CORES Co., Ltd. Development of “Kazunosuke” Start accepting reservations for “CeraLabo HolidaySet 2022 ”, a limited quantity set of two types of first medicated beauty essences

CORES Co., Ltd.
“Kazunosuke” development Start accepting reservations for “CeraLabo HolidaySet 2022”, a limited quantity set of two types of first medicated beauty essence
Reservations will start on the dedicated sales page from 18:00 on Wednesday, December 7, 2022

With over 500,000 popular followers on YouTube and Ameblo, the first holiday set “CeraLabo HolidaySet 2022” from the skincare brand [CeraLabo] developed by beauty chemist “Kazunosuke” will be available for pre-order on December 7, 2022 (Wednesday). ).
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CeraLabo was launched in 2014 as a skincare brand for sensitive skin. It is used by many customers, especially those with skin problems. Currently, it is also available at shops such as Hands and Tsutaya Bookstore. Limited Set Overview -CeraLabo HolidaySet 2022-
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CERALABO’s first two medicated beauty essences are now available as a set! It is a special specification limited to the holiday set. The drawstring-type original satin pouch with the CERALABO logo is available in two colors, navy and pink, so it is recommended as a gift.
set content
・ Ceracure Shine Drip (48mL actual size)
・Ceracure Wrinkle Repair Drip (48mL actual size)
・Cotton friendly sheets (10 sheets)
・Original satin pouch with logo (choose either navy or pink) *You may not be able to choose your desired color for the pouch. Price: 9,000 yen (including tax and shipping)
Reservation method: Selling page dedicated to the menu on the official CERALABO LINE
・ Register Ceralabo official LINE (@ceralabo) as a friend:
・Go to the sales page from the menu screen
*The dedicated sales page can be accessed from 18:00
* Due to limited quantity, it will end as soon as it is sold out. *Up to 2 items per family
Reservation period: 12/7 (Wednesday) 18:00-12/12 (Monday) 23:59 Features of set items
◆Ceracure Shine Drip
A medicated beauty essence containing two active ingredients, tranexamic acid and water-soluble placenta extract, to prevent spots*1 and rough skin*2.
Glycerin-free and oil-free, it has a smooth texture and a moist, non-sticky feel.
In addition to 3 types of human ceramides*³ and 1 type of ceramide analogue*⁴, it also contains niacinamide*⁵ and collagen*⁶.
◆Ceracure Wrinkle Repair Drip
A wrinkle-improving and anti-blemish*1 medicated serum containing the active ingredient niacinamide.
Glycerin-free and oil-free, it has a smooth texture that feels plump from the inside.
In addition to 3 types of human ceramide*3, it also contains placenta extract*7. A gentle sheet made from cotton
Made from cotton, this sheet is gentle on the skin.
Please use it as a putting or cotton pack with your own lotion. Recommended for use with items with a smooth texture.
◆Original satin pouch with logo
A drawstring satin pouch with the CERALABO logo.
There are two colors available, navy and pink, so you can choose the one you like.
It has a sufficient gusset so that it can be used as an everyday accessory case. *1 Suppresses melanin production to prevent spots and freckles *² Prevents rough skin
*³ N-stearoyl phytosphingosine, N-stearoyl dihydrosphingosine, hydroxystearyl phytosphingosine
*⁴ N-lauroyl-L-glutamate di(phytosteryl/2-octyldodecyl)
*⁵ Nicotinamide
*⁶ Collagen tripeptide F
*⁷ Placenta extract (1)

What is [CeraLabo]?
A skincare brand produced by Kazunosuke, a beauty chemist for sensitive skin. Based on the concept of “Aiming for skin that does not rely on skin care”, we advocate the concept of “off skin care”.
“Off skin care” is a very simple skin care method that maximizes the skin’s natural moisturizing function by reviewing the “cleansing” of the skin, such as face washing and cleansing, to an appropriate one. [CeraLabo] sells skin care products with a simple design that eliminates unnecessary ingredients as much as possible so that even people with sensitive skin can use them with peace of mind.
Official sales site: Available stores (Tsutaya Bookstore, part of Hands) Twitter:
About CeraLabo brand developer “Kazunosuke”
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Having suffered from rough skin due to atopic dermatitis, she became interested in beauty and cosmetics, and researched cosmetics and surfactants at graduate school.
Since around 2013, we have been analyzing the ingredients of cosmetics and disseminating beauty information on various SNS.
Detailed ingredient analysis of more than 1,000 cosmetics is posted on the blog. We chemically verify and explain cosmetic ingredient analysis, beauty, and rumors related to cosmetics.
With a maximum monthly PV of 5 million and about 80,000 followers, “Ameba Beauty Blog” always ranks high in the rankings. “Cream Stew’s Hanataka! We have received offers from various media such as TV programs such as Yuetsukan and beauty magazines.
In addition, he has written many books, including “Beautiful Skin Encyclopedia for Adult Girls”, which has sold over 100,000 copies in total, and “Beautiful Skin Ingredients Encyclopedia” co-authored with a super veteran cosmetic developer.
We also design, plan and develop original cosmetics for sensitive skin [CeraLabo].
YouTube (290,000 people*):
Twitter (210,000 people*):
Blog (80,000 people*):
*As of December 2022
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