CREST Co., Ltd. On February 1, 2023, CREST, QBIST and SANETTY Produce will merge and the company name will be reborn as “HIKE”.

CREST Co., Ltd.
On February 1, 2023, CREST, QBIST and SANETTY Produce will merge and the company name will be reborn as “HIKE”.
~Announcement of Three-Company Merger and Decision of New Company Name~
CREST Co., Ltd. (hereafter, CREST), SANETTY Produce Co., Ltd. (hereafter, SANETTY), and Cubist Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Cubist) have decided to merge on February 1, 2023 at the meeting of the board of directors and general meeting of shareholders held today. decided to change the company name to HIKE Co., Ltd.
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Purpose of the Merger
With the vision of “creating content that the world enjoys”, CREST is a one-stop shop for planning, production, events, commercialization, and sales of various contents such as animation, games, music, live stages, and commercialization. We are doing business. In addition, we have positioned the development and cultivation of original IP, as well as 360° services for leading IP with a view to cross-media development, as our focus businesses. We are planning to expand our business by making SANETTY, which produces and produce, into a subsidiary.
Cubist provides various services such as graphics used in games, promotional videos, websites linked to games, game manuals, and webtoon production. In recent years, Cubist has acquired and merged companies with graphic production technology (Colorful Co., Ltd., Panda Graphics Co., Ltd.), and has expanded its graphic production services under an integrated management system.
In this merger, synergistic effects will be created by integrating CREST’s strengths in content production and IP license management, and Cubist’s strengths in graphic production, marketing and promotion. We determined that it would be possible to accelerate the growth of the media and content business more than ever by promoting management efficiency through the merger, and decided on this merger. In addition, we have also decided to merge SANETTY in order to expand the stage business, which CREST has positioned as a focus business, with a sense of urgency.
* For other details, please refer to Pole To Win Holdings Co., Ltd.’s December 9, 2022 timely disclosure “Notice Regarding Absorption-type Merger between Consolidated Subsidiaries and Change in Trade Name of Surviving Company” d51825-234-8b90af05c07ff1459b6e-1.png&s3=51825-234-1b56017a6700e4ef6c8dfdc5adad456a-3900x1899.png
CREST Co., Ltd.:
SANETTY Produce Co., Ltd.:
Qbist Co., Ltd.:
Status after the Merger
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