CREST Co., Ltd. Elements expected from consumer games include “worldview/story”, “characteristics”, and “game system”. Top 15 most enjoyable titles played in the last year are also announced

CREST Co., Ltd.
Elements expected from consumer games include “worldview/story”, “characteristics”, and “game system”. Top 15 most enjoyable titles played in the last year are also announced
~Sarugakuchousa “User Survey on Play Situation and Play Environment in the Consumer Game Market”~

Sarugakucho (Director: Naoya Kojima), which is responsible for the tuning and verification business of CREST Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Masataka Mikami / Toshimi Liang, hereinafter referred to as “CREST”) In September 2022, we conducted a user survey (hereinafter referred to as “this survey”) related to the playing situation and playing environment in the consumer game market in order to look back on the consumer game market from a unique perspective. In this survey, from September 2021 to August 2022, 1,000 men and women in their teens to 60s nationwide who have a track record of acquiring one or more games on home game consoles or subscription games will be monitored. extracted as As a result of the survey, we received many answers about the elements that users expect from consumer games, such as “view of the world/story”, “characteristics”, and “game system”. [Image 1d51825-238-8f8c9a4df87689ac2a64-0.png&s3=51825-238-b158a834e6c4bebb92231b8c907c3dbd-2536x1349.png

Points of this release
・In terms of “number of purchases per year and number of subscription purchases”, 1 to 3 were the most common answers for both light and middle class.
・In terms of “elements expected from games”, “world view/story” received many responses, and is a quality point that should be emphasized in game development and PR.
・In the “Top 15 most enjoyable titles I’ve played in the last year”, “ELDEN RING” ranks among the top non-series titles.
Survey outline
Purpose of the survey: User survey on the playing situation/playing environment in the consumer game market
Survey target: From September 2021 to August 2022, 1,000 men and women in their teens to 60s nationwide who have a track record of obtaining one or more games on home game consoles or PCs through consumer games and subscriptions.
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey consignment agency: Rakuten Insight
Survey period: August 26, 2022 to August 29, 2022
Number of valid respondents: 1,000
About respondent attributes
[Image 2d51825-238-5666d76309d69076cd8f-1.png&s3=51825-238-c1e9ce7de9b0c553fc5e0841ff39ee1f-2536x1349.png
“From September 2021 to August 2022, you have obtained one or more games on home game consoles (PlayStation/Nintendo Switch/Xbox, etc.) or PCs (Windows/Mac) through consumer games and subscriptions.” We selected 1,000 men and women nationwide from their teens to their 60s who met the above conditions as monitors and conducted a questionnaire.
[Image 3d51825-238-dc3ea728b6654550bdc6-2.png&s3=51825-238-5b2da0319bb3f0240468fb862d6c90be-2536x1349.png
In this survey, the amount of game purchase/subscription costs per year is divided into three layers: 10,000 yen or less as “light layer”, 10,001 yen to 50,000 yen as “middle layer”, and 50,001 yen or more as “core layer”. classification. As a result, the most popular stratum is the light stratum, which accounts for 54% of all
The number of purchases per year, the number of subscriptions acquired, and the game genre that you like to play
[Image 4d51825-238-c9df9e89c37d5b14ce14-3.png&s3=51825-238-c531920784d70f33002cd86f326972cf-2536x1349.png
Both the light layer and the middle layer resulted in a very large number of answers from 1 to 3. In addition, 4 to 6 responses increased slightly among the middle class. In the core layer, 7 to 10 answers were common, followed by 4 to 6 answers.
[Image 5d51825-238-c59fb175ce77049ef7c4-4.png&s3=51825-238-1de83f8e2151b6eff95fe05ca158f71f-2536x1349.png
The ratio of “action”, “action RPG”, and “RPG” was high in the light layer and middle layer, followed by “simulation”. Although the percentage of “action RPG” is slightly high in the core layer, relatively all genres are answered evenly.
It can be said that the light/middle class, which makes up the majority of users, purchases only a modest number of games per year, and is very selective about the games they purchase.
As a preferred game genre, those that can be played for a long time are selected, and it is thought that there is a demand for games that can be played thoroughly.
It seems that the reason why the middle class, who purchases a relatively large amount of money, answered about the same number of purchases as the light group is that they tend to choose expensive products such as so-called limited editions.
Nearly half of the core demographic purchase one or more titles every two months, and there is little bias in favorite genres, indicating that they are interested in a variety of genres.
Elements to look forward to in the game
[Image 6d51825-238-8e0b00759427ca0f74f1-5.png&s3=51825-238-9a3ccb8e9e3c2684fb86669ac5af9c72-2536x1349.png
