows to media artists who are active in fields other than games, and will evaluate from a wide range of perspectives.
In this event, two judging meetings were held from the start of entry in July, and the final contestants were decided. Nine sets of creators were selected at the first judging session held in July. From there, we developed original games, and at the second round of judging at the end of October, four teams were given tickets to participate in the finals.
In this competition, we will select the “work with the most
‘innovation that expands the framework of the game'”. We are also planning to conduct a popular vote from the general public.
The outline of the first competition is as follows.
[Name] God Game Creator Evolution 2022
[Date and time] Scheduled to start in the evening on Friday, December 23, 2022 [Venue] Dual verse of real venue and metaverse venue
Real venue: Konami Creative Center Ginza esports Ginza studio Metaverse venue: Special venue in Cluster
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* Cluster is Japan’s largest metaverse platform where you can gather and play in a virtual space from various environments such as smartphones, PCs, and VR devices.
Participation method: You can participate from a VR device,
smartphone, or PC/Mac.
You need to install the cluster app for your device and create a free account. – cluster app download –
-Create a cluster account-
[Live distribution]
God Game Creator Evolution YouTube Channel: Nico Nico Live Official: [Organizer] NHK/NHK Enterprise
[Production] NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd. / token Co., Ltd.
[Participating creators]
Hiroto Hayashi (Tokyo University of the Arts)
Mr. Taro Furuichi (Aichi General Technical High School)
Mr. Shigenori Nanbara
Team Overtime Participant (Nagoya Kogakuin College)
Mr. Naohiro Saito (Computer Entertainment Association Technical Committee Human Resource Development Subcommittee Chairman)
Hiroshi Matsuyama (Game creator, CEO of CyberConnect2 Inc.)
Mr. Kazunari Yonemitsu (Game Creator/Writer, Professor at Digital Hollywood University)
Akihiko Taniguchi (media artist, lecturer at Tama Art University) Mr. Hide Nakatani (art director, professor at Tokyo International University of Technology, former NHK commentator), etc.
[Image 3

[Game commentator]
“Hayato’s Ambition”
Mr. Utsu, Mr. Koneshima, and Mr. Tonton
[Image 4

2. Program broadcasting
A document covering the process from judging to the final competition. It will be broadcast on NHK General. Closely related to game development by young creators. Witness the moment when “evolution” is born.
3. Community management
We will operate a closed community for supporters and candidates of participating creators using Discord. In the community, we will prepare various benefits for participants only.
In addition, we will also play a role as a “place for learning” of game production, such as sharing knowledge and know-how of game production among community members.
Join the Discord community here: *Discord is an invitation-only closed community platform. You can communicate by text chat and voice chat in the server dedicated to this project.
◆Official website/SNS
Official website:
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
NHK Enterprise Kamige Creator Evolution Secretariat Iwatani, Yoshida, Sato Email:
*We are currently looking for sponsors for next year’s event. ◆Company Profile
[NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd.]
Representative Director and President: Koji Matsumoto
NHK Enterprise is engaged in the production, development and sale of content, including the production of video content such as NHK programs, planning and production of events, licensing of programs and characters, and sales of products such as DVDs and Blu-rays. . As an affiliated group of public media NHK, we have set SDGs as a pillar of our medium-term management goals and are focusing on promoting them. [token Co., Ltd.]
Representative Director and President: Kosuke Nakaoka
Details about this release:

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