Cover Co., Ltd. VTuber “Roboco-san” belonging to the VTuber group “Holo Live” Notice of main visual change and unveiling distribution

Cover Co., Ltd.
VTuber group “Holo Live” VTuber “Roboco-san” main visual change and announcement distribution notice

Cover Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Motoaki Tanigo) is a female VTuber group “Holo Live” under the umbrella of “Holo Live Production” operated by our company. We would like to inform you that we will change The new main visual will be unveiled on his YouTube channel at 20:00 on Friday, December 9, 2022.
[Image 1

In this 3D unveiling distribution, we will deliver a new 3D visual of Roboko wearing a new main costume to viewers.
Please take this opportunity to watch her power-up delivery. -Roboko’s new costume unveiling delivery-
■Distribution title: [#Roboco-san new visual] I came to see you in a more high-performance updated look. [Roboco-san Holo Live]
■ Delivery time: Scheduled to start at 20:00 on Friday, December 9, 2022 ■ YouTube:
Talent introduction
[Image 2

Mr. Roboko
Hello! ! Speaking of high performance, this is me! I’m VTuber Roboko, a robot belonging to Hololive! A robot that appeared in a certain wilderness after losing its memory.
Self-proclaimed “high performance”, but rumors say that “prickly” is correct… lol A girl who loves games and has a singing voice with human emotions!
Are you really a robot? Oh, it looks like you lost your arm. [Character design] kuromaru9 (@kuromaru9)
[YouTube] [Twitter]
Company Profile
■ About Hololive Production
[Image 3d30268-846-1f6a85db31b86939e088-1.png&s3=30268-846-bc23447def7b4bf776fc40d96909aff3-1920x544.png
“Holo Live Production” utilizes our system to post videos and live distribution on “YouTube” etc.
A VTuber office to which the moving female VTuber group “Holo Live” and the male VTuber group “Holo Stars” belong. It is an office that belongs to next-generation virtual talent who can support live distribution and interact on Twitter, and is good at live commentary and distribution using elaborate 2D / 3D character models.
・ Hololive Production Official Website: ・ Hololive Production Official Twitter: ・ Hololive Production Music Official Twitter: ・ Hololive Production Event Official Twitter: ・ Hololive Production Official Shop: ■ About Hololive
[Image 4d30268-846-446a0f551c1ba0af6f80-0.png&s3=30268-846-15a0a820dffb71f8917e6de3730bd983-1938x548.png
“Holo Live” is a female VTuber group that uses our system to post videos and live distribution on “YouTube”. It is a next-generation two-dimensional idol group that allows you to support live streaming and interact on Twitter, and is good at commenting and streaming using elaborate 2D / 3D character models.
・ Hololive official website: ・ Hololive Official YouTube:
■ About Cover Co., Ltd.
[Image 5d30268-846-87aae69ebd3e6739eeb2-2.png&s3=30268-846-f9f07cb078bdee3e5641978aadb7a5d0-2100x800.png
Cover Co., Ltd. is a content x technology startup with the vision of creating a new world-class virtual talent culture using VR/AR technology.
・ Location: Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
・Representative: Motoaki Tanigo, President and Representative Director ・Corporate site:
・ Click here for the recruitment page: ・Please include credit when using images in this article: (C) 2016 COVER Corp. ■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Cover Co., Ltd. Public Relations Manager
Email address:
Details about this release:


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