In the light/middle class, the ratio of “world view/story” and “game system” was high, followed by “visual quality” and “charm of character”. It can also be seen that the light layer tends to have many other “things that can be enjoyed for a long time”. Although the number of responses for “game system” was slightly higher in the core layer, the percentage of other responses remained almost the same. (Discussion)
“World view / story” has received many responses as an element they are looking forward to, and it is a quality point that should be emphasized in game development and PR. In addition, “visual” is also highly supported as an element of expectation, and it is thought that high visual quality is sought beyond individual tastes.
The expectations for the “game system” are high, and it seems that it is the result that the fun of the game system itself is also focused rather than simply choosing by genre.
On the other hand, the percentage of respondents expecting
“originality” is low, indicating that the “standardization” and “stability” required in recent years have become apparent.
Top 15 most enjoyable titles played in the last year
[Image 7d51825-238-d0cfeb584444df686643-6.png&s3=51825-238-b185baa3c78a9d31d3396111da948f63-2536x1349.png
The result was that many classic series were selected, with the “Monster Hunter series” at the top. Among non-series titles, “ELDEN RING” ranked in at the top 6th place. “Ghost of Tsushima”, “Apex Legend” and “Ring Fit Adventure” are in the top 15.
As a whole, the titles with only one vote accounted for the majority, and there were a lot of favorite titles. It seems that it can be said that various games are being played outside of the series.
Although the series titles are aggregated together, the breakdown of each is almost all responses to the most recently released series titles, and many users are enjoying themselves as single titles. I was there.
At the top of the ranking, there are many titles/series that have been released on Nintendo Switch, indicating the high penetration rate of Nintendo Switch among a wide range of users.
Among them, “ELDEN RING” has been making inroads as a non-series title, showing its strength as a worldwide blockbuster title. “Ghost of Tsushima,” “Apex Legend,” and “Ring Fit Adventure,” which weren’t released within the last year, also performed well, ranking within the top 15. I think the high quality of each of the “Funs that continue every day” has led to the results that are still enjoyed today.
About the full report of this survey
The full report, which covers all the items of the survey and the summary, can be downloaded from the following. Please fill out the form and send it.
About Sarugakucho
[Image 8d51825-238-af2a0ff761437b528a83-7.png&s3=51825-238-8065f5d31796760f012c1ff67e1b6277-1063x369.png
Name: Sarugakucho
Director: Naoya Kojima
Business description: Entertainment content tuning (*)
* Tuning is mainly to play-verify the content under production, propose ideas and adjust the balance in order to make it “more interesting”, “more kind” and “more fun”. Tuning targets range from home video game software, smartphone apps, card games, toys, and pachinko and pachislot machines, and our experienced craftsmen work diligently and patiently.
It is a task to analyze the current situation in various phases from the proposal stage to the work in operation. After actually playing the content or checking the materials, we verify whether the concept we are trying to express looks attractive to the target, identify problems and propose improvements.
We will repeat the game play, verify whether the difficulty of progress and the difficulty of the battle are appropriate, and propose adjustments. Depending on the case, we will create a persona based on the user’s play tendency and aggregate data based on the assumed play. In addition, it is also possible to carry out tests with actual heavy-paying users. With the cooperation of external staff (such as Paul Towin’s debugger), it is also possible to collect play data from a large number of players and summarize the results.
Development/operation support
We support planner work assistance, parameter creation/balance adjustment, game stage creation/mass production, etc. Even for games under operation, we can cooperate with surveys of user trends, proposals for improvements, additional functions, and assistance in creating event data.
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About CREST Game Division
Released one after another, including “Metallic Child”, which won the Excellence Award at the 2021 Korea Game Awards, one of the largest game events in Korea. In addition to our own game business, we provide total support for mobile games, browser game planning/development, operation/analysis, localization, and consulting.
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CREST Co., Ltd.
Company name: CREST Co., Ltd.
Location: JRE Nishi-Shinjuku Terrace 4F, 3-2-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 150-0034
Official website:
Careers: Representative: Masataka Mikami, Representative Director Toshimo Liang, Representative Director
When posting information or images, please display the following copyright. (C) 2022 CREST Inc.
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