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Cover Co., Ltd. A prototype live will be held at the Metaverse project “Holo Earth”! The latest video of the sandbox game under development is also released!

Cover Co., Ltd.
A proto-live will be held at the Metaverse project “Holo Earth”! The latest video of the sandbox game under development is also released! New information will be announced one after another on the special program “Holo Earth TV”!

Cover Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Motoaki Tanigo) distributed the metaverse project “Holo Earth” and the different world imagining project “Holo Live Alternative” on Saturday, December 10, 2022. We are pleased to inform you that new information has been released on the special program “Holo Earth TV”.
[Image 1

At Cover Co., Ltd., the world “Holo Earth” that appears in “Holo Live Alternative” is implemented in a virtual space with various contents, and fans can experience “Holo Earth” together with talents belonging to “Holo Live Production”. We are launching a metaverse project. This time, new information on “Holo Earth” and “Holo Live Alternative” has been released on the special program “Holo Earth TV” distributed on Saturday, December 10, 2022.
[New information (1)] “Proto-live” will be held in Holo Earth! [Image 2

We have decided to hold a prototype live by talents belonging to “Holo Live Production” in “Holo Earth”.
*Since this event is held for the purpose of verification, it may be temporarily interrupted or terminated due to troubles.
■ Date and time: December 26th (Monday) starting at 21:00
■ Performer: AZKi
       ※One more performer will be added
[New information (2)] Released the latest video of “Sandbox game” Special program: “Holo Earth TV #2”
[Image 3

[Image 4

The video of the sandbox game released in the past was an internal test version (α version) used by the development staff to verify the play and system, but in the special program, development is
progressing at the same time. We have released the latest version of the video, which has evolved graphics.
■ URL:
Video: “Confrontation at Holo Earth” full-length video
[Image 5

Using the test version (α version), the talents belonging to “Holo Live Production” were divided into two teams and competed for the time to defeat the boss. We have released the full-length video of the confrontation that could not fit in the special program, so please do not miss it.
■ URL:
[New information (3)] “Holo Live Alternative” new manga information released [Image 6

Following “Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Shinso Kaitanan”, we have announced the latest manga of “Holo Live Alternative”. A slapstick Makai Gakuen comedy set in the Makai world drawn by Moroyan-sensei! Follow-up information such as the release date will be announced on the “Holo Live Alternative” official Twitter account. ■ Original: Cover Co., Ltd.
■ Manga: Moroyan
[New information (4)] Blu-ray follow-up report scheduled to be released on “Holo Live Alternative” C101 released
[Image 7d30268-863-c593711bed9bee1d12f5-1.jpg&s3=30268-863-8201836f41a532920bbb77f2bec751c1-1667x1022.jpg
A newly drawn illustration of the Blu-ray containing the full version of the theme song “story time” for the 2nd teaser PV of “Holo Live Alternative” announced the other day has been released.
■ Release date:
Scheduled to be sold at Comic Market 101 (C101) on Friday, December 30, 2022 ■ “Holo Live Alternative” 2nd teaser PV:
The latest information will be announced on the official Twitter accounts of “Holo Earth” and “Holo Live Alternative”. Please take this opportunity to follow us.
■ “Holo Earth” Official Twitter Account
■ “Holo Live Alternative” Official Twitter Account

Company Profile
■ About Cover Co., Ltd.
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Cover Co., Ltd. is a content x technology startup with the vision of creating a new world-class virtual talent culture using VR/AR technology.
・ Location: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
・Representative: Motoaki Tanigo, President and Representative Director ・Corporate site:
・ Click here for the recruitment page:
・Please include credit when using images in this article: (C) 2016 COVER Corp. ■ Inquiries regarding this matter
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